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Chapter XVII


The next day I woke up to light streaming in through the flapping curtains, the sun was just setting over the horizon, blanketing the sky in a reddish-orange glow color. Unlike any other day, I felt refreshed and well rested, I stretch, my muscles tightening before releasing. With a sigh, I slump back into the bed, and stare up at the ceiling tracing patterns with my eyes, after a few minutes of staring into space; I couldnโ€™t hold off on my bladder any longer.

With rushed movements, I toss the covers back and hop out of bed, making a bee-line for the bathroom, once finished doing my business I brush my teeth with a newfound toothbrush that was hidden in the mirrorโ€™s compartment.

While brushing my teeth, I let my eyes trail down to my neck, twisting my head as I gaze at the slowly disappearing holes, dipping down I spit out the toothpaste and pop my head back up to look back in the mirror this time at my appearance.

My hair was looked crisp and dried out, the bags that used to be underneath my eyes have disappeared, my face looked a bit sullen from the slight lack of food Iโ€™ve done to my body, blinking I rinse my mouth out and wipe away any extra of water while I walk out the bathroom to the bedroom door.

Iโ€™m surprised to see that a plate of food wasnโ€™t set beside the room, the thought of food made my stomach and I pat it to calm it down. Opening and walking outside the room, I look down the hall to the right before doing the same to the left and then stared down the stairs; listening.


One final glance down the halls, I head down the stairs, my bare feet slapping against the wood of each step, once I make it down the last step I stop; a spark of Deja vu flickers through my senses when I glance at the door. I stare for a second longer before I walk to the left and away from the door as I follow my stomach to a kitchen โ€” wherever that is.

My feet carry me under an archway that leads to a spacious living room, everythingโ€™s bright with the sun rising but it was also quiet. . too quiet. I glance around the room and take in the white sofas that were angled in a square upon a fur rug, I walk further into the room and immediately catch sight of a fireplace thatโ€™s settled inches from the entrance of the archway; there were green plants placed down to give the too white area some color. Tearing my eyes away, I gaze ahead of me to see another way that leads into another room that bleeds into wooden flooring and with a woodsier theme.

Suspecting it to be the kitchen, I dash forward already craving eggs and bacon. My foot slides along the wooden tiles for a second and I stumble forward my arms waving around a bit before catching myself; unfortunately, the corner of my foot slams against the edge of the wall and pain flares.

โ€œMotherfรผcker!โ€ I hiss out, hoping to grab my foot and cradle it to soothe the pain. The sudden motion causes my stomach to churn.

Freezing, I place my foot back down and hold my stomach in hopes of keeping the fluids within my body, it luckily works. Exhaling a breath, I limp over to a bar stool thatโ€™s placed at the islandโ€™s counter and take a seat, the throbbing in foot canโ€™t hide the exhaustion I feel already. Mission to find food; complete fail, I drop my head on the counter surface.

โ€œLittle human?โ€ a voice calls out from behind me. I whip around to find Abel standing near the archway, a brief smile gracing his lips.

โ€œOh, hey. . Abel.โ€ I utter, throwing my hand up in a sort of wave.

His smile widens, the sound of his boots thumping along the wood as he strides over to a cabinet, grasping a white cup. He was wearing dark clothes, a grey beanie over his head only showing the front of his hair, a dark grey t-shirt and dark jeans.

โ€œYou okay in here?โ€ he asks, pouring himself some red liquid wine.

I nod, sitting up, and rubbing my palm over my forehead. โ€œYeah. . yeah, Iโ€™m fine just hungry.โ€ I mumble the last part.

โ€œI got you,โ€ he said, taking another sip of his drink and moves toward the stove in front of me, twisting the knobs and shifts over to the far side of the room where the fridge was.

He moves with such grace I find myself looking down at his feet, watching.

โ€œDo you want something specific?โ€

I look up when his feet disappear behind the counter, and see he has ingredients spread out in front of me. I scan over everything and settle for something simple.

โ€œA spinach omelette, if you donโ€™t mind,โ€ I say, looking up into his warm eyes.

โ€œOf course!โ€ he responds and grabs the things he needs, and turns around to the stove creating my meal.

The sizzling of the pan reaches my ears, and I sit in a silence watching as his arms moved when he flipped the omelette to the other side. I shift uncomfortably in my seat, clenching my hands in my lap, the feeling of being out of place was still there, It seemed as if only I was the one having trouble dealing with not talking; Abel seemed fine, humming to himself.

โ€œHow old are you?โ€ I suddenly ask, wanting to get rid of the silence.

He pauses, and slowly turns his head to look over his shoulder, a grin spreading across his face.

โ€œTwenty-One,โ€ he answers, and I turn my lips to the side, gazing at his face.

He notices, โ€œMay I ask why such a question was asked?โ€ he turns back around and grabs a plate from the cupboard in front of him.

โ€œYou look younger than I thought,โ€ I say out loud.

His chuckle vibrates through the air, as he once more, turns around and sets the plate before me, it held upon it the omelette that embedded green specs of spinach and fruits off to the side.

โ€œThank you,โ€ I say and I immediately dig in, with him watching me.

โ€œSo what about you,โ€ he starts, โ€œHow young are you?โ€ his eyes twinkle.

I swallow the food in my mouth, running my tongue along the tops of my teeth before speaking, โ€œYou donโ€™t ask a woman her age.โ€ I voice with a laugh.

Abel raises both his hands and means back to a standing position. โ€œMy apologies, little human.โ€

I purse my lips, and follow his form as he comes to sit next to me in the other barstool, โ€œWhy do you call me that?โ€

โ€œCall you what?โ€

โ€œLittle human?โ€

The same grin as before stretches over his lips, โ€œIt seems fit.โ€ was all he said whilst he gazed at me.

I hum, eyeing him back before going back to eating, with his eyes blazing against the side of my face. Once I finished, I pushed the empty plate away from me and reach out to take a sip of the orange juice beside me.

โ€œDo you mind if I feel again?โ€ he asks out of the blue.

I twist my body towards him, and see his eyes gesturing toward my stomach, I set the cup down and move my legs to face him.

โ€œSure, I donโ€™t mind. .โ€ my words fade when he immediately reaches out and cups my belly over my thin shirt.

โ€œAmazing,โ€ he breathes out, feeling around, and I could see real amazement shining in his eyes.

The lighthearted mood was promptly interrupted by a dark growl, โ€œAbel!โ€

My head snaps up and whips to the side to see Delano standing and brooding at the archway entrance his while throwing daggered glares at Abel and the hand that was on my stomach. For some reason, I clear my throat and shuffle away from Abel and slip off the bar stool.

โ€œG-Good Morning,โ€ I announce to him, his gaze cuts over to me, and the shade in his eyes lighten up a bit.

Abelโ€™s laugh results him to looking away and back at him, his lips move fast as he mumbles something under his breath so low I didnโ€™t catch a single word. But a rumbling sound vibrated from deep in Delanoโ€™s chest.

Iโ€™m guessing he heard it, and I wondered how come when Iโ€™m the closest to Abel. I frown at that.

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