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Chapter I


The feel of small knives repeatedly stabbing against my temple woke me from my slumber.

A groan slips past my dry, cracked lips as I unconsciously lick them moist while peeling my eyes open. Blurred objects fill my vision as I blink repeatedly, everything starting to clear up. I took note that I was lying on my side, from the corner of my eyes, I could see an unfamiliar brown side-table and a white coated door on the far end.

I slowly sit up, hissing when the throbbing that hammers against my skull increases. I gingerly lift a hand to my head as my eyes sweep at my surroundings; a flat screen hung up on the wall in front of me with the presence of two paintings on either side of it. A small fridge with a microwave on top of it was placed in the corner of the room against the cream colored wall.

I frown, massaging my temple with two fingers, while I continue to gaze around.

’This isn’t my. . . I don’t think. .β€² my thoughts were scattered. I slowly drift my eyes from the bottom of the bed which was covered in a thin sheet that laid across my body.

I gasp out loud, scrambling to cover my bare chest with the flimsy bed covering. My senses now became more alert after finding that I’m naked in a bed.

’Where am I, exactly!?β€²

With wide eyes, I search around the room for any sign of the location I’m in. To my side, there’s a card with writing on it. I reach out and pick it up, reading the printed words.

Days Inn
Need any assistance?
Dial the front office. More Information
Contact us at 1-800-Days-Inn

I stop reading after the last sentence and look over at the window where the curtains were slightly parted and I finally see the welcome sign to the hotel. Immediately, my brain tries to think back to last night but only comes to a blank, stuck at a roadblock, I rub my forehead in frustration, trying my hardest to think but I’m soon interrupted by my bladder.

I scoot out of bed, dragging the sheets with me while keeping them pressed against my front just as my bare feet touch the hard carpet of the room. As I stand, a sharp pain shoots from between my legs causing my knees to buck beneath me. I hold myself up from falling and take deep breaths to ease the pain.

β€œOne step at a time. . .” I whisper to myself.

I ease myself to my feet once again, and take slow steps to the door on my right, which I assumed was the bathroom. Once inside, I am blanketed in darkness, my free hand fumbling along the wall looking for the switch.

A blinding light radiated in the room, stinging painfully at my eyes as I blinked multiple times before I adjusted to it. The bathroom was simple and everything was crammed together, I didn’t dwell on it as I rushed to the toilet letting the sheet fall and relieved myself.

After I finish, I flush and walked toward the sink, a mirror placed above it as my form comes into view. I find a spare toothbrush then started to brush my teeth, gazing at myself through the mirror before I ducked down and washed my face. It was around the time I was about to exit that I notice something on my neck. I take a closer look at my reflection, shifting my hair over my shoulder.

β€œOh my God. . .”

Two small holes were located where my shoulder and neck met, the area around the impaled skin was bright red and beginning to bruise. Shock disperses through my system while I stared long and hard at the mutilation. They were unexplainable and I couldn’t think of how I could have gotten them as to I still can’t remember what had happened last night.

I shake my head, leaning against the sink corner.

’I need to get out of here.β€² I think to personally before I’m out of the bathroom and gathering my clothes.

I bounce my knee nervously while my head is tilted to the side, her fingers grazing along the holes.

β€œWhat do you think it is?” I ask as Maddie moves back whilst I move my head back in position.

Her eyebrows creased together, a thoughtful look on her face before it vanished. β€œA vampire?” she cracks a smile.

I groan, β€œMaddie, this isn’t the time to joke around, I’m serious right now,” I tell her, reaching up and touching the rising holes with my fingers.

It was then after I arrived at the apartment building that I called Maddie, she was already freaking out stating that she called my phone a million times before she left the club, wondering where I was. I drop my hand down to my side with a slap, shaking my hair back in place.

She frowns down at me, β€œI’m sorry, I was trying to cheer you up a little,” she utters, β€œYou don’t seem like yourself right now, you okay?” she asked before sinking to her ankles in front of me.

I ran a hand through my hair, releasing a heavy breath. β€œI’m fine. It’s just that I can’t remember what happened,” I stress, furrowing my eyebrows.

I felt her hand on my shoulder, giving it a squeeze as I continue, β€œThere’s something in the back of my head telling me I should, but I don’t know.”

β€œIt’s okay Kaitlyn, you don’t have to. It is perfectly normal, give it time.”

I bobbed my head before locking my finger s behind my head as I lowered it between my legs, we sat for a minute in silence while I tried to collect my thoughts. I broke it by opening my mouth.

β€œYou know how I told you I woke up in a hotel room?”

Her agreement vibrating through the air. β€œWhat I didn’t tell you was that I woke up naked and alone.”

I feel her shock and sudden realization. Lifting my head, I stare into her bright green eyes.

β€œMaddie, I lost my virginity to a stranger.” I whisper, β€œIt’s all my fault.”

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