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Chapter XIX

One Month Later...

A full month and some days in Italy has been. . boring. Being eight weeks and some days pregnant doesnโ€™t give me a lot of things to do with Delano staring at me with his potent eyes and Kyri pestering behind me, it was kind of funny, she seemed way younger than I; though she was speaking like a mother hen would.

I've come accustomed to the routine I played in, eat, try and get some sleep, walk around, explore, read and repeat. As the days grew longer I felt bigger, my stomach grew to where you could really tell I was eating for two. My back was beginning to curve inward, and my belly protruding more, though a lot more things were bothering me with the new development.

I groan, wincing as I cup my sore breasts. I press my thumbs into the side of them, while the other fingers knead the top of my breasts. I try to find relief in the slight massage to my breast but all I felt was a stinging pain. Releasing them I drop my hands to my side, leaning my head back.

โ€œWas there a reason you just did that?โ€

I jump, snapping my head forward to see Abel standing in front of the coffee table by the table. I exhale a heavy breath.

โ€œJesus, please donโ€™t pop up on me again,โ€ I say, placing a hand on my chest.

I could see the mirth swimming in his light eyes as he leaned his weight on his hip. โ€œSo, about rubbing the girls?โ€ he tilts his head, raising his brows.

I push myself straighter on the couch cushion, my cheeks bursting into flames. โ€œUh, theyโ€™re sore and hurt, so I wanted to. .โ€ I trail off, averting my gaze.

His laughter rings through the air and my face heats up more while I begin to sputter out another response.

โ€œWhy am I even telling you this? What are you doing here?โ€

He gestures toward the ongoing Tv with his hand, โ€œDoing what you do, entertaining myself.โ€

I hum, looking back at the television than at the enhance the living room. โ€œWhereโ€™s Delano?โ€ I ask, already getting ready to stand.

โ€œWhere he usually is; the library,โ€ Abel replies, staring at the screen that projected a flurry of images.

โ€œAlright, thanks,โ€ I say I make my way to the exit.

Abel throws his hand up and takes a seat in where I was originally sitting at and I make my way down the familiar path to the library. I enter the spacious room, scanning the seats and zeroed my gaze on the mop of light brown hair bent over gazing down at the coffee table surface, as I moved closer I see papers spread out.

โ€œDelano,โ€ I call out.

He lifts his head and stares; a slight twitch of his brows upward makes me continue. I shift a bit closer, standing to the side of a cream patterned chair and look down at the papers that were nothing, but business forms and information. Returning my gaze to his, I see Delano already staring at me intensely causing me to wet my lips.

โ€œUh, sorry for bothering you,โ€ I whisper, โ€œBut I was wondering when I was going to that appointment you spoke of?โ€ I ask, hand subconsciously going down to my stomach.

He stayed silent for a second before speaking, โ€œIt starts in an hour. I was actually coming to get you and tell you to get ready.โ€

I jerk in surprise, โ€œOh, uh, okay. Iโ€™ll go get ready now,โ€ I say, backing away, planting one foot behind the other.

โ€œWho is all going. . again?โ€

He leans back against the sofa, crossing his arms, while his thumb ran back and forth on the slender length of his bottom lip.

โ€œJust you and me,โ€ he says.

I hum, โ€œOkay, then, Iโ€™ll get ready now.โ€

He nods, still looking at me with intense eyes, spinning I walk out the library not looking back once. The hallway was quiet, and a distance I could see a figure walking my way, squinting a halo of reddish hair appears and grows larger.


โ€™Knew it.โ€™ I think.

โ€œHey, Kyri.โ€ I voice, slowing down my lace when she sauntered in front of me.

Her brows were creased, โ€œWhere have you been?โ€

I point my thumb behind me, โ€œWent to go speak with your brother about my appointment, โ€ I tell her, โ€œHe told me to go get ready.โ€

Her blue eyes, so familiar to Delanoโ€™s, flickered behind me then back towards my face. โ€œI see,โ€ she mutters, a look in her eye โ€œWell letโ€™s go then, donโ€™t want to be late.โ€

The afternoon breeze brushes the exposed skin of my legs and arms, the sunlight weaves through parts of my hair. The white cardigan covers my shoulders and stops below my breasts, matching with the floral dress with roses littering it that Kyri made me put on.

I fix my hair, patting down a few strands, the sound of the driver side door slamming rings in my ears as I run a hand down the front of my dress, feeling my baby bump. The tapping of shoes against the pavement rounding the car resonates.

โ€œReady?โ€ Delano wonders, folding the sleeves of his white dress shirt up above his elbows.

I clear my throat, โ€œYeah.โ€

โ€œLetโ€™s go then.โ€

He grabs my wrist gently, looking both ways before crossing the street and pulling me along to the fancy looking building ahead of us. The exterior was a beige color, three floors up and every wall was decorated with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and flower beds hanging from beneath the windows.

Delano holds the door open for me, gesturing me inside first, the bell atop the door rings, signalling our entry. There were a few women sitting around, some heavily pregnant while some just beginning to show just a bit like me. Their gazes lock in my form, then move behind me as Delanoโ€™s chest brushes against my back when he steps inside himself.

I donโ€™t blame their eyes for lingering on him, he was quite the sight, no denying.

โ€œCome on.โ€ his hand hovers above my lower back as we walk to the reception counter that was directly lined with the door.

โ€œCiao signore, come posso aiutarti oggi?โ€ the lady at the counter spoke, wearing a bright smile when she laid eyes on Delano.

โ€œSono qui per il due e mezzo appuntamento.โ€ Delano responds back, tucking one of his hands in his slacks.

The receptionist's eyes lingered a bit longer on his lips before looking into his eyes, where he glared down at her. She seemed to freeze in her seat, before stuttering and looking down at the paper on the clipboard.

โ€™Poor girl, I know what itโ€™s like.โ€™ I think with a shake of my head.

The red-head receptionist was flipping through papers when her whole form went rigid and she quickly glanced up.

โ€œMr Vaughan, right?โ€ her accent came out thick and hard to understand.

The expressionless man beside me gave her a curt nod and she pales, I frown at he behaviour and look back and forth between her and Delano.

โ€œDammi un minuto.โ€ she voiced, and she was out of her seat and walking to the back that was lead by an open door.

We stood at the counter for a few minutes, and I drummed my fingers along the counter out of boredom. While we were waiting for the women before were getting up and heading out the door, leaving us alone in the waiting area. I hummed softly to a tune in my head, bobbing back and forth, turning my head to the side I see Delano staring at me strangely.

I stop moving, โ€œWhat?โ€

He shakes his head and turns back the same moment the receptionist came back, she seemed to have gotten the color back in her face and thew a small smile.

โ€œSorry about โ€™hat, the doctor is ready to see you. Just head down the hall and itโ€™s the door to the left.โ€ she pointed to the door a few inches from the counter.

โ€œThank you,โ€ I say, as her eyes drifted over to me as she seemed to double take.

Before long weโ€™re heading the hall and inside the room, we were directed next time. I stride through the threshold first and take in the small decorated room. The walls were plain white and a medical bed was pushed to the middle of the room where a monitor taller than the bed was placed beside it, a lone chair was angled beside the flat bed.

โ€œCiao,โ€ a man greeted me, he wore a long white lab coat and black framed glasses that hide dark green eyes behind them.

โ€œDevi essere Kaitlyn e Delano, sรฌ?โ€

I nervously looked at Delano as he shut the door behind us. โ€œUh, I donโ€™t speak Italian.โ€

The doctors chuckled, โ€œOh, I see, sorry about that.โ€

I give him a tiny smile, โ€œItโ€™s fine.โ€ he moves around to stand next to the bed and clasps his hand in front of him.

โ€œExcellent. If you would be a dear and hop up onto this bed here, please.โ€

I maneuver myself and hoo onto the high bed with the help of Delano, his hands gripped my waist and lifted me on top, my cheeks flamed and I mumble a short โ€˜thank youโ€™ when Iโ€™m settled. The doctor smiles.

โ€œNow that youโ€™re comfortable, shall we get started?โ€

I nod, and for some reason there was a uneasy feeling building up inside me, starting out as a slight buzz.

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