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Chapter XX

“My name is Marcus and I’ll be your doctor for today.”

I couldn’t but smile back at him, he had a cherry aura around him that I feel at ease, despite the brooding figure standing close by.

“No, before we really start, I need you to remove your undergarments so I can have access in checking your cervix,” Marcus states, heading to a cabinet and taking out a pair of gloves.

I blanched, “Uh. .”

Marcus looks up from placing his gloves on and sees my expression, “Is this your first doctor’s appointment?” he wonders.

I shook my head, “No, um, I had one back in the states when I first found out I was pregnant. .” I trail off.

“What was it for?”

“To get an abortion.”

I find my fingers threading through the tangles of my hair, my hands trembling a bit, I cast a quick look to see Delano leaning against the wall showing no emotion.

“Well,” Marcus says, grabbing my attention again. “Seems to me that you kept the child, congratulations.” he smiles.

“This visit will be different though, I’ll be checking to see if your cervix has changed for when you give birth, and I’ll be able to do a check on your baby, sounds good, ?”

I nod, and slowly slid off the table and make my way to the restroom that was across the room, once I had my underwear clutched in my hand I made my way back to the room. Walking in, I shuffle over towards the table again and hop back on.

“Ready?” Marcus asks, grinning.

“Yeah,” and I scoot down on the table and lift my dress a bit, hesitantly opening my legs.

“Okay let’s see.”

He swivels a small chair in front of me, and settles down, moving in front of me, parting my legs a little more her inched forward and did a little shifting before I felt his fingers at my entrance. I jerk at the coldness.

“Sorry, you’re going to feel a bit of coldness and pressure.”

I nod, laying my head back in the soft cushion of a small square pillow as I stare up at the ceiling. Marcus probes his finger at my open entrance and pushed his forefinger and middle inside, I wince.

A short, curt growl sounds from the side of me and I flicked my eyes over to Delano to see him staring at the man between my legs with burning anger. His reaction confuses me a bit and I turn back to gaze down at Marcus when he begins mumbling.

“Your cervix seemed to have softened and rose a bit, that’s good.” he feels around for a second longer, his fingers rubbing against the wall of my cervix and I shift to relieve some pressure.

“I think that’s it, you’re doing pretty good.” the doctor says as he leans back and snaps the gloves off his hand.

I give a tiny smile, “Awesome.”

“Now to check on the little one.”

He glides back in the chair, and turns, grabbing something from a bottom cabinet before he’s back at my legs and cover them with a small blanket and moving the hem of my dress a bit higher to reveal my stomach.

The cool air hitting the exposed skin sends a chill down my back, and goosebumps begin to rise, Marcus moves over to the monitor beside the bed booting it up— which doesn’t take long. He takes a knob with a clear ball at the tip and spreads clear gel over my stomach.


He chuckles, “That’ll be cold for a second. What I’m to do is get a visual of what it looks like inside your womb.”

I nod my head in understanding and watch as Marcus moves the ball connected to the stick around the lower part of my stomach. He looks up at the screen that displays a black and white mass of something, he lives it around a bit more when suddenly a dot pops up on the screen.

“There’s your baby. .” he mutters, and he looks back not at me but at Delano who’s staring intensely at the screen.

In the centre of the dot– blip – was a beating muscle which was his or her heart, a smile spreads across my face. My hands clench around the material of my underwear. The doctor moves the scope around a bit, there’s a line a little way from the baby until there’s another dot. I frown.

“Oh wow. .”

“What?” I look at Marcus in alarm.

“Its nothing bad, but” he accent thickens. “It seems to me that you’re having twins.”

I freeze, staring at him longer than I intend to and then slowly move my gaze to where he zoomed the image out a bit and we could see the two blips perfectly now.

“Here is sac one and sac two, this means they’re fraternal. Not the same. But I’m a bit concerned about the second baby.” Marcus mutters, looking over at a few papers.

“What’s the matter?” Delano’s voice cuts in.

A bit breathless I look to him, his body leaning it over the bedside to tell how serious he was.

“Well, him or her heartbeat is slower than a normal baby’s heart rate. Right now, I can’t do anything since its still too early. I keep an eye on it as you come back for your weekly check ups.” Marcus explains a he taps a few buttons and shuts everything off.

Rising from the seat, his knees crack, and he runs a hand through his dirty blond tresses that reach below his ear. A shrill, high pitched ring resonates in the air and its coming from Delano, cursing he whips out his phone and answers.

“What is it?” he hisses into the phone, jaw clenched.

Whatever was said over the phone caused his blue eyes to snap over to me then to the door, and I get the hint.

“Go ahead,” I say, sitting up and wiping the gel from my stomach. “We’re almost done.”

He hesitates.

The doctor looks up from his clip board, “I’ll look after her.”

With one last glance at me then the doctor, he heads out the door, phone pressed to his ear as the door shuts behind him.

“Okay, now Miss Monroe, you seem to be in good shape and I want to keep it that way for the babies sake.”

I nod, shuffling and sliding my underwear on, not giving a damn, I was s beginning to grow tired.

“As of right now, your eight weeks and six days and as you seen on the screen your twins look to be the size of kidney beans.”

I hummed, “Oh wow, that’s cool.”


He quiets down and flips through a few things, marking down some stuff with his pen as I sit and wait, swinging my feet.

“Alright, so since you know that you’re having twins—”

“I’m still waiting for myself to react.” I mutter.

He laughs a bit, and pockets his pen in his breast pocket. “Having twins means having to consume energy for more than one now, you’ll need about 3,000 calories a day since you’re still in your first trimester.”

My eyebrows shoot up, “That is a lot.”

“In a way, but it’s necessary for both the babies to get the same amount of nutrients as well as the mother.” he gestures to me.

“Right, right, I understand.”

“Good! How are you feeling nowadays?”

“Uhh, just sore breast, a lot of exhaustion and trips to the bathroom.” I tell him.

He bobs his head, “Great, that’s normal.”


He begins to gather some papers and head for the door, “I won’t be long, I’m just going to get you some prescriptions to help with the extra iron and calories for you. I’ll be back.”

That was what he said before disappearing out the door, leaving me alone. I stared at the different posters of pregnant women and the inside of womb and different phases a baby’s growth goes through, then my thoughts being to different to my friend; Maddie. I missed her everyday I was here, and the dull part of my brain was cursing me out asking me why I was staying here with these people and taking there kindness, I could have been home, dealing this by myself with the help of Maddie.

She was all I had left since—

‘No!’ I shout in my head, I give it a few shakes. I couldn’t think about that, not now.

A loud thud outside the door causes me to jump and face it, a wave of uneasiness settled within me, I looked over the clock and seen it was around seven going on eight, as I listened silence met my ears.

The door burst open, and in rushed a bulky man. He shut the door behind him, locking it, and just stood there. My hand settled behind me as I scoot away from him.

“Hello sir,” I call out. “Who are you? And what are you doing in here?”

My eyes flicker to the clock again.

He stays motionless and quite slowly, turns around and stares at me with wide eyes that sends an unpleasant chill down my back, then the most unnatural thing happens. .

The irises in his eyes start to bleed red until his eyes were completely red, blood red, and like an animal to their prey, he curls his top lip back over his teeth and that’s when I see it.

Two sharp, fangs growing into sharp points. My hearts stutters and stops momentarily. Before my mouth could even part to scream, he was in my face, hand clamped down over my face and pushing me back into the mat bed.

“Found you. .” he whispers, eyes boring into mine.

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