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Chapter XXI

The air was clouded with my fear as I stared up into those frightening blood red eyes.

They stared down into my soul, glowing brightly in the roomโ€™s light, I could see my reflection perfectly through them; I was staring fearfully at the man standing above me, my hair splayed out around my head, disheveled and frizzy, while his large hand was clamped over my mouth.

I blinked when he suddenly moved.

With his body leaning over mine, pinning my form to the flatbed, he leaned his face closer toward mine, those eyes growing closer to the point where I almost crossed eyed.

โ€œItโ€™s great to finally see you. . Kaitlyn.โ€ he grinned, his fangs winking at me in the light.

The unknown man gazed down at me with a wicked glint in his eyes, they trailed down from my face to my chest and down my body before they landed on my stomach.

His grin turned sinister. โ€œSo it is true,โ€ he laughs, โ€œYou are carrying the child of Delano Vaughn, a mere human."

He laughs some more, throwing his head back like heโ€™s been told a hilarious joke and I begin to wonder why Iโ€™m just laying completely still underneath the monster. As that thought passes through my mind, I bare my teeth and catch one of his meaty fingers and chomp down hard; to the point where I tasted blood.

He howls in pain, caught off guard as he jerks his hand away, removing the hand from my mouth. With both of my hands and built up strength, I push at his chest causing him to stumble back enough for me to slip from under him.

I scramble away, darting across the room and into the corner close to the door. My eyes flicker to the side toward the white wooden door before turning back to the glowing man, two times my height and weight.

โ€œYou bรฎtch!โ€ he hisses, literally. He shakes his hand out, looking down at the โ€˜damageโ€™ on his hand.

"Qui es-tu?" I question, holding my stomach protectively.

โ€œWhat?โ€ he growled, straightening and standing to his full height.

I realized that he didnโ€™t know French and I thank the heavens I pursued in learning a part of my familyโ€™s side.

"Quโ€™est-ce que tu veux de moi?โ€

My feet shuffle in the direction of the door and the action doesnโ€™t go unnoticed by the sharp red eyes of the bulky man. He growls taking a step to me.

โ€œYou know what? I donโ€™t have time for this,โ€ he reaches behind him and pulls something out from his back pocket.

He held a syringe filled clear liquid, the needle glinted in the light, it taunted me worse than the fangs that belonged to the holder. Seeing the fear in the depths of my eyes, a smirk played on his lips.

โ€œTime for bed.โ€ the guy says as he prowls forward.

My body works faster than my mind as I find myself sprinting to the door and swinging it open, I rush out, the silence of the hallway and whole building sending my nerves into a frenzy, I bolt to the side and rush down the pathway to the front of the building with one thought flickering in my head repeatedly.

โ€™Find Delano.โ€ฒ

I didnโ€™t have a clue where he went but I knew I needed to find him, the sound of my shoes and a set of others echo in my ears, for some reason I knew he was playing with me; acting like I was actually getting away, making me taste the brick of freedom away from me. His laugh expressed it all.

The chairs in the waiting room grew bigger as I neared the front area, and the burst of hope inside me burst when the feel of hands yanked my hair. A scream tore from my lips at the harsh pain, my head was jerked back and I was pressed to the front of a hard chest, hot breath breathing down the side of my neck.

โ€œSuch a naรฏve human, just like the rest.โ€ he stuffs his nose in the crook of my neck, tilting it more to the side with his grip on my hair.

The nameless guy inhales deeply, groaning in pleasure, โ€œYou smell so. . good.โ€

I jolt against him when I feel his fangs scarp along the column of my neck, โ€œSuch sweet blood,โ€ he breathes heavily against my neck. โ€œCanโ€™t let it go to waste, now can I?โ€

I shiver in disgust and terror when he finds a spot on my neck and applies pressure. I become hysterical, I begin to struggle in his grip, thrusting my head from side to side as far as I can.

โ€œStop!โ€ I shout when he tightens his grip on me, โ€œLet go of me, please!!โ€ I hollered as the first inch of his fangs dug into my flesh.

My hands came up to his head, gripping his greasy hair and tugged as hard as I could, trying to rip his mouth away from my neck, he only clenched his teeth more causing red-hot pain to soar through my veins. I scream high into the ceiling, tears prickling my lashes as I hiccup, twisting in his hold to do anything to inflict pain upon him.

Suddenly his grip was gone along with his weight, I fall to the ground landing on my side, the air rushes out of my lungs leaving me breathless as I cradle my stomach. My vision seats and blurs like Iโ€™ve been dunk underwater, liquid slides down the side of my neckโ€” thatโ€™s been puncturedโ€” and to the hardwood floor.

The sound of struggling bodies a couple of feet away from me catches my attention; I tilt my head down my eyes clearing up a bit to see Delano holding the guy twice his size by the neck against the wall; his face murderous.

I slowly push myself up on my hands and turn his way, โ€œDelano. .โ€ I call out softly.

His sharp gazes cut over toward me, and I hold in my gasp when our eyes collide, the irises around his pupils glowed bright red while his chest rose and fell harshly with deep breathes he inhaled through his nose; sharp white fangs poked from his bottom lip. He flickered his gaze to my neck, his eyebrows snapped together and he turned back to the struggling man before him.

โ€œTell me who sent you!โ€ his voice was dark and guttural as he spoke.

The only response he got was a bloodied smile, Delanoโ€™s fingers tighten around his neck to the point where his finger was indenting in the manโ€™s neck and the smile slowly faltered.

Delanoโ€™s eyes glowed brighter, the red taking over his whole eyes, โ€œI wonโ€™t ask again, who sent you!?โ€

He lifted the man and slammed him back against the wall, the surface cracking from the force and piece of drywall crumbling to the floor, all I could do was gape.

โ€œI ainโ€™t tellinโ€™.โ€ was what he said.

Staring hard into his eyes, he scowled and didnโ€™t waste a minute in stepping back plunging his hand into the guyโ€™s chest, where his heart rested, a horrid gasp escapes me. The guyโ€™s face corrupted into one if pain, his mouth open in a tiny exhale of pain.

Jerking his hand back, Delano held a beating heart in his clutches, dark red blood dropped to the floor in a puddle and down to his forearm. A thud resonates throughout the hall as the body falls, completely still, to the floor as blood begins to pool around his body and near my feet; I pull them back and snap my head up toward Delano.

He was already staring at me and I shift my gaze to the heart still in his hold, my stomach began to toss and turn, food from earlier desperately trying to work its way up my throat. Following my gaze, he drops big muscle in his hand like a bag of garbage, and he takes a step toward me. I scramble backward, sliding along the floor, away from him, my heartโ€™s beat drumming through my ears and my legs trembling.

He freezes, his gaze softening a funny sight with his eyes still burning red. โ€œIโ€™m not going hurt you, I would never hurt you,โ€ he mutters.

I look down to his blood coated hand and back to his eyes.

โ€œTrust me.โ€

I stare into his eyes, not an ounce of fear sparks within me as he walks closer, caution in every step like he was afraid Iโ€™ll start screaming and run away. Nodding my head, I reach for him the same time the windows of the building shatter and crash to the floor, I shout as Delano swings me in his arms and shields my body from the flying glass shards, I bury my face in his neck wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Venite fuori, venite fuori, ovunque voi siate. .โ€ a cool chilling voice echoes in the night, the summer breeze drifting inside from the open windows.

The crunch of shoes on glasses was the only thing heard in the dead of night, I peek from over Delanoโ€™s broad shoulders and see dozens of glowing red eyes blinking in the dark, and one man stood in the lobby, looking around before his eyes settled on me and the man holding me tight against his chest, his lips tilted to the side cruelly at the sight of me.

I press my eyes to the crook of Delanoโ€™s neck, tightening my grip on his, I breathe heavily on his chest, my heart beating unevenly with fear pumping through every vein in my body.

โ€œKaitlyn, I need you to calm down and listen to me.โ€ the words were whispers by my ear.

I nod.

โ€œI want you to keep your eyes shut and mind blank, no matter what you hear, dontโ€™t look. Okay? Can you do that for me?โ€

I nod repeatedly, licking my lips, my hands sliding down the front of his dress shirt โ€” the feel of his slow beating heart against my fingers, and down to my mid-drift. I pull back slightly, and catch his gaze, his baby blue eyes burning with an intensity that send my pulse into a frenzy.

โ€œIโ€™ll do everything I can to get you three back to the manor.โ€

At his words, my eyes brim and I nod once more. The blue in his eyes disappear and the red floods back, his hard cold exterior back.

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