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Chapter XXII


The night was silent besides the slight breeze that rustles the nearby leaves on palm trees, it circled the area and brushed along my skin and ruffled Kaitlynโ€™s dress. My eyes flickered between every creature just like me, counting them off.

โ€œAh, if it isnโ€™t Prince Delano Vaughan, son of Queen Elizabeth and King Henry Vaughan.โ€

My gaze cuts over to the man standing in the center of the waiting room, an arrogant smile playing along with his mouth, he pushes back strands of brown hair away from his eyes.

โ€œIndeed I am,โ€ I comment, striding a short distance forward, away from him and closer to an exit.

Kaitlyn tightens her hands in the fabric of my collar, her heart was beating out of control, I was one-hundred precent sure the others could hear it perfectly. The manโ€™s gaze shifts to Kaitlyn before meeting my gaze once more, his smile widens.

โ€œAnd what do I owe this. . visit?โ€ I wonder.

He chuckles. โ€œA little birdy has been fluttering around, spreading news of you impregnating a human. Quite unheard of.โ€

His eyes slid down to Kaitlyn as he watched her with a hunger that had a growl rumbling from deep in my chest; she shuddered in my arms. I keep silent, straining my ears for the easiest way away and out of this building, the quite footfalls outside echoes in my ears as I glance from side to side.

โ€œYou know. .โ€ the man before me starts, โ€œIโ€™m starting to wonder what the blood of an expecting mother would taste like.โ€ his tone lowers, the smile on his smile turning Cheshire, his gaze flickering down to Kaitlyn.

He walks a short distance from the receptionist counter and back to his original spot, keeping his eyes on us, her.

โ€œMaybe a bit sweeter, a bitter like taste. . .โ€ he pauses and faces us once more. โ€œJuicer.โ€

His tongue glided across his fangs, and my lip curls upward, hissing through my teeth. The same moment the manโ€™s eyes shoot at something behind me, Kaitlynโ€™s heart rate skyrockets and she grasps my shirt tighter in her hands.

โ€œDelano! Watch out!โ€ she screams.

A whoosh of air whizzes past my ear, and I whirl around fast on my heels, leaning back just as a hand swipes down. I barely dodge it and instantly take a huge leap back, my grip tight on Kaitlyn, I glare at the bald and rugged looking man that stood in the spot I once was. He grinned sadistically at me, his red eyes gleaming with a dark hue.

โ€œCome on Delano!โ€ the ringleader of it all, calls out. I look over and see him with his arms raised, โ€œGive her up, sheโ€™s honestly no good use for you, Iโ€™m surprised sheโ€™s still alive.โ€ he chuckles.


My senses pick up a presence behind me, charging at an inhumane speed toward me, I swiftly move to the side, my hand latching onto a wrist that shoots past my ear, nicking it; grasping a tight hold, I snap my wrist forward bringing the weight of the attackerโ€™s body over my head. A mixture of colors flash with speed and collide with the wall on the opposite side of the lobby, the man sliding down the length of the wall, landing in a heap.

Kaitlyn hollers once again, her body jerking against me, I turn my head around to see someone else near me but grabbing onto Kaitlynโ€™s arm trying to yank from my firm grasp all while snapping his teeth in her face. Growling through clenched teeth my fingers curl into a fist and snap forward connecting with his jaw; watching as he flies to the side from the force.

Kaitlyn buries her face in the hollow of my neck, her erratic breathing blowing against my skin, I turn my attention back to the men that slowly begin to pile in from the broken windows, surrounding us.

โ€œIโ€™ll let you in on a little secret here, Prince Delano.โ€ the ringleader call out, peeking at me through a gap of bodies, he runs his hand through the strands of blond hair. โ€œThereโ€™s a bounty resting on top of your humanโ€™s head, and someoneโ€™s seen some great things about her and her future.โ€

โ€œThe reward is tremendous.โ€

I growled deeply, thrusting my hand into someoneโ€™s chest while kicking my leg back, my movements become a blur as I weave in a and out of bodies, dodging and taking hits; I hiss as I bare my fangs and sink them into someoneโ€™s neck and ripping their throat out in one fluid jerk, blood splattering across my face. I find myself outside in the open, the moon long since risen and the starts out to play. With dead bodies littering the ground and crimson blood beginning to pool, more people start to emerge from the shadows.

Breathing deeply, I look down at Kaitlyn as an idea formulates in my head.

โ€œDo you trust me?โ€

She tenses, her fingers, gripping the hell out of my shirt. โ€œWhat?โ€ she breathes out, lifting her head up and gazing up at me with swollen eyes.

โ€œDo you trust me?โ€ I demand, my gaze flickering away to see the remaining people closing in. She still doesnโ€™t answer, gnawing on her lip, a real battle happening within her head.


โ€œYes! Yes, I trust you!โ€ she cries out.

They were growing closer, I could feel their hunger gazes on us. . her. I glare down at her, โ€œGood. Then I trust youโ€™ll forgive me.โ€

Without a momentโ€™s hesitation, I toss her into the air as hard as I could, her horror-filled screams flowing into the air as they slowly fade. I watch her become a dot in the sky before I look down and crouch, my muscles coiled tight together ready to pounce before time is up.

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