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Chapter XXIII


The feeling of weightlessness caused my heart to stopped beating momentarily, my wide eyes capture the scenery before me and it felt like that the stars were right there, if I reach out my hand I would almost be able to grab one. This small moment made me feel like I was floating, soaring above the clouds not worrying about a single thing left for me on earth.

I turn my eyes the glass building beside me, the sunset reflecting behind my own reflection giving my body a outline glow along the glass planes, it was a beautiful sight even for myself but reality came crashing down, figuratively and quiet literally, I remember being thrown in the air and now gravity is calling me back; my stomach dropping.

I scream as I fall, the stars growing smaller in my vision and my hair whipping past me at the speed I fall.

Everythingโ€™s a blur of colors as I flail and wave my arms around desperately trying to slow down but to no avail. I pray to god that Delanoโ€™s down there, with his arms stretched to catch me, I could feel the ground gradually growing near. I shut my eyes and get ready for impact.

The pain I excepted never came, as I fall into strong arms that curl around my body and hold onto me tight. My heart nearly leaps from my chest, the fear and shock still coursing through my veins, my eyes glance up and clash with familiar baby blue eyes that stare me down.

Looking around I sees that Iโ€™ve made it back in one piece, bodies spread out across the area; the tension easing from my muscles. I slump in Delanoโ€™s hold, suddenly breathing heavy and meet his gaze.

โ€œI so donโ€™t like you, right now.โ€ I mumble, placing my face against his chest, exhausted.

โ€œItโ€™s not hard to tell,โ€ came his reply.

Him talking caused vibrations to run through his chest and throughout my own body, I sigh, shutting my eyes and relaxing the best I can.

โ€œJust take me back to the manor.โ€

His chest rumbles once again with the slight chuckle, โ€œAs you wish.โ€

The drive back to the mansion was. . awkward I could say, neither of us spoke up though I had a bunch of questions brewing in my head, ready to be let out. I drummed my fingers along the leather covering of the arm rest, my other wrapped around the my waist. The events from before were like a flash of cards, flickering before my eyes leaving me exhausted and a bit nauseated.

I lean my head against the cool window surface, watching as familiar streets came into view and slowly the mansionโ€™s structure is in my line of sight. We pull up just outside the curb, the lights illuminating from inside the manor; Delano shuts the car off and hops out the car while I follow to do the same, swallowing back whatever was crawling up my throat.

The night breeze cools down my body as I step out and push myself up and the ground sways beneath my feet as I topple to the side. Rough hands grip my forearms, stopping my descend to the ground.

โ€œAre you okay?โ€ Delano asks, fighting me on my feet.

โ€œIf I was about to fall on my ass, would I be?โ€ I couldnโ€™t help but sass at him, my emotions everywhere.

For the second time today, he chuckles, the sound vibrating throughout me. His hands grip my arms tighter as he shuts the passenger door and walks up the pathway to the front door beside me, the door was swing open before we even had time to stop on the first flat.

Kyri was standing, holding the door, with a neutral expression. Delano and her gazed at each other as if communicating through their eyes, after a minute his eyes snapped to something behind her, his expression back to its original hard self.

โ€œDo me a favor, Kyri, and take Kaitlyn up to her room. I think sheโ€™s had enough excitement for one day.โ€ he spoke, letting go of me and striding through across the threshold of the door.

โ€œWait, why?โ€ I call out, following him inside. โ€œWhatโ€™s going on?โ€

โ€œNothing. Just go up to your room and stay there.โ€

I scowl, protesting, โ€œNo, Iโ€™m not a child you can tell what to do!โ€

His blues eyes collide with my brown ones over his shoulder, his stare holding me in place, his pupils trembled as he scanned my faceโ€” scorching heat developing inside me at the intensity of his stareโ€” before he turned away; the connection snapping like a twig.

A sudden scream echoed throughout the spacious manor walls. The sharp sound makes me jump in place and turn my attention to where the sound came from; the living room.

โ€œWhat was that?โ€ I ask, already walking towards the sound.

โ€œNothing. You need toโ€”โ€

โ€œYou canโ€™t tell me that was nothing!โ€ I interrupt, โ€œYou already have a lot of explaining to do and this will add to the. . .โ€ I trail off and stop moving as I take on the scene before me.

Eileesha was sitting comfortably with her legs crossed on the two-seater couch, her face blank as ever, and in the middle of the room was a chair and tied to it was-

โ€œMaddie!?โ€ I blurt out, disbelief filling my system.

Her brown eyes swing around to meet mine, nothing but terror and surprise clouding in them. โ€œKaitlyn!โ€ she calls out, her wrist bounded behind her as she twist and turn in the chair.

โ€œWhat is. .?โ€ my words stop and lodge themselves in my throat.

I glance to the side, Delano walking up beside me and his eyes trained on me, watching my reaction. My muscles bunch up and I didnโ€™t want nothing more to do than question the hell out of him, I turn my attention back to Maddie.

Her hair was frizzed and sticking out of place, her clothes were wrinkled and half hanging off her body like sheโ€™s been in a tussle.

โ€œWhat is this?โ€ Delano inquires the question that didnโ€™t seem to pass my lips.

Eileesha rolls her eyes and slumps further into the couch, not giving a damn about the things going on around her.

โ€œFound her snooping around the manor,โ€ a new voice speaks out. I turn my eyes to the far end of the room and see a man stepping out from the entrance to the kitchen.

His eyes twinkled, โ€œSaid she was looking for โ€˜Kaitlynโ€™, demanded we give her, her friend back. So,โ€ he pauses, walking up beside Maddie who leans away from him.

โ€œHere she is.โ€

I examine him, my gaze trailing over his facial features, a sort of familiarity there, he stood tall and brooding; a sens of arrogance coming off him in waves. Delano signed at his tone.

โ€œThereโ€™s something else you did,โ€ Eileesha finally spoke, voice like velvet.

Grinning, the man reached out and took a strand of Maddieโ€™s curls between his fingers. Her body went ridged and she gritted her teeth, jerking her head to the side causing him to let going her hair.

โ€œI might have slipped up,โ€ his eyes flash red, the same thing Delanoโ€™s had done.

โ€œYou idiot!โ€ Delano suddenly hisses, eyes hardening to piercing bullets.

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