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Chapter XXIV

I gape at the man beside, taking in his hostile expression and I couldn’t help stepping away from him. While his attention was distracted, I gazed at the man across the room, a sense of familiarity coming from him once more, my gaze then clashes with Maddie’s and she nods me over.

“How am I an idiot?” the man questions, raising a brow.

“Not only did you reveal your nature to a human,” Delano glares, seeming to have calmed a bit. “But we have to keep her here so she won’t spread word about our existence.”

“You can count on that, you sick fücks!”

They both ignored her.

The brown-eyed man flickers his gaze over me and back to Delano. “What about her? I bet she doesn’t know, yet.”

“On the contrary, she does.”

With their attention on each other, I rush across the room as quick as I can and in front of Maddie, kneeling to the ground.

“Are you okay?” I move a curl from her face gazing up at her face, a familiar one that I missed so much.

“I’m fine. Can you untie these ropes? He tied these bitches tight as hell.” she twist her wrist for emphasis.

I nod and move around the chair and work the ropes loose while keeping an eye on the two men ahead of us. Eileesha watched the both of us both with dull eyes before moving her gaze back to the men.

“How?” the man asks, crossing his arms. “Finally decided to tell her everything, knowing she’s carrying your first born.” amusement swirled in the depths of his eyes.

Delano lifted his lip in a small snarl, the action doing things to my body, tensing up I turn my eyes away and finish untangling the ropes with my cheeks burning a new high.

“This is no time for jokes, Adrian, we’ve ran into trouble while at the doctor’s office.” he responded, his tone holding no emotion in it.

The ropes finally fall from around Maddie’s wrist, and she brings them from around the chair rubbing at pink area.

“C’mon we have to get out of here.” she whispers, rising from the chair.

I stare as she fixes her rugged clothes into the right places, and turns towards me, and I realize I haven’t said anything.

“I. . I can’t — I mean, I don’t think. . .” I trail off, not knowing what to say.

There was a time where I prayed that Maddie would show up and whisk me away from my captors and back home where we both belonged, but now that she was here; I was hesitant. I swallow the lump in my throat, looking from her to Delano and see that him and the other guy—Adrian — was already staring at us.

“We don’t have time,” she grabs my arms and pulls me to my feet, turning around and pushing me behind her.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Adrian asks, turning is body towards us.

“Away from here, away from you monsters."

“Don’t say that, you’re going to hurt my feelings.”

Adrian grins at Maddie’s furious expression and takes a step forward, she takes a step back her arm coming back and pushing me more behind her.

“Don’t come any closer,” Maddie hissed, keeping her stern glare on Adrian and the other two.

My own gaze flickered to Delano who wasn’t doing a thing, he stayed back and watched with emotionless eyes as if he didn’t care that I went away- a part of my heart throbbed at that realization. He crossed his arms, and met my gaze head on staring me down, a gleam in his eyes daring me to do something.

I turn my gaze away, my hand reaching down to grasp Maddie’s wrist like a lost child would to their mother and the other went down my belly.

“Oh, and what are you going to do?” Adrian comes a brow, looking her up and down.

I could basically hear Maddie gritting her teeth and looked up and gazed at the back of her head, she was thinking, coming up with an idea. Her head turned towards the fireplace and something caught her attention, before I knew it she moved quickly towards the fireplace and grabbed the fire-poker that was lodged in the flames.

Yanking it out, she held it in front of her, the glowing orange-reddish tip prominent to the eyes of everyone. The atmosphere in the room shifted and the hairs on my arms rose as Maddie took her place back in front of me.

“I’ll stab anyone who dares come closer,” she says, “Kaitlyn and I will be walking out of this house with no one in our way. Understand?”

As the words drifted from her lips and into the air, she backed me up to the entrance of an archway that was not to far behind me, it lead to someplace that I haven’t got the chance to explore.

“That’s not an good idea.” Kyri spoke up from the front of the room. “It isn’t safe.”

Maddie glowered at her, “I think I can take my chances rather than being here with a bunch of fang-bangers.”

Adrian released a growl that had my legs quaking, his eyes turning a dark red. I didn’t dare look towards Delano, either.

“You can always try,” Eileesha spoke, tilting her head.

Maddie gritted her teeth, her grip on the fire-poker tightening. I was stopped short from my advancements backwards when my back collided with a hard surface, I gasped and spin around to see Abel standing behind me— hands on my shoulder — with a confused expression on his face.

“What’s going on?” he asks, looking down at me, then over to Maddie.

At the sound of his voice, she turns her attention away and toward us and that was all it took for blurred movement to happen as Adrian was now in front of her, ripping the fire-poker from her grasp and snatching her up by her neck.

Maddie could barely supply a gasp of surprise as he pas shot up and gripped his wrist that held her two feet above the air.

“Stop!” I shouted, moving forward and pulling on his shirt.

He barely glanced down at me, his hard gaze fixated on Maddie who — despite her situation, glared back him with her own fire of hatred.

“Give one good reason why I shouldn’t snap you’re pretty little neck, right now?” he hissed, flashing his fangs.


An emotion flickered through Maddie’s eyes at the gesture but it was gone as quick as it came and purses her lips, giving him the nastiest glare.

“Fúck, you.” was her chocked out response.

His grin was cruel. “Only if you ask.”

A body passed by me and Abel was talking up to Adrian, placing his hand on Adrian shoulder. I looked back from both men, seeing the familiarity and the reason why Adrian looked so familiar to me.

“Put her down, bro, this isn’t the time or place for this.”

They were brothers. Twins.

Adrian side-glanced at Abel for a moment and dropped Maddie who fell to her feet, then to her knees coughing. I backed away from the both of them and went down to her side, placing my hand on my back.

“I suggest you take her to her room,” Delano spoke out, finally. “We can discuss this situation further in the morning.”

Maddie gasped and glanced up, the glare still prominent on her face.

“I will not—” I cut her off.

“Please, Maddie, not tonight.” I tell her, “Not tonight, I had enough excitement.”

“But you can’t just forget they kid—”

“I know, I know!” I sigh, looking towards Delano. “I know.”

After a little more persuading on my part towards Maddie, we were both in the spare room that I slept in for my stay here, she made she to lock the door and place a chair under the knob.

When she context that we were safe she pulled me into a bone-crushing hug, it was filled with warmth and familiarity.

“Oh, I missed you so much!” she squeezed me tighter.

I hugged her back, mumbling into her shirt as I wrapped my arms around her mid-section. I missed the warmth and strength she gave off, she was always the bravest out of the two of us.

She pulled away and wiped under her eyes, smiling at me. “You don’t know how good it is too see your face again.”

I laugh, “You too.”

Maddie pulls me down to sit on the edge of the bed, looking me over with again serious eyes.

“They didn’t hurt you, did they? I don’t have to beat any pale asses?”

The last part made me crack-up while I shook my head, “Not at all. They’ve been pretty. . . decent.”

Maddie’s gaze was lowered as she looked at something on my my body, I follows her gaze and found her staring at my slightly protruding belly.

“You grew?” she said in awe, still staring.

“Yeah, of course,” I smiled gently.

She breathes out a heavy breathe, tension releasing from her shoulders. “I didn’t except. . I mean, I thought your past would—” she stops short, a smile spreading across her lips.

“I couldn’t do it.” I say to her, patting my stomach. “I had to give them a chance, it wouldn’t have been fair.”


I grinned towards her, slight excitement rising in me. “Yup. I’m having twins.”

It was silent before Maddie’s ear-splitting squeals shattered through the air.

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