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Chapter XXV


“So, anyone want to tell me what just went down?” Abel announces, confusion clearly written on his face.

“Who was that girl?”

“It seems to be Ms. Kaitlyn’s reinforcement.” Adrian drawls, thumb running along his bottom lip.

“Well then,” Abel face splits into a slow grin, “She’s kinda hot, I wouldn’t mind tapping that.”

Adrian whips to face him and growls. “Back off, she’s mine.”

The other twin frowns and crosses his arm, challenging him, “Oh yeah? Says who? From what I can tell, she isn’t too fond of you, little brother.

Adrian’s face craves into a sneer, his lip curling over his fangs.

“I say. And don’t worry about it, just know she’s off the market.”

I walk over towards the couch, plopping myself down into a open cushion and lean my head against the back.

“You’re both disgusting.” Eileesha quipped.

Abel glared at his twin, “He started it,” he grumbled.

“It doesn’t matter. We have bigger problems than this petty ‘who gets who fest’.” I call out, leaning my head up.

Both twins snapped their mouths shut. Abel moves to sit in the open seat beside Eileesha while Adrian stayed standing with his arms overlapping one another.

“What do you think is going to happen?”

“I’ll tell you what will happen, they took an interest in Kaitlyn knowing she’s carrying my child, and won’t stop until they have her.” I declared.

“How did they find out?” Abel frowns. “If I’m right, she was just founding out she was carrying when you found her.”

I click my tongue, “That’s the thing I’m not sure about.”

“Well what do you plan on doing?” Kyri inquires from afar, eyes sparkling as she looked at me.

“They’ll be tracking her and me here, slowly but surely, so there’s only place to go.”

I stare at her dead in her eyes, her own flickering with recognition.

“I don’t think they’re going to let you back,” Adrian stated, running a hand through his hair.

I give a fanged smile. “They have no other choice.”

Kyri shakes her head, running her sender fingers through her red tresses. “I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

“There’s no other choice.”


I woke to a full bladder, with a heavy sigh, I heave myself from the bed speed walking to the bathroom. I relieve myself with a sigh, throwing my head back, the only thing that irritated me about this pregnancy was how many times I have to get up and use the bathroom it; finishing up, I brush my teeth and wash my face before walking back out into the room.

Sunlight was streaming through the windows and past the curtains, lightning up the room and giving it a soft glow, a groan came from my left and I look over to see Maddie stirring awake. I stare at her, blinking, the reality of her actually being here hasn’t set in.

“What time is it?” she groans, rubbing her eyes.

“I don’t know,” I answer, glancing at side table that once held the digital.

“Well. . .” Maddie trails off, squinting towards the window to look out side, “Good afternoon.”

I smile, watching as she slipped from our the bed and stretches, faint cracking heard from her.

“So, what’s to eat?”

I shrug, chuckling a bit at her as I pad my walk further away from the bathroom entrance and to the other side of the bed.

“We have to go downstairs and see what’s there to eat.” I speak, already moving towards the door.

Suddenly her face alters into a scowl.

“That Adrian guy better not be down there,” she spits out, fixing her hair and striding over towards me. “Or so help me god. .”

A small grin slips on my face as I shake my head in amusement me while walking out the door and downstairs with her. It hasn’t been a full day and Maddie was making me feel like I wasn’t taken away from the states and it was just any other day before everything went before things went down hill. She made me feel myself again.

We soon found out that Maddie’s wish was shattered when the first person we saw when we walked into the kitchen was Adrian.

He greeted us with a smirk, his gaze then slithering over to Maddie, taking in her appearance.

“Good afternoon.” he commented, keeping his eyes on Maddie.

She met his gaze head on, staring for a short moment before scoffing and moving to the fridge; to do that she had to walk past the island counter where Adrian sat in the bar stool.

The feeling of someone behind me causes me to turn around and glance up to find Delano gazing down at me with dark eyes. Heat blooms in my cheeks at the look within them, they enchant me, and pull me but just before it does I look away.

“Afternoon,” I greet, wrapping my arms around myself.

He grunts and brushes past me and into the kitchen area.

“What do you want to eat, Kaitlyn?” Maddie calls out from the stove.

“I know what I want,” Adrian implored, tilting his head as his dark gaze ran over her form.

Maddie shoots him a vicious look, her lip lifted in disgust. My stomach growls at the mention of food as I wander over towards her, looking over the things she placed out.

“A smoothie and cheese burrito would be great,” I answer, my mouth watering at the image.

“All right, go sit back down, this won’t take long.”

With a small nod, I do what she said and take a seat in the only empty stool at the island— right in the middle of Adrian and Delano. Gulping, I slide up and sit as normal as I could, not letting the heat of Delano get to me from such close proximity.

“So, um, where’s Abel?” I ask, playing with my fingers on table the marble surface.

“Still sleeping.”

I couldn’t hide the shock on my face, even when he turned around to face me, gazing into my eyes he titled his head in question.

I clear my throat, adverting my eyes, “I mean, since you guys are, uh— you know, I didn’t think you needed sleep.”

He smirks, “We don’t, well, not me but still we like the feeling of having dreams and peacefulness our bodies fall into.”

He then leans closer towards me, giving me a glimpse of his sharp fangs that rested casually on his bottom lip.

“Doesn’t mean we still can’t haunt the night.”

Two things happened, one, Delano’s growl vibrates through me at Adrian’s actions and two, a wooden spoon thunks him on the side of his head causing him to freeze.

“Leave her alone, asshole, or I’ll come over there and whoop your ass my self!” came Maddie’s heated reply from across the room.

The wooden spoon clatters to the ground in the dead silence, and I watch a flicker of a lethal expression crosses his face before it’s gone. He leans back and away from me, turning to face Maddie.

“I would like to see you try,” he taunted.

Walking over with a plate and cup full in her hand, she slides me my breakfast and stands on the other side of the island counter. Her brown eyes were narrowed into slits at his form.

“How did you find this place?” Delano suddenly questions, breaking theie stare down.

Maddie swings her eyes over towards him, gazing at him with her calculating gaze. “I hate to admit, but the protection you had over the phone Kaitlyn called me from was good.”

I slip at my smoothie, cutting my burrito into pieces.

“And the firewall to break through was intense, I didn’t think people like you would know about the technology.” she gives off.

“Though, there’s a reason I took Network Security in college.” she adds with a shit-eating grin. “It took some time, but I was finally able to break it down and get glimpse of the location and address the phone was last at.”

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