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Chapter XXVI

They say life brings you unexpected beginnings.

How right could they be, in a matter of eight weeks I find that I’ve become pregnant after one night with a man that’s probably lived before my ancestors. This was the beginning of a new world for me, finding out that Vampires exist has set my mind on a whole new path of believing what is real and what is not; and yet, the more I think about it the more unaffected I am.

I sigh heavily, falling to my side on the plush sofa cushion, my hand lowers to my stomach that grew bigger the last forty-eight hours. Propping my head in my palm, I gaze at Maddie who was staring off into space on the other side of the sofa with my feet in her lap.

“What’s on your mind?” I ask, poking her stomach with my big toe.

She blinks rapidly, snapping out of her thoughts and turning her attention towards me.


I roll my eyes up, pulling at my eyelashes to get rid of hanging ones. “I said what’s on your mind?” I repeat, rubbing loose eyelashes from my fingers.

“Oh, I was actually seeing if there was a way to get out of here,” she purses her lips together.

“There isn’t,” I sigh, sitting up and swinging my feet to the ground. “No matter what you do, there is not a place they won’t find you. .us.”

“No. There’s always another way,” she stood to her feet and began to pace.

I shook my head, “Don’t you think I tried, no matter what— boom! he’s there.”

“You don’t try hard enough, you’re here sitting comfortable with these monsters,” she stops pacing and kneels down in front of me with determination shining in her eyes.

For some reason the look made me clench my hands together.

“I have tried! I have tried for a week to get my àss out of here until I finally gave up!” my voice rose with each sentence. “There was no way for me to leave and with each try, I was putting the lives of my children on the line because at the time I didn’t know what these people were capable of.”

Tears spring to my eyes and brim to the point I can’t see past them. “Believe me, I wanted to go home but there was no way for me too. So, don’t tell me I didn’t try hard enough because I did.”

I bury my face in my hands and sob, reliving the countless of times I tried and failed to return to the place I called home. My mouth begins to water, the familiar crawl of acid scorching it’s path up my throat brings my attention to the queasy feeling in my stomach. Quietly hoping to my feet, I push pass Maddie and dart away only making it to the kitchen’s sink before I’m wrenching up the little food I had settling in my stomach.

I grip the sink’s edge as my body lurches forward, depositing whatever’s left in my stomach; the foul smell of vomit burns my nostrils as I fall to my knees, closing my eyes. It was long before warmth flooded my back and slim arms wrapped around me.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any of it.” Maddie whispers, resting her cheek on the top of my head. “I’m frustrated that there’s nothing I can do, I’m running out of options here.”

I keep silent, breathing heavy from my temporary sickness.

“But I promise I will get us out of here.”

I subconsciously register soft hands rest on my shoulders, shaking me back and forth, I dragged from my peaceful sleep as I part my eyes drunkenly with sleep.

“Kaitlyn, get up.” a voice washes over my ears.

I hum, raising my head and squinting my eyes in the darkness to find the window. Outside was cloaked in night, the moon rose high in the sky, another shake rattled my body and I face the side to see brown eyes staring at me with anxiousness.

“Come on,” she tugged on my wrist, slowly pulling me to my feet.

I stumble on unsteady feet, my mind still trying to catch up with my moving limbs.

“What you doing?” I ask, steadying myself.

“We’re leaving.”

The clinking of keys hitting against each bring my attention down to her free hand to see car keys glistening in the moonlight.

“Let’s go,” she pulls me behind her, my bare feet padding across the floor, as she opens the bedroom door to a darkened hallway.

She pops her head out and looks from left to right before moving to the stairs, brings me along, she eases down the stairs quietly and I follow her lead fly awake now. Light shines from a small window above the stairs and I catch a glimpse of an object in Maddie’s hand.

“What’s that in your hand?” I question, looking at her palm.

“A knife.”

I snap my head up and gape at the back of her head as she moves swiftly. We make it to the last step and rush over to the front door, a pep in our movements.

"Well, what do we have here?”

Maddie whips around and pushed me behind her, backing me up until my back was pressed firmly against the door. Adrian stood feet away from us, at the archway, gazing at us through dark brown eyes that didn’t hide its amusement.

“Running away now are we?” he taunts.

“Get the door open,” she tells me, moving forward to give me enough room.

She holds the knife out in front of her, her potent stare evened on Adrian as he looks from me to her. With one last glance, I turn away and unlock the top lock and the bottom, turning the knob and swinging the door open. The cool night breeze greets me, and look outside making sure there was no sign of Delano, and surprisingly he wasn’t.

“The coast is clear—” I stop short when Adrian suddenly blurs forward and appears in front of Maddie.

She jerks back as he reaches for her arm and she strikes, barely dodging his outstretched hand she plunges the blade where the neck and shoulder meet. He roars in pain, stumbling back and grabbing for the knife handle, bright red blood flooding down his shirt.

“Go! Go! Go!”

Maddie pushes me out the door, slamming it shut and yanking me down the steps and towards a car, Adrian’s cries and hisses if pains can be heard and adrenaline rushed zips through me knowing it won’t be long before the others follow and figure out what happened. I cradle my stomach as I’m pulled to the familiar sleek car Delano drove.

Maddie presses a button in the Jeep’s and the car beeps open and I run over to the passenger side as Maddie does the same, she slides into the driver’s seat and locks the doors once I’m inside. The front door to the manor is ripped off its hinges, a furious red-eyed Adrian jumps out, fangs bared at the car— more specifically Maddie.

The car roars to life, Maddie puts the car in reverse and backs out of the driveway, Adrian zips in front of the car and slams his hands on the hood, his animalistic growls heard.

“Maddie!” I grip the door handle, the sound of the car locking as she shifts the stick into drive.

With a narrowed stare, she floors the gas pedal, hitting Adrian with a force that causes him to fly over the car. My eyes flash to the mirror on my side as I watch Adrian fall to the ground, a blur of movements and he’s up to his feet, ready to come after us again. Another blur and Delano’s standing next to him, one of his hands planted firmly on his shoulder.

His lips moved furiously against his ear and whatever he said stopped the angry vampire’s advancements. Delano flickers his sharp blue eyes that glitter in the night, I’m not sure, but I swore he was looking at me in the mirror his eyes flashing with a promise.

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