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Chapter XXVIII


Wind whipped my hair harshly in my face, the weightlessness I felt made my heart lurch to my throat and terror to zip through my veins like a speeding race car; the hard, tight, arms that bounded around my waist gave me a sense of reality that it was all real.

Screams tore through the air and it took me a second for me to realize that they all came from me. And all too soon, the wind stop, the air was still, I wasnโ€™t moving anywhere and my back was slammed into a hard surface, the blur of movements was too much for my eyes as I squeeze them shut and keep my stomach from ending outside of my body. Firm hands grip the insides of my elbows, pinning them to the rough tree bark.

โ€œYou. . .โ€ the creature growls against my neck, the vibrations coming from his chest and vibrating throughout mine. โ€œYou are one of the craziest humans I have met.โ€

I stiffen, my hands balled into a fist by side when those sharp weapons in his mouth dragged the underside of my jaw and the length of my neck; I couldnโ€™t suppress the shudder that rushed through me. My hands come up to grasp what I could reachโ€” his wristโ€” and I tried to tug my elbows back from his hands but to no avail.

Adrian stepped closer, his front flushing among my own, my breast were pressed against his chest and I could feel every ridge and hard surface of his body, I tried to focus on something else, my attraction towards him was not stopping me, the non-beating organ in his chest helped me tremendously.

โ€œLet go of me,โ€ I gritted out, digging my nails into his cold skin.

โ€œBut I donโ€™t want to, youโ€™ve intrigued me, Maddie.โ€ his voice was like velvet, captivating me once again. โ€œLike no other.โ€

He pulled back, his dark eyes flashing with mine, swimming with a hunger so deep it shook me to the core โ€” though, I couldnโ€™t stop my bodyโ€™s reaction. Liquid heat poured from between my legs as I clenched them tightly together, pushing myself father back into the tree when his eyes flash darkly, the haunting red bleeding back into his iris.

He hums deeply, eyelids lowering to a hooded gaze as he looks down at me. โ€œI see I have an effect on the human.โ€

My cheeks flare as I glare harshly up at him, โ€œNo you donโ€™t! Now get your oversized body off me before I kickโ€”โ€

My words cut off as he suddenly pushes his hips forward, the very clear and hard arousal pressing into my hips, a shuddering breath empties into the air as I look up at the tree leaves looming up over us. His chest was once more rumbling, almost purring, his hands coming down to hold my wrist to my side.

Adrianโ€™s eyes glow a deep red as he stares down at me, lips parting to reveal in his fangs that glint dangerously. Fear shoots through my veins at an alarming pace, pumping with my blood, my heartbeat heard in my ears, Iโ€™m sure facial expression expressed what I was feeling.

โ€œI claim you,โ€ he whispers seductively, leaning down until his face was a breath away from mine, โ€I claim you. Youโ€™re mine now.โ€

In a blink, his face disappeared from in front of me and buried in the hollow of my neck, those threatening fangs piercing my skin.


The slight throb in my head woke my conscious and along followed my body, my legs twitch and shift for a better position as I inhale deeply, the fresh clean smell of sheets; the soft-firm of a mattress under my form, my limbs sore and in need of a good stretching. This was one of the times that I felt well rested and regenerated, it was then that I made a move to sit up that I registered the arms caging me to a broad chest.

My muscles coil together, the arms tightening their hold on me and pulling me closeโ€” the small sparks triggered my mind, already knowing who it was behind me. Delanoโ€™s shallow breaths brush against my the litter shell of my ear and the baby hairs on my edges, sending chills down my spine, his arms move and suddenly he repositions his hands to caress my stomach.

โ€œYou are the most hard-headed woman in my years of living,โ€ he growled in my ear, the sound rumbling in his chest.

โ€œI donโ€™t get whatโ€™s so hard to believe that youโ€™re not safe by yourself or anyone,โ€ he states almost angrily, his accent thickening. โ€œIf the men at the doctorโ€™s appointment didnโ€™t give you a scare then I donโ€™t know what.โ€

His fingers run the underside of my baby bump, his rough fingers stroking the firmness beneath my skin.

โ€œNot only did you put yourself in harmโ€™s way. .โ€ he pauses, โ€œBut the lives growing inside of you.โ€

One of his hands slid out of my shirt and grasp my jaw in a firm grip and turns my head far enough so I was looking him in the eye, our faces were so close that our noses were almost touching, Delano looks deeply into my eyes, searching for somethingโ€“ those blue eyes shining brightly in the dimly lit room.

โ€œWhen will you listen?โ€

โ€œIโ€™m sorry.โ€ was all I could say, he was right, this wasnโ€™t about meโ€” never was, it was the little lives in my womb.

He keeps quiet before releasing my jaw and lays his head down back on the pillow behind me, exhaling. He trails circles with his fingers on the curve of the bump, the gesture soothing me. I turn my head back around, finally taking notice of the room, it wasnโ€™t the one I was used to opening my eyes to, the windows were much bigger, the curtains thicker and darker to keep the sun from beaming inside: the walls shadowed with the curtains color. A deep red-coated most of the furniture angles in different spots, the theme of the suite-like room reminding me of a lounge, the bed was wide and big, big enough to fit a King and his family.

โ€œWhere are we?โ€ I ask.

Delano didnโ€™t speak right away, he still held me to his chest, the rise and fall of his chest felt against my back, his hand stopped moving and just lied on my stomach.

โ€œWe are in my home.โ€ he responded, โ€œWhere itโ€™s safe and I can keep an eye on you.โ€

โ€œI thought that was back in Italy,โ€ I wonder.

He pulls back, the heat radiating from his body disappearing, leaving me cold and shivering; missing his warmth, maybe more. The bed shifts and wobbles as he gets up and walks around the large bed, his frame blending in with the darkness in the room, his aura finding its place in the cold atmosphere.

โ€œNot anymore. Here, is better, different.โ€

He moves towards the thick curtains, grasping one of the frabics in his hands, I lean on and rest my weight on my shoulders, staring at him curiously. He told his head back to stare at me with a questionable expression.

โ€œI welcome you, Kaitlyn Monroe, to my kingdom.โ€

He then yanks the curtains back and Iโ€™m blinded by lights momentarily, blinking rapidly, I squint and slowly my eyes widen at the scenery below.

โ€œOh, my god.โ€

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