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Chapter II

“How many times do I have to tell you this, there is nothing to worry about.”

I glower at from where I sit as she sighs and rolls her eyes in response, she scoots closer toward me.

“Okay, fine, yes you lost your virginity to some guy that you don’t even know, and probably won’t ever meet again in your life,” she says in a breath, “But it’s fine,” she adds. I sigh, tucking a lock of my hair behind my ear.

When I don’t say anything, Maddie leans down until she could see my face, the frown on her face only deepening. “Babes, it’s been two days since then. What’s on your mind?”

My lake of silence stretched over the minutes that ticked by, she didn’t take it too well and grabbed my jaw, forcing me to face her, “Kaitlyn. Answer me.”

I could feel the familiar burning sensation behind my eyes as I continue to stare into hers. Maddie’s gaze softens and before I know it a tear slips down the side of my face, I quickly raise a hand, wiping it away while casting my eyes down.

“It’s just that,” I swallow the lump in my throat, gritting my teeth at myself, “I was saving myself for the right one, okay?” I tell her as more tears fall, I don’t bother to wipe them away. “I didn’t know it’ll be like this, and the funny thing is, it felt so right when I was with that man.”

I sniffle, liquid running from my nose as I wipe it away with my wrist. “Now I feel stupid for even crying about it. I’m just confused.”

I feel her arms wrap around my shoulders, pulling me against her side where my head snugs into the crook of her neck. “You’re not. I’m so sorry,” is all she says as she holds me.

A few minutes later she pulls away, her hands now holding my own.

“Want to go get some ice cream?” she questions, a small smile spreading slowly across her lips.

She knew I couldn’t resist my favorite dessert, a laugh passing by my lips. “Sure.”


My toes curl the minute the cold goodness washes over my taste buds, drowning them and giving them a sight of heaven. Goosebumps spread over my bare arms, a shiver following in suit.

“The look of absolute pleasure on your face is hilarious,” Maddie beams. “So worth spending my money on you.”

I opened my eyes and stared at her, my cheeks warming up, as I give her a closed mouth smile. “Hush, you’d be doing the same if you were eating this,” I perceive to her, dragging my tongue over my ice cream.

Her face portraits one of disgust. “No thank you, Rocky Road isn’t really my flavor,” she speaks.

“Well, then you’re missing out.”

We talk, laugh and enjoy our ice cream, forgetting what happened the day before. I know deep down that doing a one-night stand with a stranger wasn’t so bad, it felt ‘right’ to me, the remembrance of the warmth that surrounded me that night locked in my brain. I still couldn’t help but think I should have been more careful or I would have ended up with the wrong one. Speaking with Maddie, I felt myself going back to where I was before the night at the club and I’m glad I had somebody like her to cheer me up when the sun began to set we decided it was finally time to go.

Cleaning our area, we moved toward the counter to pay. I turn towards the wall window and look out at the mingling colors of red, orange and yellow in the sky, swirling to create one beautiful canvas that lit my mind anew. A hand grips my shoulder, and without looking, I know it’s was none other than Maddie.

“I should have told you this earlier but there’s been a guy ogling you since we’ve arrived,” she whispers in my ear.

I strain to look but her hand tightens, stopping me. “Act natural, he’s sitting by the window, two o’clock.”

As slow and casually as I can, I turn and glance in the direction of where Maddie pointed and like she said there sat a man staring directly at me. I quickly face back around.

“Told you.”

“It’s kind of creepy,” I say her back.

“He’s kinda hot!” she whistles just as she moves forward to collect her change back from the clerk and leads me toward the exit door.

I glance back over my shoulder, out of curiosity, and take in his appearance; he had a chiseled jaw and cheekbones that gave his face structure with a five o’clock aftershave, he wore a black suit with a grey tie, muscles from his body not much hidden from my eyes as every ridge and dip is present from beneath. Those baby blue eyes continue to stare me down, glittering in the fading sun, my eye twitches at a memory that tries to push its way through my head, the color of his irises triggering something.

Shaking my head, my feet carry me out the door where Maddie follows in tow.

I flush the toilet while pulling my pants up and walking towards my sink, leaning up against it. It’s been a few weeks and still no sign of it arriving. I blow a strand of hair from my face then stand up straight, running a palm down my face. Quickly washing my hands and splashing my face with water, I walk out of the bathroom while drying my face in my towel and just in time to hear my phone ring on my nightstand.

Cause baby you’re a fireeework!
Come on show me what chu’re worth-

"Hello," I answer without looking at the caller ID.

“Good morning, babes! What you up to?” came Maddie’s voice from the other side of the phone.

“Getting ready to cook me something to eat, was there a reason for you calling?"

I stop in front of the fridge, balancing my phone on my shoulder and ear I open it, looking inside for something to fix.

"Oh, so I can’t call my best friend to check up on her to see if she’s all right since it’s her time of the month?" she says jokingly, doing something in the background.

I grimace a little, taking eggs, milk, bacon and pancake mix out from the fridge before them on the counter where I stop all movements, my hand resting on the surface.

“About that. .” I hesitated, biting my lip, suddenly nervous. “My period hasn’t come on yet."

I hear her mumble an "Oh. ." all traces of humor gone, “I don’t know what to say."

A deep sigh heaves from the depths of my chest as I press the heel of my palm to my forehead. "I don’t either, all I can think is that maybe it’s late. I have been stressing a little lately."

She clears her throat. "Yeah, you’re right, I hope so."

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