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Chapter XXIX

It was just like the fairy tale books and movies. Lights glowed so brightly you would have thought it was daytime even though the darkening skies were a clear sign it wasn’t, so many balls of lights illuminated far beyond the landscape; I couldn’t stop my jaw from dropping at the sight.

I could make out that we were someplace high up, overlooking the city, the lights were like flickering stars in the sky, all different colors and patterns flickering before my eyes.

“What is this?” I ask in a breathless voice.

Staring at me unblinking, Delano tore his eyes away from my form and stares down at the city’s below, eyes shadowed and posture tense.

“This is my Kingdom, Epyra.” his answer holding an edge.

The curtains slowly slide and drape back in black, drenching us in darkness once more, and then bright lights begin to flood and wash over every surface in the room. I scan my eyes across the walls, the bedside tables, anything; searching for where the light was coming from. There was nothing, no lamps, no candles, no fireplace, nothing to explain the lighting.

“We don’t have electricity like you humans have back on earth,” Delano speaks, answering the confusion that was surely swirling in my eyes. “Our light and energy for things in this realm is provided by the core of this world. We simply have to want to light up a room for it to work.”

His blue orbs glitter as he glides across the room back towards the bed and sits on the edge, facing me with unreadable eyes besides the calmness he always carried. I blink, processing his words.

“Realm? What are you talking about? Where are we?” my wide eyes stare into his calm ones that didn’t provide me any reassurance from my rising anxiety.

“Kaitlyn, we aren’t on earth anymore, nowhere near it. Like I’ve said, we’re in my Kingdom located in the center of Buio Dimension.”

The silence between us stretches and my mind is blank and thoughts scattered, I don’t know what I expected— Vampires were real, of course, something crazier was going to happen or to be said.

“What the fück?” I whisper in the air, the only thing I could muster up.

A look of surprise flashes across Delano’s face as he leans in a bit, accessing my facial expression. “I excepted you to be screaming, maybe even try to run.”

Suddenly his eyes take on a dark glint, “Though I would have already caught you, by then.” he adds.

I shiver at the tone of his voice, crossing my legs underneath the thick duvet. Clearing my throat, I look him dead on in his eyes.

“Are you going to tell me about you and. . .what you are?” my voice grows quiet, his intense gaze messing with my thoughts.

“I suppose.”

I watch as he unbuttons his suit jacket and shrugs it off, the fabric rustling dryly together as he tosses the item across the room, landing precisely on one of the sofas off to the side. I nearly choke on my saliva at the image before me, his dark tinted undershirt clung to his torso, giving nothing off to the imagination, the sleeves fitted his muscles arms and the broadness of his shoulders.

Turning back towards me, he scoots from the edge of the bed to sitting a few feet from me, the air between us is charged; electricity currents passing back and forth like a river flow.

I swallow thickly, “S-so what are you?” I ask.

His eyes narrow a bit, seeming not affected by the small space. “You beings call us Vampires, creatures of the night while collecting and writing false tales and stories about us for centuries but in reality, we’re not— I’m not, I’m what you call a Pureblood,” he explains.

My brows crease together, “What’s the difference?”

“I was born from both Pureblood parents, from bloodlines past down, we’re essentially different from the ones you’ve read about and watched on television. We still have beating hearts but they beat much slower than a humans, we can still sleep, but we also still require blood to function and have the energy to do things. Our skins don’t take on a paler tone like you would expect, so it’s not hard to blend in with humans.”

“There are more of you?”

“A few. Scattered here and there but all from the same family tree, first cousins, second cousins.” he wonders off.

My head bobs up and down before a flickering of a memory flashes and sounds in my ears, “The man at the doctor’s office. .” I hesitate when his eyes darken to a dark blue. “He called you a prince, does that mean you’re—”

“Yes. I am Royalty.”

‘Damn. Got knocked by not only a vampire but a vampire prince.’ I think to myself. ‘Plus ten points.’

“Oh, wow,” I say aloud. “What about Adrian and the others, are they Purebloods too?”

He shakes his head, “The only other Pureblood is Kyri since she’s my sister. Adrian, Abel, and Eileesha were turned, they’re the traditional vampires, they don’t have beating hearts, they crave blood and so forth.”

“I see.” I hum, taking everything surprisingly well.

My hand finds the bump of my stomach and his gaze follows the action, my curiosity brewing deeper.

“Will my babies come out as Vampires?”

He frowns, lips tilted upwards. “I don’t know. This is the first incident of a vampire and human conceiving a child or twins,” he answers, sounding conflicted.

“Oh, okay.”

There’s a soft air of silence, not awkward, or disturbing, it was just there, my brain starts to process what has been said and what more things that still need to be addressed. Suddenly I felt something missing, someone wasn’t here.

I gasp loudly, lifting my eyes to collide with Delano— as he was already staring— my eyes wide.

“Where’s Maddie?”

The memory of her screams in the car before she was carried away, still rings and riot me, disappointed that I didn’t notice her absence before.

Delano’s eyes were blank despite them glimmering and swaying with an unseen emotion. “She’s with Adrian.”

“Are you crazy!?” I gape at him before throwing the sheets and shuffling to hop out of the bed. “He’s going to kill.”

“No, he’s not.”

His hand shoots out to stop me in my descend out the bed, the cool air brushes along my exposed legs and I snap my attention to Delano, the heat of his hand was like an instant zap of electricity to my heart, causing it to beat faster, warmth seeped into my pores and spreads into my system.

He stares me dead in the eye, unblinking, though I felt like I was the only one affected, my breathing grew heavier and my face began to flush, he finally blinked and I looked away; breaking the battle.

“He won’t hurt her, I promise. She’s safe, plus you don’t know your way around this place so don’t go doing anything rash.”

I nod mutely, figuring he was right, the desire to find Maddie simmered down with logic and his words alone. There was a sudden knock at the door that causes me to yell and whip around to stare at the dark wood, Delano did the same.

“That must be breakfast.” he mummers, twisting back to face me. “Are you hungry?”

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