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Chapter XXX

A burp airs from my lips and I wave my hand in front of my face, chuckling to myself as I pat my belly. The food had been what was normally made for me at the manor, I was surprised they even had human food here. I turn my head to gaze out the window through the open drapes, the sky was still dark and the stars were clear to see, they wink and glistening in their spots in the sky, shining brightly; Iโ€™ve been in the same room for a couple of hours and I couldnโ€™t tell what time it was.

My legs were becoming numb from just sitting and my growing worry for Maddie and her whereabouts werenโ€™t helping either, I slip from beneath the covers and my feet connect with the carpet that feels like feathers between my toes.

I limp with the help of the bed as the blood in my veins rush down my legs, leaving a tingling sensation- like pins and needles- I push away from the bed advancing towards the door, hesitantly opening it a crack. There was a slight breeze in the spacious hallway, the atmosphere the same as the room, it was dark and lit up by unseen lights, a mummer of noise echoes in the air drawing my curiosity down the hall.

I open the door wider, taking in the dark brown coated walls with fancy embroidery on the panels, the floor was lined with square wood that was angled a certain way with a deep red slender rug that stretched the length of the hall and centred in the middle. The darkness that illuminated from outside made the hall feel intimidating as I stepped out of the room, the air was chilly causing goosebumps to rise on my arms. I rubbed my hand up and down my arm, huddling it close to my chest while I made my way down the hall, following the voices.

"Hai un po โ€™di coraggio per tornare qui!" a womanโ€™s voice snaps through the air, sharp and stern.

The voice tickles my ears as I approach the open double doors, the path leads down grand stone stairs where the reed rug continued on until the last step and a grand hall was gifted to my eyes. It looked like a ballroom meant for those of importance, hundreds of people could fit in here, it could have been a place for a family to dine and host parties for one another yet. . . it was empty and cold beside the two thrones on a platform across the room.

My eyes immediately pinpointed Delanoโ€™s form, my body reacting just at the sight of him, he stood in front of a woman and a man, both wearing displeased expression on their beautifully craved faces. They both were dressed in elegant attire, meant for a King and Queen, crowns topping off their outfits.

I took in the features of the man, he looks more and more like Delano despite his red hair, the woman was a different story, her hair was the same shade as Delanoโ€™s with the same potent blue eyes that he himself always possessed and the more I gazed at her, the more I could see Kyri in her features.

"Non avevo altra scelta." was Delanoโ€™s plain answer, standing with his hands clasped behind his back.

The woman narrows her eyes, โ€Questo non giustifica le tue azioni. Hai deciso di andartene, quindi stai lontano." whatever she said must have been harsh from the tone of her voice.

A flicker of moment off to the side of my peripheral view causes me to turn my head, coming face to face with dark red eyes that bored into mine. I couldnโ€™t stop the scream that slips out as I jerk away from the figure, almost tumbling down the steps.

My heart beats erratically in my chest, taking in the woman before me, mid-night black hair framed her face in a bob-cut that reached just below her ears and the sharpest hazel eyes that left me breathless, her pale skin complexion making her eyes pop- Iโ€™ve come to the conclusion that all Vampires had intense eyes that would leave you panting in your spot or frozen.

The woman tilts her head, reminding me of a curious puppy. โ€Un umano?โ€ voice like silk, taking a step forward, โ€Cosa fa un umano qui?"

I take a couple steps back, my eyes flickering over to Delano that was already looking my way, a look a shock on his face, the first clear emotion Iโ€™ve seen. The woman and man look on with the same expression before the manโ€™s face darkens, it happened so fast, my eyes couldnโ€™t catch the sudden movements as he and Delano disappeared from my view and then reappeared on the far end of the room, Delano slammed against the wall by his throat.

"Qualโ€™รจ il significato di questo?! Perchรฉ cโ€™รจ un umano nel mio castello?" the king roars, fangs extended and eyes glowing red.

The volume of it causing my legs to quiver and threaten to buckle under me. I watch Delanoโ€™s bleed red, opening his mouth and showing his fangs to the man, knocking the hand that was holding him hostage against the wall- the action sounding like two stones colliding with one another.

He pushes the man away roughly by his shoulders. โ€Questo รจ quello che stavo per arrivare!" he hisses furiously, casting a look my way.

โ€œShe is pregnant with my children and needs protection,โ€ he says, finally in English, and in a blur is by my side.

"Oh?" the Queen perks in her seat, interest now filling her eyes.

My heart jumps as I stare wide-eyed at Delanoโ€™s red eyes, my own following his form while he places himself behind me in the direct sight of those judging eyes of the King and Queen. His arms come around me and bring me closer to his chest his body heat felt against my back, his hands drift down and cup my stomach, outlining the bulge with his large palms so it can be clearly seen.


Everyone was staring intently at my stomach and my hands come up to grip Delanoโ€™s wrist out of nerves.

โ€œDelano. .โ€ I whisper, fingers curling into his skin.

โ€œShh, itโ€™s all right.โ€

I bit my lip, noticing that everyone in the room flickered their gaze away from my abdomen and to my face where they all held different emotions. Even the woman that still stood beside us, though her expression seemed to have darkened and she was staring at me with heated eyes.

โ€œYou. . . and her?โ€ the man questions, his stance not threatening anyone and eyes returning to their original colour.

โ€œYes. Thatโ€™s why I need your help. For her.โ€



Hai un po โ€™di coraggio per tornare qui -- You have a bit of courage to come back here

Non avevo altra scelta -- I had no other choice

Questo non giustifica le tue azioni. Hai deciso di andartene, quindi stai lontano -- This does not justify your actions. Youโ€™ve decided to leave, so stay away

Un umano? Cosa fa un umano qui? -- a human? what is a human doing here?

Qualโ€™รจ il significato di questo?! Perchรฉ cโ€™รจ un umano nel mio castello -- What is the meaning of this ?! why is there is a human in my castle

Questo รจ quello che stavo per arrivare! -- That is what I was getting to!

Ascolta -- listen

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