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Chapter XXXI

β€œWhat’s so special about her?” had asked his father just a few minutes ago.

He spoke in English knowing full well that I understood. And I tried not to dwell on the look Delano’s mother, Elizabeth, was giving the both of us. It was sort of a knowing look lit with a tinge of relief. The halls were still and quiet, the night still proudly present as Delano and I ventured along the red carpet.

I walked slightly behind him, watching as the muscles in his back tense and release with each stride he takes back to the room I woke up, I can’t help the hot feeling that consumes my senses just at the thought of exactly how I’ve gotten pregnant. Whenever I try to think back to the night before I woke up, it’s all blank, but the sensations will never be forgotten and be engraved into my body and mind.

I take note of my deep breathing and clear my throat, Delano glanced over his shoulder at the sound the question clear in his eyes.

β€œI’m fine,” I mumble, placing my hand over my erratically beating organ as we near the door.

He steps to the side of the door, letting me walk in first, everything was still the same as I left it, the door shuts with a soft click indicating Delano was now in the room. The air between us charged with electricity, chilling my bones and raising the hairs on my arms, I curl my arms around myself, stopping in the middle of the room; the silence defying.

β€œSo, why did you pick me?” I ask, digging my fingers into the skin of my arm, preparing myself for his answer.

I watch from the corner of my eye Delano slowly turn to face me, once again, his expression neutral.


I rock back and forth on my heels, my hand reaching into my hair as I scratch my scalp out of nerves.

β€œI mean, the night at the club, there were more girls than just me that could have,” I clear my throat, casting a short look down at my bare feet. β€œHooked up with you, and probably would be carrying your. . .”

My words die out when I see Delano walking towards me with long, fast, strides that immediately make me backpedal and him to continue his advancement, this dance continues until the back of my knees collide with the bed’s edge.

A small squeal pops from my mouth as I topple backward, the mattress outlining my body and he was on top of me in an instant, Delano hovers above me with his arms caging me to the bed, one knee on the side of my hips while the other was planted on the floor.

My breath flows from my lungs in shuddering waves from his intense look, I press myself deeper into the bed trying to gain more space between our bodies but his scent was overwhelming me and my senses. It was the smell of pure male, sweet yet something spicy as it filled my lungs and made my mouth water, he looked deeply into my eyes the blue in his dimming down to a darker shade as the seconds ticked by.

I was lost in my own personal night sky, my gaze flickered around his face, taking in the couple day old stubble that graced his jaw and under his nose, the natural curls atop his head falling forward from the angle. I laid beneath him, frozen, my hands and arms laying by my head; I reached up hesitantly and brushed the pad of my fingertips along his jaw and watched as the muscles tighten but he didn’t pull away.

My emotions became more confident as I cupped his cheek and run my thumb on the ridge of his bone. My hands were tingling at the contact to his skin, sending them down my veins and through the rest of my body.

β€œWhy?” I whispered, my tone holding genuine confusion, my thumb stroking his face. β€œWhy me?”

His eyes drift open, the first time seeing a soft expression on his face besides the cold exterior he puts on, his eyes shift around my face looking for somethingβ€” for once his face opens like a book.

His mouth opens for a moment then closes, a heavy sigh releasing from his body, he stares down at me for a bit longer before dipping his body down and slanting his lips over mine.

The shockwave that courses through me was like getting struck by lightning, the fuzzy sensation drowns my senses and consumes my thoughts leaving me nothing to do but feel. And that’s what I did, I felt Delano’s lips move against mine in a soft caress, firm but gentle; heating my core from the very depths. I felt his hand trail up the side of my body and slip under the loose shirt and grabbing onto my waist speaking those same sparks whenever we touched, and I let myself become lost at what he gave.

I kissed him back with the same gentleness he did to me, my hand moving from his cheek to the nape of his neck. It was hard to believe that I was developing a crush on not only my kidnapper but the father to the little ones in my womb. I think this is what people called, Stockholm Syndrome, if I could laugh I would have.

The kiss progressed deeper and meaningful as I inhale deeply, nothing but his scent drifting into my nostrils. The heat between was like a burning furnace with raging flames inside, our movements were frantic wanting to feel every each of one another, though he never answered my question, I could read what he wanted to say just by his actions.

Delano pulled away for a moment breathe, enough for me to take a deep breathe and open my eyes to see the deep hungry in his as red began to bleed into blue, he dove down once more, his chest brushing against my breast and connected our lips again.

My hands gripped his hair and pulled his as close as I could, loving the way his hard body felt against mine while bringing a sense of familiarity to the frontier.

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