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Chapter XXXII

Once again, I fell into the same routine I had been in at the manor, eat, sleep, stare at the wall, wonder where Delano is and repeat. And all during the time, the sky was still pitch black, the events from before of Delano and I still reeled in my mind, playing on a conscious loop; I can still feel his lips upon mine and the light gentles touches he graced along my skin.

Thinking about it makes my cheeks flare with heat and my heart to quicken its pace, after our shared moment, Delano wrapped himself around my body, his hands finding the bulge of my belly as I fell asleep to his warmth surrounding me. And then I woke up to an empty bed.

The door to the room opens abruptly, drifting my attention away from my thoughts, I gaze up to see Abel walking in with a smile on his lips.

“Little human!” he greets, still grinning as he walk in, bringing an lighter atmosphere.

“Abel. .?” I question, my eyes following his form as he walked towards the bed. “What are you doing here?”

His grins widens, settling down in the spot next to me. “I came to see my favorite person, and these little people.” he coos, poking my stomach.

A small squawk escapes my mouth at his gesture, his finger hitting a ticklish spot, I twist away from him not stopping the smile that spread across my face.

“Don’t do that! I’m ticklish there.” I laugh, scanning his features as they brighten more.

I suddenly freeze, “Wait? How did you know I was pregnant with twins? I didn’t tell anyone that I was.”

Smugness retracts off Abel in waves as he taps his ears, “Vampire hearing. I can hear two different heartbeats coming from your womb.”

My mouth forms in a ‘O’ before I quickly close my mouth.

“So what was your real reason for coming here?”

His snort of laughter filled the room, “Saw right through me. How?”

I shrug. “It isn’t hard when it comes to you, you’re emotions are clear as water.”

A flicker of an emotion passes across, dark and brooding before it disappears. His smile is a little strained as he rises to his feet.

“Well since you’ve figured out my true intentions, I’m taking you out.”

“Out?” I inquire incredulously.

“Out of this room, you’ve been in here for three days. Let’s go.” he grabbed my wrist and began to pull me out of the bed.

“But,” I started to protest but was hushed as he placed his finger on my lips, the coolness from his skin stopping any words from slipping free.

“Don’t argue, I know you hate being coped up in here, there are a lot of things I want to show you.” he adds, lips tilting upward genuinely, the tips of his fangs showing.

I stare at them for a second before moving my gaze to his eyes and releasing a sigh. “Fine. I just need something to wear.”

“Just look over in that closet and you’ll find something.” Abel points to a set of double doors on the side of the room.

I make my way over and slide the doors open only to come face to face with a walk in closet of women clothes, I stop my mouth from dropping open and grabbed the closest thing that looked appealing and steppes into the closet so I could change.

Pulling my shirt over my head, I caught a whiff of a small amount of musk coming from my underarms. Scrunching my nose I pulled the rest of my clothes off and slipped into the clothes I picked out, it was a tight fitted white shirt and a black skirt; I slipped out the closet and headed towards Abel who was waiting by the door.

“Abel, be honest with me, do I need a shower. I don’t feel right going out like smelling like a dead animal.”

He frowns and leans in inhaling deeply, nose flaring before he sneezed and pulled back. He waved a hand in front of his face.

“You need one but you’ll be fine, it’s not that bad, come on.”

“Abel, what the hell?!”

He ignores me- the ever growing smile on his face telling a different story- and pulls me through the threshold and out into the hall.

The halls were quiet minus the thumping of Abel’s shoes and the soft pats my bare feet made against the long strip of rug.

“Where are we going?” I ask, looking around at the decorations and styles.

Everything was old fashioned and seemed to made from the eighteen-hundreds, polished and cleaned, the whole castle gave the feel as if you’re really in the presence of royalty; the type of castles that are seen in movies and give you the illusion that everything is bright and happy.

Behind the veil this castle was dead, hallow and dark, there was nothing happy or light about it, everything seemed unused and untouched and the atmosphere brighter had the warmth a home is supposed to feel; but I knew that feeling all to well. My gaze travels farther from outside the castle grounds and find the same lights blinking in the distance I seen when I first woke up here.

“A little fresh air,” Abel answers my earlier question, side-glancing at me.

“I thought we were going somewhere.”

“We are.” we reach a glass door that leads outside, small little balls of light hovering above a path and lighting it up. “We’re going to the garden.”

We stepped out into the night, and the scenery before me blew my breath away, in comparison to the darkness that overshadowed the outer grounds. Despite the dead feeling inside, the garden gives off such vibrant feelings as if someone poured their heart into what they were doing.

Different structures splayed across the area, the garden was set up in a circle, the outer flowers holding darker colors that lighten up the more the circle grew smaller; the walk path was cobblestone with mulch marking the outside of the path. There was an arch that lead to a small sitting air with a bench swing and a fountain, I have never seen something so beautiful in my life.

I heard Abel’s chuckle from beside me as he pulled me along since I stood rooted in my spot and couldn’t move, my eyes wouldn’t stay on something for too long before I moved them I looked at something else.

“Wha. . who- this is. . .” I stopped trying after the third attempt, my fingers glided over flower petals that reached up my waist.

“Lost for words, huh?” Abel cracks up, “I was the same way, still am, I know you aren’t the only who’s felt atmosphere of this place.”

I tear my eyes away from the sight and glance at him, he didn’t look at me and kept his gaze ahead.

“This garden was created for the Queen back in the sixteen-hundreds, she had a thing for flowers, so the king had this made for her.”

I blanched not only at the fact that Delano’s father would do something so sweet but how long ago they were alive and still looked. . . young.

“Shït.” I hiss, scratching the back of my head.

‘Those are Vampires for you.’

I felt a hand close around my shoulder and I flickered my gaze once again towards Abel who wore his contagious smile.

“Still don’t think Delano is too old for you since you and him did the dirty.” he wiggled his brows.

“Stop it!” I shrug off his hand, a surprised laugh escaping me as i walked forward.

But that didn’t last long as my mind filtered to Maddie, I whipped around to face Abel, the smile on my face long gone.

“You seem to be the only one that I can turn to,” I started off, “I need to know where Maddie is.”

At the sound of her name, his smile faltered.

“I know Adrian has her, I haven’t seen her since-” I take a deep breath, “Since both him and Delano taken us from the car. I need to know that she’s safe.”

And that she hasn’t left me alone. Our conversation in the car keeps playing in my head the longer her absence is kept away, my half-assed apology felt like kiddy shït to me, and I want to do it properly. Without her, I would be where I was before everything went down, she was my rock and I planned to keep it that way.

It was Abel’s turn to sigh, he removes his beanie and ruffles his hair before placing it back on.

“She’s safe and to ease your mind, will be coming back sooner than you think.” he finally answers, “As to what Adrian did to her, you’ll have to ask her what she is back. But know she is safe.”

“My brother won’t do anything to harm her, neither will I, I know that for a fact now.”

Abel took me back inside after spending half an hour in the garden, the slight breeze felt great against my skin but it wouldn’t blow away the thoughts that clouded my brain. Abel left me alone when I was down the hall from the room, there was no one else roaming the halls so I was safe, so lost in my thoughts I didn’t notice the presence behijd me until I felt a wisp of wind blow my hair away from my face.

I look up and nearly fall in fright when I see the girl from the ballroom standing at the door to the room, her posture held confidence and not a care in the world.

“Oh, uh, hi there.” I stammer nervously.

Her dark red eyes flicker around my face before meeting my gaze head-on.

“Hello,” her voice thick with an Italian accent. “I came here looking for Delano.”

An emotion so strong came barreling towards my heart like bull drawn to a red cloth, the cloth being my heart, my finger twitched to ball my hands into a fist and I was for sure the woman heard the pace in quickening in my pulse. Her face didn’t give away anything.

“He’s not, uh, here.” I clear my throat, inching to the door. “Hasn’t been since last night.” I mutter, looking off to the side.

“Well that’s too bad,” she comments and silence followed her words.

She continued to stare at me un-bashfully her eyes sizing me up, as if searching for something to like, her eyes lingered on my stomach and my arms instinctively wrap around myself.

“Well, if that’s all,” I place my hand on the door and push it inward. “I’ll be on my way.”

“Oh, before you go, can you give this back to Delano,” I turn around and see her hold a white dress shirt that looked a lot like Delano’s.

Absentmindedly I reached for it and took it out of her hands.

“He left that in my room.”

I jerked in place, my wide eyes met her overly satisfied ones and with the biggest fake smile I have seen, she turned away and walked down the hall. Once she was gone I gazed down at the material in my hand, as I did, I didn’t understand why my heart was hurting more than it should have.

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