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Chapter XXXV


I walked around this castle as if I’ve been here all my life and I knew where every room was, unaware of the danger that lurks inside it: thing is, I wasn’t afraid or terrified of the things that lurked in these shadows, they can’t compare to what I felt the might me and tried to get away.

Just the thought of it causes heat to rush through me and right behind it was anger, the sanity I had that night was taken from me in the ink of an eye. My skin begins to prickle with awareness at his presence, I pick up the pace of my walking in search of the kitchen for food to bring back to Kaitlyn.

“No matter how fast you walk, I’ll always catch you.”

I tense at the sound of his voice, yet I can’t stop my body’s reaction to him, it flares with heat and desire and the need to feel his touch but I ignore it all as I turn a corner that leads down another hall. I release a frustrated breath, this being the fourth time I turned down the wrong hall that didn’t lead to the destination I was looking for.

‘Big ass Mansion.’

I feel his presence behind me. “You turned down the wrong hall, a couple ways back.”

Huffing out a deep breath, I whip around and face Adrian with a blank look while crossing my arms. “Why didn’t you say anything aside from just following me?”

He shrugged, an arrogant smile plastered on his lips. “I didn’t want to.”

“Well can you show me the damn way to the kitchen?” I hiss, digging my nails into my arm.

“Magic word?”

I wanted to so badly smack the smirk on his face that only seemed to grow wider at the expression on my face, but the other part of me analyzed how plump his lips were and what they would feel like pressed against mine.

“Fúck. You.” I say through clenched teeth.

Adrian’s laugh was deep and carefree, vibrating through me as it shot into the air.

“Not exactly the answer I was looking for,” he paused, his eyes sliding over my form before stopping on a spot on my neck. “But again, all you have to do is ask.”

My body flares up with the unmistakable notion of sweet desire at his words, my legs began to quake at the dark potent look in his eyes as they slowly began to bleed into red; his nose flared with the deep breath he took. With a shuddering exhale, I turned away from those intoxicating eyes and take calming breaths.

“Can you just show me the way.”

A moment of silence before he spoke up again. “Fine.” and the sound of his feet turning away and walking away from me causes me to look in time to see his back facing towards me.

Silently, I followed him, savouring the quiet air between us that I knew wouldn’t last long. We headed back the way we came yet took different routes and halls that eventually lead us to a pristinely clean— untouchable— kitchen. I didn’t waste time gazing at the décor since I’ve already wasted enough trying to find the place.

“So, since you’re going to be staying with us for awhile.” Adrian finally spoke up, “Tell me something about yourself, something I don’t already know.”

I can feel his gaze on the back of my neck, my muscles tensing at his words as I still worked around the kitchen to make lunch. I opened the fridge and waa shocked to see that they actually had human food.

“Well. . .”

“Well!” I repeat, slamming the things in my arms on the counter out of irritation. “I hate vampires.”

I rip open the whole-wheat pita pockets and lay two out on a cutting board where I then open a jar of tomato sauce and pour some on top and spread it across the thin bread.

“I hate the way they walk, the way they talk, their arrogance and cockiness thinking that they run everything and can tell others what to do.” I hiss out through gritted out, finishing both the Pita Pizzas for Kaitlyn and swivel around and place them in the oven.

Looking around, I see a white timer to the far right and reach for it before setting it for ten minutes. Just as I place the timer down and turn around, I come face to face with Adrian as he towers over me, looking down at me with dark eyes that swirled with desire..

“And is there a particular vampire you do not like?” he whispers, staring down at me with hooded eyes.

I swallow thickly, the proximity between us effecting my mind and body, the flames returned with vengeance and the urge to touch was scrounger than before, my fingers twitched and trembled at the temptation to reach out and run my fingers down his cheek and across his full lips.

“I’m staring right at him.” I whispered back, stepping to the side to get away from this feeling and the closeness.

He follows me, stepping when I stepped back until I was pressed against the market counter edge. He places his arms on either side of me, caging me to the counter, and continues to look down at me, his gaze looking over my face.

“That’s a shame, because it seems to me that no matter what you’re feeling, you’re stuck with me.”

Adrian speaks with an alluring seductive tone, lifting fingers to caress the marks on my neck and a violent shiver zips down my spine and I notice how close his face was getting to mine, I could feel his cool breath on my lips— my tongue coming to lick from top to bottom. I catch his eyes following the movements and his irises darkening in color and before he could make any moves the timer rung; the shrill sound breaking whatevee was between us.


My throats burns with the lingering taste of vomit as I rest on my knees, the tile floor cool against my heated skin, hands rubbed up and down on my back, massaging away the ache in my back and neck. It brought my thoughts out of the gutter and to the living.

“You okay?” Abel asks, continuing to rub my back.

I nod, pulling my forehead from the floor and then sit up fully, Abel follows me, still moving his hands as he gazed down at me with concerned eyes. I nod once more to reassure him before shakily climbing to my feet and flash the toilet before moving towards the sink where I begin to splash water on my face and rising my mouth out.

“Don’t worry.” I tell him, “This is normal and will go away the farther I go in this pregnancy.”

I lean up and look through the mirror at Abel who watches me with a frown, “You sure?” he looks me up and down, “You weren’t throwing anything up and you look skinnier than before.”

I love my gaze away from him to look at myself, my cheekbones were starting to show a little and my collarbone popping out more, I haven’t been able to eat anything because I would always throw it up certain things, it wasn’t severe but it’s wasn’t good either.

“I’m fine,” I say and move from the bathroom and make my way back into the bedroom and towards the bed the same moment the door to the room opened.

I looked up to see Maddie and Adrian walk in. The door closed behind them and Maddie made a beeline towards me with a plate of steaming food in her hands. She pulls me to the bed and makes me sit down before placing the food in front of me and settling herself down as well.

“Come on, Abel, I think the girls want some alone time.” Adrian speaks from the door, gesturing for Abel to come.

He hesitates still looking at me with worry before nodding and making his way past Adrian, opening the door and slipping out, Adrian was slow to follow his gaze on the back of Maddie’s head as if waiting for her to turn around. She didn’t.

He left with the slam of the door and I see Maddie’s shoulders sag at his exit. My stomach grumbles at the smell of the food beneath my nose and I pick up a slice of crusted pizza and sink my teeth into the crunchy crust as well ass a baked tomato.

“So what’s going on between you and Adrian?”


I lift a brow, licking sauce from around my mouth. “You positive? Because the way he was looking at you was like he wanted to eat the—”

I’m smacked in the face with a pillow before I could finish my sentence, I choke on my laughter, smiling at her flushed cheeks. She hugs the pillow she used on me to her chest and sighs.

“Its not that, it’s just. .” she shuts her eyes tightly. “When he took me from the car, he did something to me.”

My muscles immediately lock and tense, her words causing me to freeze. When she sees me frowning and looking at her intensely she lifts her hand and pulls the collar of her shirt down and there I see two holes with smaller ones parallel to the top two.

“He claimed me as he puts it, and it did something to me, no matter how hard I try to fight it, my body craves his touch.”

Her fingers graze the marking and she shudders in place. “I want him to touch me and if let him, I just might end up like you.”

“No offense.”

“None taken.”

She sighs once more, her eyes more conflicted than ever. They swirl with trouble and yearn for peace and quiet, her soul and mind speaking right through her eyes.

“I don’t know how long I can resist, those days I was gone, I was running from him and every time I found myself coming right back.”

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