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Chapter XXXVI

Five Months Later...

Something was wrong.

A short cry left my lips as I tighten my arms around myself, curling into a tighter ball as far as my belly would let me. It felt like a knife was stabbing my abdomen and twisting the knife as deep as it could go, my fingers curled and dug into the fabric of my pillow’s covering.

These past few months have been. . . tough. As each month passed, the worse I got, I heard that pregnancy was supposed to be a beautiful thing despite all the struggles that women go through, yet I almost forgot I was knocked up by a vampire prince. I was sure these babies were taking after the genre of their father, they grew abnormally faster and becoming stronger by the day and sucking the energy out of me.

Each kick they gave me, left bruises and sores on my stomach and when they moved about inside me, they were kicking other organs within me causing all kinds of pain, I couldn’t get mad; they were babies, they didn’t know they were doing. After the incident at the doctor’s office, Delano had a female— vampire— doctor check me and make sure the twins were okay, she reassures they were strong healthy and growing beautifully but me. . not so much.

I hiss, pressing my hand under my ribs when one twin directly soccer kicks my spleen, I rub the spot, hoping the pain would go away. Opening my eyes, I roll my shirt up over my stomach that was littered with bruises and gaze down while poking the already bruising. From an outside view, it looks like I’m a victim of domestic violence.

“Kaityln. . .” someone calls from the other side of the door, turning my attention away from my body.

I look over the mound of covers and see the door knob twisting open, that has me quickly shifting my shirt back down and throwing the covers back over my body in time that Maddie steps through the threshold.

She carried a tray of food in her arms, the smell immediately drifting into the air and to my nose, causing my stomach to rumble and not in the good kind. As quickly as my pregnant self could, I slip out of the bed and waddle my way towards the bathroom in time for me to fall to the toilet and vomit nothing but acid, it passes out my throat with a burning sensation.

I cough, my breath disgusting as I lean back and climb to my feet with the help of hands under my arms, I’mead to the sink where I hunch over and catch my breath.

“This is getting ridiculous,” Maddie says, moving around me and flushing the toilet. “There is something wrong with you, you shouldn’t be this way.”

I shake my head, moving my hand under the faucet and water immediately shoots out pooling in my makeshift hand cup, I rinse my mouth out and quickly brush my teeth. Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I stare at the girl in the mirror that stares back at me.

Her cheeks were hollowed, the bones protruding from beneath, she looked frail, pale and so close to death, her arms were skinny and looked as if they could barely hold her up; her once bright brown eyes were a dull muddy color. I could see the outline of my spine was visible in my hunched over position.

I stand up straighter, folding my hands under my stomach and gaze drops to the outlining of it in my shirt. I look ready to give birth any minute, but I’m far from it, I was six months portraying eight months. I catch Maddie’s eyes through the mirror, expression sadden as she looks at me.

“I’m fine.”

“Kaitlyn you don’t have to li—”

“I’m fine, okay?” I force, waddling out of the bathroom, my lower back aching.

“Okay,” she sighs, “Fine. What do you want to do today?”

I shrug, sitting down on the edge of the bed, giving my back slight relief as I patted my stomach.

“Go to the garden, maybe?”

She shakes her head, her curls bouncing at the motion. “I don’t know why I even asked.” she chuckles, moving to retrieve my shoes.

I crack a smile, watching as she kneeled in front of me and slipped on my shoes since I couldn’t reach my feet. Once she was done, she stands back up and grabs my hands and gentles pulls me to my feet, her hand rubbing my back.


I nod.

“So, how are you and Adrian?”

Maddie’s scoff immediately fills the empty hall I’ve taken so many times.

“Don’t say his name out loud, you might summon him.” she grumbles, scratching behind her head.

I snicker, seeing the exit that lead outside, the night was cool and a soft breeze was in the air when we stepped out. I’ve came to learn why it was always dark in this dimension— still never accepting I was some place else, besides earth— is because the creatures that live here take comfort in the dark that’s within their nature. Creatures of the night immediately came into my head then.

I was instantly sucked into the bubble of beauty and warmth at the sight before me, no matter how many times I came and visited the garden it always took my breath away.

We moved and took a seat on a stone beach that sat in front of a patch of flowers, with a comfortable silence between us, we stayed that way for minutes upon minutes. It wasn’t until we almost marked the one hour of sitting quietly that shivers ran down my spine at the feeling of being watched.

I turned around and through the glass window of the, Victoria, looked down from the second floor I was never allowed on. The look in her eyes was dark and cruel and ever since she came by the room, I’ve been getting a bad vibe from her, Maddie turns around and follows my gaze.

She instantly scowls. “This bïtch. .”

We stare at each other for I don’t know how long until a small smirk sports her face and she backs away from the window. I blow a breath, shaking out the goosebumps that rode my body’s and turned back around.

“I don’t like her.” Maddie comments, getting up.

“I know. You’ve said so on many occasions.”

Shaking her head, she reaches for my hand. “But I mean it this time, I really don’t like her.

Helping me to my feet she keeps her hold on my hand as I wobble a little, feeling lightheaded.

“I think we should head back inside, you still haven’t ate anything.”

I sigh, dreading the act to even try and hold something in my stomach.

We begin to walk towards the entrance, and each step was a struggle, the slight lightheadedness I felt comes back at full force bringing along a headache. I slow in pace, my thumb rubbing at my temple.

“Kaitlyn? You okay?”

I shake my head, blocking out her voice that seemed to make the headache worse. Black dots begin to crawl from the edges of my eyes, the world swaying, I feel Maddie’s hand tighten on mine as I stumble


With a tilt, I fall backwards, the darkness already have dealer the rest of the way and blocking my vision as I black out.

My conscious swims in and out of reality, flickers of images and the sway of movements around me sense. I feel the presence of many around me as I lay still, jumbles of words are passed above before I can really understand, staying in the realm of reality I take in the familiar voices, one more worried than the others, one bored, one agitated, and one professional.

My eyes blink at the brightness that greets me, I’m barely here when everyone noticed that I’m awakening, someone moves on the bed and clasps my hand and gentle squeezes as groan, the headache never left the confinements of my skull.

“Kaitlyn, can you hear me?”

I hum, licking my cracked lips and squinting at the ceiling. “Present.”

“What’s wrong with her?” Delano asks, instantly recognizing his voice as it rumbles through me.

“She isn’t getting the nutrients that she needs to be getting.”

“What do you mean?”

“She hasn’t been able to stomach her food for months and rarely eats,” Maddie informs whoever is in charge. “I tried to get her to eat this morning but the smell of the food made her vomit immediately.”

I hear a click of a tongue, and through the small slit of my eyes, I see Delano lean over me; his blue eyes catching my attention. He reaches out and takes hold of my wrist, feeling around before moving to my neck. I watch as he really looks at me, realizing that I’m not the same girl I was six months ago and something was truly wrong.

“Well what do we do?” I hear Abel from somewhere.

I turn my head, searching for him and see him at the foot of the bed, along with Kyri and Eileesha off to the side.

“It’s obvious she’s hungry,” Eileesha speaks, dully.

“For what if she can’t stomach any real food?” Maddie questions, looking down at me.


I’m wide awake now.

“Excuse me?” I say this time, my throat dry hoarse.

Adrian steps into view, shrugging his shoulders as he looks me up and down and ears his gaze on my bulging stomach clearly seen through the sheets.

“It’s obvious, if she got impregnated by a vampire and the kids are bound to have the same genes as one, what will they be craving?”

‘Oh, hell.’

“Well look who’s being smart,” Abel laughs, “Is it for show for someone, hm?”

His eyes cast a glance at Maddie with a spark of amusment to which Adrian growls at him for.

“He’s right,” the female doctors says. I finally notice her presence.

“Her pulse is weak as it is, this might help both with the mother and children.”

Delano starts to roll the sleeves of his shirt over his elbows, not saying a word and going along with the idea.

“Wait, wait! You want me to do what, now?”

The doctor raises her hands to calm me, “I think it’s subtle for you to drink Prince Delano’s blood since the babies have his blood coursing through them.”

“This should be interesting.”

“What the fûck—”

A crunch sound echoes causing me whip my gaze to Delano to see his mouth over his wrist, eyes locking with mine, a second later he would away and a smear of blood covered the side of his mouth. The metallic smell of blood, that usually makes my stomach turn, has my heat beating faster in anticipation and my mouth begins to actually water.

“Move.” he tells Maddie, taking her spot and coming to hover over me. She glares at his back, with crossed arms.


He holds his his wrist out to me, the red liquid sliding down the length of of arm. I follow the trail, gulping, and shake my head out of the haze before I meet his gaze.

“No,” I grit out, staring him dead in the eye.

This doesn’t please him as he stares back, lips thinned in aggravation.

“Kaitlyn, this isn’t time for games. Drink the blood.”

I scowl. “Like I said, no.”

“Kaitlyn, please!” Maddie pleads.

“I refuse.”

His frown deepens, continuing to stare at me for a moment longer with a quick motion, he brings his own wrist to his mouth. I watch his cheeks hollow out, taking his wrist away for a moment, pulling himself farther up the bed, he hovers more over me and dips down until we’re face to face; glares into my eyes and places his blood coated lips over mine.

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