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Chapter XXXVII

Just like before, a shockwave rocketed through my body the second his lips met mine, zapping its path all across my nerves and muscles. The feel of his lips was nothing I’ve experienced even though this is the third time, they were soft, full, and my destruction along with the rest of him.

I stare wide-eyed into his eyes, the both of us staring at each other, sharing the same breath with our closeness, my ears blocked off anything eyes besides his breathing and the feel of his body on top of me. It took me a moment to register what he was doing before I react, I squeeze my eyes shut and push against his shoulders and trying to twist my head away.

His body was like a stone wall, he didn’t move an inch at my struggling, only pushed himself closer, placing more pressure on my closed lips. Liquid trickled down the side of my mouth, dragging my attention elsewhere, a split for Delano to nip on my bottom lip and force her tongue past the seams of my lips and into my mouth.

My fingers grip his shirt sleeves, tugging at them as the blood from his mouth flowed into mine, I was forced to swallow when it I became too much; I excepted it to be bitter and tangy but it wasn’t, his blood was sweet and favourable when it shouldn’t be. I tried to find disgust deep in me but the only that that popped up was heat and pleasure.

His blood wasn’t the only thing I tasted, his tongue pushed against mine his own taste lingering, it swirled with mine, his lips massaging mine before he pulled away. My eyes flutter open, locking gazes with bright red ones that swam with heat, around Delano’s lips his blood was smeared and the sharp tips of fangs visible to my sight.

“Now that we established that,” he speaks, flashing his fangs with every word, my eyes never wavering from the sight. “Drink.”

I move my gaze away from his red-coated lips and to the bitten wrist held above my face, breathless, I start to think of myself for once, this was the only way for me to regain the strength I needed to even birth the ones inside me: I gave in with a sigh, my tongue licking the trail of blood on the side of my mouth before I took hold of Delano’s wrist and brought it to my mouth.

Closing my lips around the wound he made, his blood slowly pools my mouth, my tongue licking the punctures all while keeping eye contact with him. If possible, the heat in his eyes burns brighter as he glares down at me, lips pressed tightly together. A few minutes later, he pulls his wrist away, a part of me a bit saddened, and brings it to his own mouth and licking the bite marks.

“That was hot.”

Abel breaks the silence in the room causing me to glance over at him. He’s staring into space, his eyes hazy but it clears when he blinks and begins to smile.

“That was hot as hell,” he states again, “I want to try that.”

He turns to look at Maddie and she looks startled, her cheeks flushed red.

“Maddie? Want to try?”

“No! What the hell?”

He sighs, “Come on, it won’t be bad.”


Adrian growls, the sound vibrating and from the corner of my eye I see Maddie shiver and shuffle away from him, her hand cupping the side of her neck.

“Fine,” Abel gives in, a slight pout on his lips.

“Idiot.” Eileesha sighs, shaking her head.

A small chuckle escapes my lips as the doctor moves to the side of the bed, stepping beside Delano and reaching for my wrist. She checks my pulse, and for once, other than a grim look she would always give me, a small smile sports her face.

“Well, it seems that drinking blood works fine,” she says, “Her pulse is stronger and the pigmentation to her skin is slowly coming back.”

“Oh wow, so it actually works.

“I guess it does,” I mumble, tearing my eyes away from Delano’s.

“So, a prince, huh?”

Delano’s eyes cut over towards me from over his glasses, blue eyes staring me down. Besides Delano, me, and Maddie in the room, the others left to do their own thing after the doctor gave the okay that I was doing fine and should be able to start eating regular food soon.

“Yes, apparently,” he replies, turning the page of his book.

“Are you like the crowned prince or. .?” I twist my fingers in the covers.

“I was. After my father stepped down, I was supposed to take over the throne.”

“Why ‘was’?”

He sighs, and closes his book, pushing his reading glasses to the top of his head, turning his full attention towards me.

“What’s with the questions?”

I shrug, frowning down at my stomach, rubbing it and looking like a scolded child. “Just trying to know the man that knocked me up, that’s all.”

“Jackāss.” Maddie coughs, sniffling and rubbing her nose from the side of the bed, next to me.

Delano’s eyes shift to her back that was facing him before shifting them back towards me as I stare at him. Another sigh passes by his lips.

“I left the castle because I wasn’t ready to take over the throne yet when my father announced to me he was ready to step down,” he explains.

“I wanted to explore more outside of this dimension since spending half my immortal life in the dark. And so my freedom was cut short, fifty years later.”

He gives my stomach a soft look, something that I didn’t know he could do besides glare, brood, and grunt.

“Besides me, what about you? How come you’re fluent in French?” Delano asks, leaning back and crossing his ankles.

I snort, “My mom was half French, but made it a goal to never speak the language because it brought back ‘bad memories’ of the time she met my Dad. So, I decided to learn myself since it was part of what I am.”

I lean back against the headboard and lift my eyes up towards the ceiling. “My parents divorced when I was in college, I saw it coming but didn’t think it will last that long, they weren’t exactly the most loving couple while I was growing up.”

I could feel both stares on the side of my face, though I shared the story before with Maddie, it never fails that I still relive the worst moments and how far I’ve come.

“Where are they, now?” his tone held curiosity.

“Dead,” I say with no emotion. “Mom died from breast cancer, and Dad died from drunk driving. Besides those two, I don’t have any other family members that aren’t buried six feet in the ground.”

He doesn’t speak or ask any further questions and returns back to his book after staring at the side of my head for a while longer. It didn’t last when Maddie starts to speak up.

“Since we’re telling stories,” she turns over and gives her attention to Delano, those piercing green eyes staring potently at him.

“I would like to hear the one about you being a little too friendly with this Victoria girl.”

I snap my head to stare at the back of his head, “Maddie!”

“What? I am truly curious, I really wanna know why she keeps giving Kaitlyn stomach a glare like she was to cause harm,” she hisses the last part with emphasis.

“I need to know little details so I know when I can clap back.” she shrugs.

Delano places the book in his hands back down in his lap and sits up straighter.

“She’s an old acquaintance before I left for earth.”

“You’re both quiet acquaintanced with each other if she has one of your shirts,” I comment, tilting my head. “I mean, I know I don’t have a right to say anything about who you see but I do not want her bringing any trouble to me. I don’t want to deal with it.”

The sudden confidence that followed through me came from nowhere, but it was nice needed, the things I wanted to say for months now are finally off my chest and I can’t say that I feel any better than I was first finding out.

“That was a one-time thing.”

I roll my eyes, “Uh huh.”

“Shít,” Maddie curses, kicking the covers back and leaping up from the bed, a hand over her nose.

My eyes follow her as she shoots towards the bathroom and I catch a glimpse of red spilling between the cracks of her fingers.

“You okay?” I call out.

The light in the bathroom flickers on before he voice follows out, “I’m okay, nothing to worry about.” she comes to stand in the doorframe, toilet tissue pressed to her nose.

“Just a common nosebleed, every once in a while.”

She forces a laugh, stepping back to grab more clean tissue, gone from my sight. I knew her better than the back of my hand, vice versa, and I knew she was lying so I wouldn’t worry but I’m worried now; my thoughts go back to the car and what she was about to tell me. Seeing that she hasn’t brought it up, I’ll wait for her to say something first.


A/N; I'll be making a story for Maddie and Adrian soon after this story is over with

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