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“Son, we have come to a conclusion.”

I blink away from my thoughts, turning my attention towards my parents, they sat across from me in their thrones, observing me— more from my father.

“And that is?” I question, my forefinger running over my bottom lip.

Father releases a deep breath, “To hand you back the throne. After a long discussion with your mother about your. . .” the muscles in his face twitch at his pause before he continues. “absence, it’s common sense that we hand it over to you— with the help of your sister, of course.”

My eyes cut over towards Kyri, standing behind the two thrones and against a pillar that supports her weight as she leans upon it. Her red hair frames her pale face, the gene coming from previous generations and skipping some before landing on her. Looking at nothing particular, she smiles, eyes slowly coming to meet mine.

I cast my eyes away from her, feeling the sudden ‘but’ that fingers in the air the slight silence father encased.

“But,” he adds, “This will all happen if you take a queen, preferably, Victoria.”

Now they have my attention.

“Pardon me!?” I hurtle to my feet, tense.

Mother scowls, her features crunching up in displeasure. “We think it’s best that you have someone by your side while you take over the kingdom, just like your father.”

She reaches over, closing the distance between her hand and father’s and clasping her fingers with his, despite his hard expression; he gently squeezes her hand.

“I refuse to marry, especially to someone like her!” I argue.

“Why not? You both have a history together, you can simply make up.”


“Son,” Father growls, his eyes flashing red, fangs making an appearance. He was trying to keep it together. “This is the only opportunity you have, we know that human is keeping you back and clouding your mind but once she’s gone—.”

“What do you mean once she’s gone?!”

My voice bounces off the walls of the spacious ballroom, the tingling sensation in my eyes indicating the shifting colours of my eyes.

Father’s chest rumbles with a growl, his own eyes flashing, “What did you expect!? I’m surprised myself that I let that human stay this long in my castle with her absurd smell.”

“I like her smell,” Kyri mumbles, “It’s. . . sweet, just like she is.”

“Silence, Kyri!”

At the command, her bottom lip pokes out as she crosses her arms and turns to look back out the window. Father turns his attention back towards me, eyes tinged with red that mingled with the green in his eyes.

“I don’t plan on having her in my presence for much longer being what she is. Once she gives birth to the heirs of this kingdom, we have no more use for her, and she’ll be out of your hair.”

“Absolutely not!” my voice raises once more as I take a step forward, everything in my being coiling together to protect what was mine.

“Don’t raise your voice at me!” father’s voice echoes over mine. “You either change her, or she is dead.”

I grit my teeth, “That is not an option.”

“That is your only option.” he hisses, anger rising at my defiance.

Hai sentimenti per questa ragazza?” Mother chimes in gently, watching me with interest.

Her question catches me off guard as I freeze, in my head, the question bounces around on every part of my skull. Never have I really considered what I felt for Kaitlyn, I always thought that maybe it was because she was carrying my children and was behind the instincts to keep her safe.

Non ne sono sicuro.”

She hums, never taking her eyes off me, even when Father grabs my attention.

“You have by the time she gives birth to decide,” he warns, “Or I will decide for you.”


The girl staring back at me through the mirror wasn’t the same girl who struggled to pay bills, barely slept at night stressing of when her next income would come in and would it be enough for her to eat at night. The girl in the mirror tilted her head, following the same movements as me, brown on brown staring back at one another; analyzing, the light in the bathroom causing those eyes to shine brighter.

The last time I looked in the mirror was when I looked on the verge of death, nothing but bones and skin that was soon to collapse. The girl in the mirror stepped back, following my motions and shifted her gaze to stare down at her stomach, my stomach was getting bigger as the little ones inside me seemed to grow bigger day by day.

My hand glided down the front of my belly, tracing the curve of it, I looked back in the mirror and could see a women stroking her stomach loving as she gazed down at the billing belly with adorning eyes, I felt more alive than I looked, my arms were still skinny but little by little regaining its muscle and my face was still a bit hollowed but had its color back.


I snap my attention outside the open bathroom door, Delano standing at the edge of the bed, watching me, I don’t know how long he was but it looked to me he has been for a while now. He jerked his head, beckoning me towards him.

Taking a final look in the mirror, I waddle out, moving towards him and taking a seat on the bed in front of him. His form towered over me as I gazed up into those blue eyes that loved to suck me into its vortex and keep me hostage.

When he brings his wrist to his mouth, I already know what to expect as he fangs sink into the flesh of his wrist and tears the skin. I can’t help but wince, cringing when he pulls his hand away from his mouth and towards me, no matter how much I try to deny it; my mouth waters at the thought of his blood filling my mouth and sliding down my throat to satisfy me and the babies.

Licking my lips, my fingers wrap around his wrist and slowly bring it to my lips where I close my mouth around his flesh. My eyes dart up, watching his expression, the same one that usually falls over his face, but this one was different; he looked almost thoughtful as he gazed down at me.

I held his gaze before moving it to look at his stomach while pulling his wrist away from my mouth. I lick away any blood that might have spilt, before I could reach my hand up to wipe my mouth, Delano’s finger wipes the edge of my mouth.

“Thank you,” I whisper, watching him suck his thumb into his mouth that he used.

He hums, keeping eye contact until he moves back over towards the chair he was previously sitting in, the book he was reading was laid over the armrest as he picks it up and closes it shut and shoves it under his arm.

“Have you picked any names yet?”

“Huh?” I frown up at him, leaning back on my palms.

He nods his head toward my stomach and realization overcomes me, “Oh!” I swing one of my arms around and place it on my stomach.

“I’ve been thinking about some but none have really clicked, you know?” I smile, looking down at my belly in time to see the surface move.

My smile widens as I lift my gaze to meet his, Delano already watching me with an almost dull look.

“What about you?”

He blinks, “Come again?”

I grin, catching him drifting into space. “Have you thought of any names, yet?”

“I have actually,” he muttered, pulling at the edges of his dress shirt, “But besides that, I know you must be starving so I’ll go find you something to eat,” he adds, walking towards the door.

“I’m fine, I’m not really—” the sound of the door opening and closing causes me to drift off into a sigh.


I push myself up on my feet and move around the room to collect the things I need to take a shower, once inside, I scrub myself down and let the water wash over my head, running over my face and drowning me in my own world. I don’t know how long I stayed under the rays of water but the sound of the door opening pushed me from my own dimension.

“Delano is that you?” I call out, stepping back and wiping the excess water from my eyes.

Hearing no response, I shut the water out and slowly climb out of the tub, grabbing the towel from the of the toilet seat and dry off as quick as I could before slipping on the outfit that could fit me, it contained baggy shirt and pants.

I stepped out of the bathroom, steam drifting from inside and out into the room, I stop short when I don’t see Delano but Victoria standing near the single seated chair.

She stares over her shoulder when she senses my eyes on her, a sneer already present in her face.

“I see you’re still alive,” she speaks with disgust, running her fingers over the embroidery of the armrest. Her gaze flickers to my stomach.

“And those things too.”

This was the first time she’s spoken to me directly, despite the little encounter some months back in front of the room; nothing has changed and her voice was still thick with an accent. I wouldn’t like and say I didn’t have my own distaste for her.

“This won’t last long, you know?” she comments, taking a piece of her hair and tucking it behind her ear, gazing at me with dark flaming eyes.

I frown. “What won’t?”

She scoffs, “You and Delano, of course. In a couple of weeks—” she pauses and sizes me up, “—make that a few days and you’ll be dead, nothing but a mistaken memory in the back of everyone’s mind that will soon be forgotten.”


Translation ;

Hai sentimenti per questa ragazza -- You have feelings for this girl?

Non ne sono sicuro -- I’m not sure

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