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Chapter III

β€œKaitlyn. . .”

A sleepy groan passed through my lips. Something warm makes contact with my forehead before moving to grip my forearm, shaking my body awake.

β€œBabe, you need to get up,” a soft voice spoke.

Again my body was being shaken, and I struggled to peel open my eyes. Once I do, everything is nothing but a blur of things, I feel a hand on my cheek, I slowly drift my eyes to the side after blinking and meet with bright green eyes.

β€œMaddie?” my voice came out hoarse as I shift my body to face her correctly.

She hummed, her blonde curls framing her face from her leaning position. β€œCome on. You need to get up.”

She grabbed my elbow and began to pull me up, still a bit disoriented, I gaze around the room.

β€œWhat time is it?” I ask, sitting all the way up, my feet hovering over the carpet floor.

Maddie steps back, and pulls me to my feet by my wrist a frown on her face. β€œIt’s three thirty-two in the afternoon,” she says.

β€œOh,” I mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

She lifted her hand and used the back to feel my forehead, her frown deepening. β€œYou feeling okay?” she asks.

I nod. β€œYeah, I’m fine. Why you ask?”

β€œBecause you’ve been sleeping all day, and that’s usually not like you.”

I grumble, β€œI actually don’t remember falling asleep,” I say, scratching the back of my head, the sudden urge to pee getting to me.

She sighs, looking me in my eyes. β€œNever mind, head to the bathroom and freshen up. I’ll whip us some lunch, okay?”

β€œAll right,” I say, immediately heading to the bathroom to empty my bladder.

The minute I stride out of the bathroom, the smell of chicken being cooked fills my nose and my stomach rumbles in response. While my mouth waters, I hurry and dry off my wet skin from taking a shower and throw on some clothes before I walk out of the room.

I walk down the small hallway and turn the corner padding across the tile to where I see Maddie standing over the counter, two plates set on top and filled with food. Sensing my presence, she turns her head slightly my way, a smile forming.

β€œJust in time,” she begins, picking up both plates and walking toward the living room. β€œCome on, the food’s ready.”

Nodding, I follow after and see her place the food down on the coffee table in front of the four seated sofas and the TV. She points to which plate is mine, I walk over and take a seat in front of it and began to eat while Maddie switches the TV on and changes the channel to Arrow.

β€œI think Oliver is so sexy” she comments once she sits beside me.

I chuckle after swallowing a spoon full of corn. β€œTrue, but he and Felicity are the cutest together,” I say.

β€œMmm. . .yeah, but with those two sisters he was with, he was kinda acting like a whore. Like seriously dating one another behind each of their back,” Maddie ranted, huffing a breath before stuffing her face with the baked chicken.

β€œGets me so mad every time I think of it!”

A soft laugh escapes my lips. β€œI understand.”

We continue to talk about random things on different subjects, we manage to finish our lunches in time and I got up collecting both our plates, heading back to the kitchen where I stood over the sink and began to wash the dishes. It was then a sharp pain tugged at my pelvis that I nearly dropped the cup I was washing.

I groaned, leaning over the sink, my eyes shut tight. It felt as if something inside me was clenching and unclenching and I realized it as a cramp.

β€œYou okay in there?” I heard Maddie call out.

I nod, seeing as she couldn’t see me, I spoke up. β€œI’m good. Just started to cramp that’s all.” I reply back, taking a breath.

β€œOh, so your period is coming on then?”

I straighten back up. β€œI guess so.”

The sun was set over the horizon turning the sky pink with a tinge of red-orange and yellow. Maddie left hours ago telling me she’ll see me tomorrow to at work, it was then that I was by myself that something didn’t feel right. Something in my stomach churned that I wasn’t hungry at all, I stayed curled on the couch trying to soothe down the cramps that came and went.

Another groan past my lips as I tighten my arms around my self, the slight flickering from the TV flashing against my face. I clenched my teeth together, my eyes squeezing shut, it felt like something was trying to crawl up my mouth and out. I swallowed hard, my body lurched forward in alarm and I found my eyes snapping open and my body dashing towards the nearest bathroom.

I fall to my knees beside the toilet, hastily lifting up the lid, and I find my back arched up as I vomit up my lunch. The burning sensation continues to pass through my throat and out my mouth, the sound of liquid and chunks of something hitting against the toilet water fill my ears. Tears springs to my eyes, I take in gulps of air as much as I need once I stopped. I lean my back against the sink counter, trying to regain my breath.

I bring my hand up to wipe the tears that have slipped, I stand up on my trembling legs and press my weight against the sink before turning the tap on. Cupping my hands I gather water and splash my face, doing it a second time, I stare at my reflection. My eyes were blood shot and my cheeks were flushed red, I took another deep breath shutting my eyes.

’What’s wrong with me?’

And before I knew it, I was on my knees once again vomiting what was left of my lunch. Me and the toilet were going to become good friends if this continues.

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