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Chapter XXXIX

“You’re wrong.”

I step out from the bathroom’s threshold and make my way across the room with my shoulder back and head held high, holding her gaze.

“Whatever shît you’re spouting,” I grit out, anger weaving its presence into every letter, “It is not going to work and I won’t believe it.”

Her laugh was cruel and sent chills down my spine, yet it sounded like angel ringing bells above my head; I suppress the urge to shiver and rub at the goosebumps that littered my arms.

“Haven’t you seen yourself?” she laughs once more, moving from the chair in my direction. “It looks like you’re on the brink of death, barely holding on.”

She comes to a stop a couple of feet away from me. “You’re nothing to him, nothing but a silly mistake that will soon be solved.”

I take a step back, her close proximity resulting my skin to crawl.

“Am I supposed to start crying, now?” her eyebrows twitch at the tone of my question, “Sob in denial that Delano loves me with all his heart and we will get married one day?” I state sarcastically.

She snarls in my face, stepping closer—my arms tightening around my stomach as she glares deeply into my eyes.

“I didn’t expect you to, but it’ll be a shame if something were to happen to you right now.”

A cold smile spreads across her face as her irises begin to glow red, the tips of her fangs beginning to show. My eyes widen in shock more than terror, I don’t realize my actions until they’re already done. My head snaps forward, colliding with Victoria’s, her noise of pain the only thing that echoes in my ears besides the pounding of my heart.

I step back, the pain in my forehead not completely registering throughout my body as I move closer to the bathroom. I watch her growl, the sound full of pain and surprise as she staggers back holding her nose. Flicking her eyes open, she locks gazes with me and slowly lowers her hand away from her face giving me a view of the damage I’ve done.

The bridge of her nose was red and bruising but slowly returning back to its pale complexion.

“You’re going to regret that,” she speaks slowly.

I can’t deny the fear the coils deep in my belly, in a blink, she was in front of me looking just like the monster stories claimed her kind to be. Victoria’s hand was wrapped around my neck within a millisecond of the time it took for me to register what was happening, the force she used to push me against the wall causes my head to snap back harshly, black dots beginning to fill my vision before her face takes over.

“I’m sick and tired of people stepping in the way of what is to become mine,” she hisses in my face, her fingers tightening around the junction of my neck.

I gasp for air, my hands coming up and clawing at hers, doing anything to relieve the pressure on my neck and her fresh air into my legs that start to deflate with the lack of oxygen. A sadistic glint shines in her eyes as she watches me gasp and wiggle for air, that cruel was back and making its appearance— taunting me with the knowledge that I’m not strong enough.

“Pathetic, weak, human— all of you.” she laughs, “The throne and Delano are mine, and I won’t let you or those little pests stop me from getting what I want.”

My mouth opens and closes, her cold hard fingers squeezing tighter, my vision begins to fill with black dots. My eyes watch as she dips her head to the side of my neck, the noise of her inhaling echoing in my mind, my heart beating furiously in my chest and the sound of my blood rushing through my veins, the only sound in my ears.

All of sudden, warmth slides down the insides of my thighs following the path of my leg along with the feel of lumps running to my feet; it wasn’t until shortly after that pain strikes my lower stomach that a horse scream tears from my throat.

It was so sudden that I stare wide-eyed at the ceiling, my body jerking in shock, unfortunately that wasn’t the only one— my lower back begins to ache and the muscles in my stomach begin to clench painfully together, the intensity of it almost brings me to my knees if it wasn’t for Victoria holding me to the wall. Another scream tears from my mouth, my hands moving from her hands to grab my stomach as I cry out, tears springing to my eyes.

“Seems like someone or two decided to make an appearance.”

Pain flooded my senses, drowning me in my own world of pain, I could hear the distant sound of the room’s door slamming open and my name being called, there was a rush of air before the pressure on my name was home and I could finally suck in air only to waste it on screaming.

That’s all I could do. Scream.

The pain was unbearable, almost like someone was stabbing me repeatedly and viciously, their aim to destroy my insides, the muscles in my stomach contracted together into and pulling apart as far as they could go. Hands caught me before I could meet with the floor, voices echoes around but I didn’t acknowledge them, they sound as if I was underwater.

Before I knew it, I was lifted up and quickly settled on my back onto something soft, my legs pushed to bend at the knees and my legs spread open. I hadn’t known I closed my eyes until fingers started to tap at my face, causing my eyes to flutter, staring into ocean blue waters.

“Kaitlyn!” he calls out, his eyes glancing around my face, staring into my eyes deeply, “Stay with me, come on.”

I do what he says, keeping my gaze locked with his, his fingers stroking my sideburns and cheeks, the warmth from his fingers bring forth pleasurable tingles, the small window of relief didn’t last long before another wave of pain washed over me. My teeth gnash together to keep the scream that clawed at my throat and turned my skin sleek with sweat at the effort, my finger curled themselves with the sheets of the bed, it felt like they were ripping me apart from the inside, trying to break their way into the world.

“Get them out of me!!” I cry out, tears sliding down the side of my face and into my ears. “Please! It hurts! God!”

I struggle to sit up and look over the mountain of my stomach, I could see the outline of the twins limbs as they move about in my belly, it looked so unnaturally and alien-like, beyond that the doctor was kneeling on the bed, staring between my legs as she checked me.

“She isn’t fully dilated yet,” she announces out loud, her eyes shifting up and colliding with Delano’s.


“Katilyn.” my gaze slides over to see Maddie rounding around the bed and making her way over to me, concern was deep in her eyes as she gave me a once over.

She reaches for my hand and I immediately squeeze it as hard as I could, if I was hurting her, she didn’t show it as she comforted me; her free hand stroking the top of my head.

“It’s going to be okay, you got this, babes,” she whispers in my ear as I shake my head. “You’re strong.”

“No,” I wail, lips trembling around my words, her face starting to blur, “It hurts so much, I can’t. . . I can’t.”

A sharp pain flares in my chest blooming throughout my whole chest, a cough rises from my throat and strikes the air harshly, it doesn’t stop as I wheeze and try to catch my breath before something trickles out.

Merda!” fingers grip my chin and turn my head to the side and I’m left staring into Delano’s eyes once again.

It felt like I couldn’t catch my breath, I was inhaling but never catching my breath to a normal pace, my chest rose and fell rapidly, my wide eyes staring unblinkingly back at him. The coil of fear in my chest was seeping deep into my veins, replacing my blood with it presence. I was scared.

“One of her ribs punctured her lungs. .”

Everything starts to fade.

“. .itlyn. .”

“Hurry. . . don’t. . time!”

I wasn’t sure what happened next, it was all a blur of motions and movements, the feel of hands on my stomach, a set stoking my hair with the feel of words brushing across my ear, and another handling to keep me awake. Though my eyes were open, I couldn’t see or focus, no matter how many times Delano snapped his fingers in my face, it was like my own personal movie that slows in time.

Maddie had tears running down her cheeks as she squeezed my hand, I was vaguely aware of something sharp slicing across the lower part of my belly, I felt numb, the beating of my heart thumping loudly in my ears; each beat slower than the last. It wasn’t until a sharp cry splintered the air and shattered the chaos, I blinked and finally move my focus away from the ceiling to the doctor holding a tiny body, covered in fluids and blood that squirmed with her hold, wailing at the top of its lungs.

“. .boy.”

My lips were moving but I couldn’t process what I was saying, Maddie moves from my side when the doctor gestured for her to come forth, wrapping a towel around him, a few seconds later Maddie was moving back towards me a watery smile on her lips as she kneels over me.

“Kaitlyn, look. They’re right here, don’t worry. It’s okay.”

I slide my gaze over to stare at the bundle in her arms, setting him beside my head, my eyes skirt across him have to analyze his sealed eyes and a button nose with tiny puckered lips the begged to be pecked. Maddie cooed over him, wiping smudges of blood from his face and dragged the pad of the finger down his cheek, a small smile lifts my lips, my eyes wavering before a wince escapes me as pressure from my stomach catches me off guard.

Another cry fills the air, a relief so deep settles in after a long time it feels surreal, exhaustion follows in suit, my eyes dropping and breathing barely there.

“It’s a girl.” the voice comes from the base foot of the bed.

Weight from my other side shifts the bed leaving before it returns, it takes a great effort to shift my head to look to the other side where Delano holds another blanket of the other twin. It’s almost comical to see him holding something so small for someone as big as he was, his eyes held caution yet the distant curiosity, she laid asleep in his arms in bliss.

“They’re mine?” I ask, my lips barely moving around the word.

“Ours,” Delano says, gazing down at me with soft eyes, a hint of a smile on his lips as he turned his gaze back to the babe in his arms.

My soul sings at his words and she does something in his arms that has his smile widening; it was a beautiful sight, something I held onto and locked away in my mind. My body was demanding for me to do something as my eyes were dropping to the point each second until I almost couldn’t open them. It was over, everything was over, finally, I could rest and wake to a brand new day.

“Hey! Kaitlyn, don’t fall asleep yet.”

“Her heart!”

It was too late, I was already falling towards that blissfully void that called out to me, it gripped at the reins of my control to stay awake and let go for me. The beat of my heart lulled me deeper, unaware of the danger I was heading.


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