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Chapter XL

I was aware of my conscious floating away from reality, drifting into a space no one has ventured before, slowly becoming one with that void that releases a peaceful aura putting the struggles I have faced at rest. This feeling was something I have never felt before, a blissful state that calms my soul and cleanses my spirit.

Floating higher and higher, ready to touch the sky and be free from everything that has caused me pain, in the back of my mind something was probing me that I was leaving something behindโ€”something important. I didnโ€™t care, I was finally getting the peace my body longed for, but that was suddenly yanked away from me as pain so intense shattered the bliss I was once feeling.

If I could scream, I would, to the high heavens and back. I crashed to where I began, the feeling of a flame being lit inside me and burning shocking me back to reality; it started to lick at every nerve, cell, and artery in my body, forwarding a pain so intense. I felt the beat of my heart furiously pumping in my chest, blood rushing through my veins to their destination, preparing for a change.

The beat of my heart beats at an irregular pace, speeding up to the pace of helicopter blades in a whirlwind, I could feel every pulse through the tips of my body. The fire extinguished from my feet and rushed to the center of my chest as if my heart called upon the flames and took the pain from my limbs to stow it away in my chest. The twitch of my limbs register in the back of my conscious: cells, nerves, chromosomes and DNA switching and changing into something new, something different.

It was a war inside meโ€” my heart battling against the flames, working to keep beating, to stay alive, fighting the change. Both were losing, the fire already consumed and singed the rest of my body, my heart was left to defend itself against the raging flames that brought unimaginable pain.

The fire constricted, constricting inside the tiny space it laid rapidly growing hotter, bigger, wilder; swaying within the organ that indicated my life, until it all stopped. No beat pulsed through my veins, no blood rushed into my system, no fire, and no pain.

Silence. There was no sound, no breathing, not even my own.

A slight brush of a feather-like a touch grazed the skin of my cheek, whispered words spoken to me from above, soft like a breeze and swirling around me. I took my first breath, everything rebooting and starting again. I could feel my heart start again, stuttering at a slower pace, the blood rushing at a normality.

My eyes finally slid open, after what felt like years in the darkness and trapped with the flames, I gaze into the night sky in wonder, seeing a whole new world.

Everything was sharp, defined, and so clear. The light overhead was blinding, yet I could see the particles that floated in the air, millions of them drifting around like little planets in the galaxy. A flicker of movement caught my attention, my gaze flitting over to the side, everything was closer and zoomed in like a lens to a camera ready to take the perfect picture, every detail standing out to me.

Crawling around the dirt, a colony of ants traveled across the ground to their destination, their legs stomping in sync. Smells drift into my nose, different scents mingling together, circulating in the clearing; my nose flare, taking everything in, the smell of the forest, dirt, fresh water, and the wild. One particular smell caused my mouth to water, an ache in my gums beginning to throb and my throat to throb as if I hadnโ€™t drunken anything in daysโ€” it was intoxicating.

โ€œKaitlyn. .โ€

My eyes cut to the side, clashing with what resembles an ocean that surrounds a paradise island, they sway and waver like water would in a ripple of movement. They drag me in, glittering in the distant light of the moon that shines down on me, the eyes were connected to a face, more defined and detailed like an art sculpture in a museum.

The man looked down at me from the bridge of his nose, eyes soft and face relaxed, I didnโ€™t realize that I was laying in his lap until his shifted his weight from holding me in the same spot. The same feather-like touch snapped from my daze, his fingers running down the length of my cheek, my body reacted to the unfamiliar touch, muscles coiling in surprise.

I flipped from the manโ€™s lap to a crouch a few feet away, so fast I expected the world to tilt from the fast movements, but it didnโ€™t. I saw every bark of a tree, spec of dirt, and moving thing.

โ€œDelano. .โ€ a hesitant male voice mumbled from somewhere near the trees.

Air hissed through my clenched teeth, with a low menacing sound, aimed towards the threats. My gums throbbed theoretically, something poking out and my eyes tingling.

โ€œSsh!โ€ the man in front of me hissed to the man off to the side, blue-eyes kept his gaze locked on me, hands outstretched.

โ€œKaitlyn,โ€ he called out, โ€œItโ€™s me, Delano and over there is Abel.โ€

My gaze flickers between the two, taking in their features, something probing at the back of my mind. It thumped against that barrier, ramming into it repeatedly as I continued to analyze the two, crouching lower.


My eyes cut over to blue-eyes, keeping my eye on the brown-haired one that inched closer flanking the other manโ€™s side. The probing turned into violent thudding against that invisible wall until a crack appeared and spread until it all shattered, memories flooding at high speed. My mouth pops open, my muscles relaxing on their in accord as I finally recognized the two.

โ€œDelano. Abel.โ€ I breathe, straightening out my stance.

They both relax, Delano, taking a step closer as I begin to look down at myself, my skin took on a pale complexion to the point I could see my veins pulsing and throbbing to the beat of my heart. I turned my attention back to Delano.

โ€œWhat happened?โ€ I ask, slowly walking towards him with grace Iโ€™ve possessed.

The grind of his teeth could be heard as he clenched his jaw, eyes hardening a bit. Abelโ€™s face took on the same expression, his eyes only looking a bit sadder as he turned his head and stood in his place, erect and still like a soldier for battle.

โ€œI had to,โ€ Delano starts, โ€œYour heart was failing and you already lost enough blood, nothing was working. You were already at deathsโ€™ doorstep.โ€ he gazes at me with light eyes and furrowed brows.

I nearly shudder at the remembrance of fire licking at my soul and awakening something that pushed its way into my body. The tremble in my fingers increased, clenching them together did nothing, as I waited for his words.

โ€œI turned you.โ€ the words hallowed out and floated in the air, โ€œIt was the only way.โ€

My eyes widen, everything around me blanking out until white-nose passed through my ears I could sense Delanoโ€™s feet move before they actually did, he cautiously made his way to me.

โ€œNo,โ€ the words slip pass my lips in a whisper, flying into the air.

Apart of me finally accepted the part of the information that I wasnโ€™t human anymore but a creature that lived in the shadows and craved for blood.

Another step from Delano and slowly Abel, that human part of me that clung to my soul, triggered the instinct to run. The booth seemed to sense the battle within my head and the winner that influenced my actions. Before either of them could open their mouths, I was running through the trees, my feet flying across the ground so fast it felt like I wasnโ€™t touching it.

I felt light, the wind whipping past my face and weaving through the tresses that flowed behind me in waves. The scenery was blurry as if I was starting out the window of a moving car as I ride past landscapes, the light taps of my bare feet along the ground began to become nothing but a distant sound as I grew closer to civilization.

I broke through the treeline, in a span of a thirty seconds. I skid to a stop on the edge of a road, not even breathing heavy from the length of running. I arrived on a street decorated from top to bottom in Halloween ornaments.

Not that many people were on the road or sidewalks, red, orange and yellow leaves shuffling across the ground from a breeze I barely felt. I could see a cloud form in front of my face from my breathing, something I once again couldnโ€™t feel.

Not too far, the window from a store located in front of me reflected my image, the eerily glowing eyes drawing me. I shoot forward, arriving closer to the window in under a second, taking in my appearance. I wore a black silk gown that rubbed skin delicately stopping mid-thigh, standing out more against the paleness of my skin, my body seemed to have โ€˜filledโ€™ out where it hasnโ€™t before; my face seemed to have slimmed down, my jawline a little more visible.

I looked inhumanely beautiful.

That was the thing, I wasnโ€™t human anymore, I donโ€™t think. My heart still beat and blood still coursed through my veins but my eyes glowed a vibrant red, shining more brighter in the reflection. A shift of my mouth flashed my fangs that gleamed its intentions that they were made for, Iโ€™ve become something I have never dreamed of.

A presence walks past me, a smell that makes my mouth water and lures me away from staring at my reflection to the man that continues on his way. Masculine pride and arrogance blanket his form, but thatโ€™s not what reels in my attention, itโ€™s the vein that throbs in his neck that makes my throat squeeze and feels parched.

It called to me, the rhythm of his pulse drumming through my own body and echoed in my ears as I swallow thickly, not helping the dry feeling. A prick on my bottom lip pulls away for a millisecond to see from the corner of my eye that a monster I was turned into.

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