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Chapter XLI

I followed him.

Instincts keep me in the shadows and out of his view, my steps non-existent and fluid, inching deeper into the night and becoming what I was turned into. The man walked along the strip of sidewalk, his scent flooding not senses and flowing behind him like the fresh smell of cooked food.

Thatโ€™s what he was to me. Food.

My ears perk at the sound of thumping basses, screaming voices that sing to a melody, and the smell of excitement, arousal, and sweat in the air that all coming from one direction. My gaze flickers down the street, in the general direction the man was heading, to see a neon sign flickering different colors on and off, I slip into the shadows of a building side not too far behind.

โ€™Supernovaโ€™ the flickering lights read as I stopped a couple of blocks away from the building.

I zeroed in on the man once again, my target to satisfy the hunger that attacks my throat, continues on his way without a care in the world. watch as he passes the line of people, showing the bouncer something around his neck, immediately being let inside.

I go to take a step towards the place but remember my attire, looking down at myself, I realize I would draw unnecessary attention while wearing a gown thatโ€™s meant for slumber and bare feet. The more I wait the more agitated I become, hunger gnawing at my stomach and the action to swallow harder to do without feeling as if sandpaper replaced the walls of my throat.

I pick up noise behind me and whip around to see two figures in the distance standing near the tree-lines that lead to the forest, headlights from an approaching car shone on the features of the two.

Abel and Delano step out into the street once the car passes, a street light shining down in them. Their eyes were alert, vibrate, and searching for something-more specifically speaking, me. Delano exchange words to one another before Able breaks off down the opposite direction of me while Delano stays where he is, walking in the steps I once occupied.

With the fast beating organ within my chest, I turn back, my eyes frantically looking around for a way inside without being seen; the slamming of a door catches my attention a little way from the entrance to the building to a small alleyway where a figure exits from the back of the club.

I slip inside, the back door shutting behind me and encasing me in the darkness of the hallway that leads to the life of the club, the noise inside louder once inside, echoing inside my head. Lights flashed and shine brighter as I grew closer to the archway of the hall, everything was enhanced, lighter, clearer and stronger.

The inside of the club was Halloween themed, fake spider webs streaming from the corners of the room, pumpkins at the ends of the bar and the lights reflecting skulls off the walls, bodies were dressed in costumes the fumes of their sweat, arousal, and excitement making the air humid.

My eyes scan over the grinding bodies in the center of the room, moving to the beat of the music, bringing forth old memories. I slide further into the room, my feet meeting cold wood, maneuvering around bodies as I continue to look for my target. Not a minute later, I find him in the corner of the room, sitting at a booth enjoying a drink by himself near the dance floor.

Instincts drove me to act, pushing me to move through the crowd of bodies, ignoring the lingering gazes. My steps have a mind of their own, my body following swiftly along as I come to stop at the edge of the dance floor, a small space open for me. The music in the background pumps faster, a steady beat pulsing through my body, memories arising once again as I began to move; keeping my eyes focused on the man.

One would call it seduction, luring out a partner to enjoy a night of fun that included tangling in the sheets, but this wasnโ€™t the case, this was nothing more than a predator finding a weak spot to its pretty and using it as an advantage for its own purpose.

I catch the manโ€™s attention, his heated gaze focused on me over the rim of his cup, watching as I move, running my hands over my body. A rumble of pleasure vibrates from my chest as he rises from his seat, taking one last sip of his cocktail before making his way over to me.

I turn around, feeling his body heat inching closer towards me until I could feel his breath on the back of my neck, his chest bumps against my back and heaves behind me until there was no space left; his hands propping themselves on my hips as they rock side to side.

My mouth waters as his scent engulf me, the beat of his heart louder now that heโ€™s closer, the smell of liquor was strong on his being but I didnโ€™t care, I was hungry. I turn in his hold to stare up at him, weaving my arms around his neck, still moving to the beat of the song.

In a way, I could see myself finding him attractive, dark hair and dark eyes that seemed to suck you in, a strong, lean build that screamed he put in work to stay fit; everything a girl was looking for. There was no appeal to him for me, no spark, no ignition that would cause my heart to beat faster, not even as he brought his face closer to mine coming within range to connect our lipsโ€” there was nothing.

He seemed to be enjoying things by the way his fingers clung tighter to the flesh of my sides. I was now tired of prolonging things, the hunger tearing at me from the inside, it was time to take action and as soon as I came to that conclusion the hair in my arms stood tall and an energy drew my attention to the from today the club.

I tear my mouth away from his and turn to see Delano standing at the entrance, giving off a vibe that had those around him wary of his presence, those potent blue eyes scanned the crowd of moving bodies, the muscles beneath his clothes coiled in a bundle: ready to spring. He took the first step further into the room of humans.

I turn back to my snack, stepping closer and to the tip of my toes.

โ€œLetโ€™s move somewhere quieter,โ€ I whisper, already grabbing his hand and leading him towards a hall.

He willing follows me, stumbling a bit on his feet, alcohol still coursing through his bloodstream. The thought of blood ignites a shift in my eyes and an ache to form in my gums like before. When I think weโ€™re far enough from everyone, I soon turn him around and push him up against the all, attacking his neck with kisses and sweeps of my tongue on a vein.

His groans of pleasure fall on deaf ears, the kisses turning into sucking, and before long I reward myself the long-awaited taste of him; my teeth sinking into his flesh, blood instantly flooding my mouth. A euphoria feeling overcame me as his blood slid down my throat like water washing over rocks, it was a satisfactory feeling of being fed of what felt like days.

My hands move to clutch his forearms, fingers curling around the muscle and bringing him closer towards me, his groans were constant in my ears, something hard pressing against my stomach from the southern region of his body. I didnโ€™t want to stop, not when his begin to slowly become limp in my hold, more of his blood sliding down my throat and giving me energy.

โ€œKaitlyn, thatโ€™s enough. Stop.โ€

I didnโ€™t hear him arrive as his voice echoed from behind me, the tone of it not asking but commanding. I ignore him, biting down harder for more blood flow.

โ€œKaitlyn, thatโ€™s enough! Youโ€™re killing him.โ€

A rough hand grabs my shoulder, pulling me back, causing my fangs to rip through flesh as Iโ€™m slammed against a hard surface. A hiss tears up my throat like a tire full of air being released from its confinements, my eyes collide with intense blue ones that stare me down, instinct causes me to flash the weapons inside my mouth at him.

โ€œCalm yourself,โ€ he grits, brows creased. โ€œYouโ€™ve had enough.โ€

I hiss in his face as a response, jerking forward to finish what I started only to be pushed against the wall more roughly with a hand covering my mouth in a whirlwind of movements.

โ€œAbel,โ€ he calls out.

A whooshing sound fills the hall and within a second heโ€™s standing a couple of feet away from us, a smile on his face at the sight of me.

โ€œLittle human! Itโ€™s good to see you, how you been?โ€

My eyes narrow into slits in his direction, a growl rumbling in my chest. Struggling between Delano and the wall, grinding my teeth together when he pushes more if his weight on my front to keep me rooted to the wall with limited space to move.

โ€œOkay, not human anymore but still, lookinโ€™ good, those red eyes are really suiting you. Who would have thoughtโ€”โ€



He didnโ€™t sound sorry at all as he chuckles, and turns his gaze to the man on the floor, laying in a heap of his blood that drips from his neck. Unconscious but breathing.

โ€œHeal him, leave him somewhere far from here. Hopefully, heโ€™ll blame this all on the alcohol.โ€

He says this all while keeping his gaze focused on me, I meet it head on, glaring back with my own intensity, snapping my teeth like an animal from under his hand, wiggling about.

โ€œAll right,โ€ Abel replies as he bends down and shifts the over his shoulder as if he weighs nothing.

โ€œMeet us at the portal when youโ€™re done.โ€ Delano adds.

His silent nod is his parting gesture as he zips away, gone under a second, bringing my attention back to the man before me. The cloud that once hovered my mind like a film, lifted, slowly clearing away from the thoughts of bloodlust.

โ€œNow that I see that youโ€™ve come to your senses letโ€™s jog your memory.โ€

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