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Chapter XLIII


I laughed in his face.

The urge to do it was too strong to resist, though he still held me against the wall of the alley, I laughed my head off nearly toppling over if it wasn’t for him, I pause long enough to look him in the eye before going off into another fit of laughter.

It took a good three minutes before I could completely stop.

“Are you done?”

Sucking in cool fresh air, I straighten my spine, staring Delano in the face. “I am now.” I reply, “I had to get that out of my system because apparently, I didn’t hear you quite right, what was it you said?”

Delano jaw locks together, his eyes narrowing down at me, “This is no time to be fooling around, we’re already wasting time as it is.”

All traces of humor exit my body as my face slackens into nothing. “That’s funny because you’ve been wasting my time with the all the “protecting you” bullshït.”

I shake him off, the warmth of his hands making my thoughts go sideways and into the depths of something else.

“Not once have you told me what you were protecting me from and why you had to drag me around the world to Italy and then to some other dimension.”

I scoff, stepping back, keeping my gaze on him. There was a sort of wall in my mind, blocking something from venturing further into my thoughts, it felt like I was forgetting about something that’s kept me attached to this man for eight months. . . growing inside me. . .

I shake my head, blinking rapidly, meeting Delano’s gaze once again.

“I don’t know what you’re doing,” I take a step back, his in feet following. “But I’m not going back.”

Delano was already shaking his head before I finished my sentence, regarding me with intense blue eyes.

“That is not an option! You won’t survive long with where your mind is at,” he responds, taking a step towards me.

I take a step back, the lust for warm blood rising again at a stronger rate as my gaze flickers over to the blood that sits on the floor where my prey once laid. My fangs poke at my bottom lip, standing to attention, the wonderful taste of that man’s blood still lingering on my tongue.

“I have never felt so free, and alive while not being chained down to my demons,” I grin, Delano’s features hardening further.

“This isn’t you talking, Kaitlyn, snap out of it.”

“Why? The taste of blood on my tongue is making me hunger for more. I want to thank you for turning me actually, I didn’t know such a feeling could exist.”

“Kaitlyn, don’t.”

I shake my head, licking my lips, washing away the blood that still coated my lips, within Delano’s eyes my eyes blazed a brighter red.

“I’m not going back with you.”

With that, I turn away, and dash off at the speed of light, the call of my name falling off his lips before he dashes after me sending a thrill through my heart. I laugh as the scenery blurs past me, the sound of my feet hitting the ground nothing but inaudible taps, I could feel him behind me; the heat of his stare on my back.

My heart beats faster with excitement as I reach the forest line, hopping from the ground and onto the first branch of a tree then to another until I was jumping from branch to branch as I gain distance. The sound of his shoes tapping along the bark echoes, a grin forming on my face.


I laugh, the sound mirroring a human child’s glee. Suddenly, his presence disappears, nothing but the eerie forest comforting my mind that I was alone at last, a second later a shadow zips past me my eyes focusing in front of me to see a silhouette standing in my path before I collide with the figure.

We free fall from the trees, falling you the forest floor with can thud, my teeth rattling at the impact. I’m flipped onto my back with my hands pinned down beside me before I could utter a single word, a vicious hiss slipping past my lips while staring up into blue orbs, that humor that once filled my veins vanishing.

“Let go of me!” I struggle beneath him.

“Don’t tell you’ve forgotten about the twins,” he speaks slowly, “the ones we’ve created.”

I freeze, staring up at him, that wall in my mind cracking beyond repair, something slipping through the cracks making an escape from its containment.

“Get them out of me!!” I cry out, tears sliding down the side of my face and into my ears.

I grit my teeth, shutting my eyes for a second before opening them to glare at Delano, snapping my teeth in his face.

“What was that?! What twins?!” I ask frantic, the short image shocking me.

Delano’s brows creasing in the middle, “Stop resisting!” his fangs make an appearance, one of his hands moving away while the other collects both my wrist.

He grabs my jaw, turning my head to the side, baring my neck to him. From the corner of my eye, I watch as he eyes zero in on my neck, the blue of his eyes bleeding away and slowly being replaced by red.

I don’t have time to react before he strikes, his head diving down, his fangs sinking into the flesh of my neck. My scream echoes in the night causing a flock of birds in the surrounding trees to fly off, that final blow to the wall in my subconscious crumbling as a flood washes through.

A jumble of images flash through my eyes, voices, words, actions being said and made; my vision blackening to review all that I was. The creature that I am resides at the back of my mind as the human part of me is brought back, emotions overwhelming as I gasp.

“It’s okay, take your time,” a deep, soothing voice reaches past the veil.

I slide my gaze over to stare at the bundle in her arms, setting him beside my head, my eyes skirt across him have to analyze his sealed eyes and button nose and tiny puckered lips the begged to be pecked.

I snap back to reality with a splitting headache, staring up at the sky unmoving, watching as the stars twinkled and sparkled in the sky. I turn my attention beside me after a moment to Delano.

“Take me back. I want to see them.”

Delano doesn’t argue with me when I spoke those words, instantly leading me back to where we began, zipping through the trees like bullets. Every turn, dip, jump, while staying hidden in the shadows I finally realized why it’s never day in Buio. They were beings of the night, needing to stay with the dark, hiding their existence away from mortal eyes, though lurking where no man can see with a naked eye. And I was one of them.

We finally reach the place where we began, the trees stop at a small clearing that stretches in a small circle before it disappears into the trees once more. A few feet away Abel leans against a tree, turning when he hears us and smiling at our arrival, I finally take notice of what my human eyes couldn’t before.

“Little human!” he exclaims.

I couldn’t help but smile, “Should you be calling me that still?”

He shrugs, messing with his beanie while pushing off the trunk of the tree when we move closer. “It sticks. You all good now?”

I side-eye Delano before nodding. “I am, ready to see my twins.”

Abel’s eyes soften, moving his eyes over to Delano who sighs and steps from my side and moves to where Abel stood, angling his body towards a show the tree leaves gave off. His hands rise from his side, pointing in front him, eyes shut as he concentrates on something as his lips move with soundless words.

The shadow grows darker and darker, beyond black, the wind howling around us as it picks up and runs through my loose hair. Something swirls from the darkness, taking on a shape of an oval, wisp of black flowing from the inside before Delano steps back and look towards me.

“I’ll tell you about this when we get back, it’s time to go.” he nods towards the thing

Able grins, eyes shining with his excitement. “This is my favorite part.”

He dashes towards the thing hopping in the air, swinging around to face me with a grin so height one would think he was the sun.

“See you on the other side!!”

And he was gone, like a puff of smoke, I stare wide-eyed where he once was and turn my attention to Delano who was hiding a smile as he extends his hand to me.

“It’s harmless,” he says, “I got you.”

I stare into his eyes looking for a hint of a lie but found nothing in my search, my bare feet before my mind register and I’m taking his head, being taken into the void. He takes me into his arms, wrapping me in his warmth as we freefall, my heart also taking a leap.

My gaze was directed over his shoulder, the stars from the mortal growing smaller than they already were, the entrance of the portal shutting and encasing us in darkness for a split second; and for that second, Delano pulls back, my vision adjusting to the dark.

We stare at each other in that short timespan, our eyes calling to the souls that reside within them, saying what our hearts have not realized. Light then explodes around us, air whooshing pass our ears as we exit from the space and into the other dimension, landing gracefully on our feet.

I immediately step back from Delano, causing his arms to fall away from my waist and turn away to see Abel waving us over from his spot at the entrance of the castle. I realize that the portal transported us right smack at the entrance of the castle where guards stood at attention.

Delano clears his throat, “See, that wasn’t so bad.”

“Yeah. . Not bad.”

Delano walks ahead of me as I follow, catching up with Abel at the short distance, being bombarded with questions of my first thoughts of going through the portal. We’re greeted as soon as we walk in by vampire maids, greeting our return while catching the lingering stares.

As I remember, the halls were slender, long and decorated beautiful, making our way to the second floor and down another hall, Abel training behind and making the walk less boring and added with tension. A spark of recognition lights nerves in my brains as we walk Las the room I’ve stayed the rest of my human days at, slowly coming around a corner to another door that leads to a different room.

“They’re in there,” Delano speaks, looking back towards me, not moving to open the door.

Uneven breaths escape me, my hands shaking a bit as I move forward to door, my fingers grasping the knob. The door pushes inward, presenting to me a nursery to fit the twins, boy and girl items here and there. I walk further inside, spotting one big crib to the front wall of the room, a presence lingering in the room.

Kyri spots me looking at her, smiling when she catches my gaze and nods towards me. Turning my focus back on the crib, everything was silent besides two heartbeats in that direction. My feet move, my body following along until finally I’m gazing over the edge of the crib.

Inside, two small bodies squirmed around, wide eyes taking in their surrounds. They didn’t seem real, my mind won’t wrap around that I gave birth to these beauties and died for them to breathe their first lungful, my hand was reaching inside before I knew it, needing proof that this was all very real.

My finger grazes against the leg of the boy, the heat that comes off from it, my hand crawls up the length of his body until I’m cupping his face feeling the warmth of the blood that courses through his veins. He stares into my eyes, our matching browns colliding, instantly creating an unbreakable bond that sends my heart into overdrive.

He feels it, a gurgling sound that resembles a laugh escapes him as he smiles, grabbing onto my hand. His sister turns her attention from her toes and looks over at the sound he makes, curious and a bit jealous to what he’s hogging. She rolls to her side, her itty fingers reaching and holding onto my thumb, placing it in her mouth.

I release a shuddering breath, shoulders sagging as my eyes begin to overflow. It was real. Every second of it was real.

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