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Chapter XLIV

I stayed in the nursery for a hours upon hours, bounding and gazing at the offspring that I created with Delano, on the ground against the rocking chair that was placed beside the crib; the small bodies laid out on the blanket in front of me. I couldn’t stray my eyes from their faces while taking everything in.

I had to get used to the sound of their hearts beating as if they were next to my ears, the tunes more appealing than this world’s noise and also to the sound of the blood rushing through their veins.

But there was one thing that was holding me back from completely enjoying this moment.

“Delano,” I call out to him, keeping my attention on the twins.


I don’t speak for a moment’s worth, gathering my thoughts and how to word things right.

Sighing, I lift my gaze across the room, staring at him as if he was in front me. “How come I couldn’t remember? How come I couldn’t remember. . the twins. . the time before you turned me?”

He stares at me with those piercing blue eyes that always seem to knock the breath out of me, eyes searching my face, gauging my expression as I take in everything, though nothing but confusion blanketing my face.

“You’re not supposed to.” he answers, “Being turned into a vampire is as if you were being born into this world again, not remembering your past.”

He rises from the chair, placing the book he was reading down and walks the length between us, shortening the distance we made. Chills run up my arms despite not being able to feel anything anymore, our eyes stay locked as he’s now crouched on the other side of the blanket where the twins lay.

“You don’t regain those memories back unless someone drinks your blood before you’re turned.”

He still watches me, seeing how I’m taking in his words, I don’t show him what I feeling, my face emotionless yet my heart tells my true feelings.

“What do you mean?”

“Your blood holds memories which is why someone has to consume some before you’re turned so they can inject it back into your body.”

The twin girl reaches out towards her father, removing his attention from me to her, the same eyes staring at each other intensely; she reaches her hand farther out over her head, straining to touch him. Her face scrunches up in frustration, brows creasing, it was that rare moment that I see Delano smile.

It wasn’t much, just the tilt of his lips, as reaches his hand down and lets her grasp onto his finger, holding onto it as tight as she could.

“When I bit you,” he starts up again, keeping his gaze on her, “I gave you back everything, every old, new, and forgotten memory.”

He’s right. The time I couldn’t remember who I had sëx with when I woke up at the motel alone, came back to me, in a whirlwind. I remember every action, every moment, every sensation, and every touch of the lips. I could also remember the times he had bit me like he speaks, all I could do was glare.

“How did you do it?” I ask, “How did you take away those moments? Why?”

“There are some more things that you don’t know about us; purebloods.”

“Tell me! I’m a big girl, I can handle it.” I insist.

He lifts his eyes up, staring deep into mine while being void of anything.

“Fine,” he sighs, “Purebloods harbor powers that are passed down from generation to generation, just like genes are, some can skip a generation and others can be given back to back.”

The girl twin pulls on his finger, popping it into her mouth. “As you can tell, I have the ability to remove a memory from one’s mind along with something else that is better showing than telling but I’ll save that for another day.”

“Kyri has the ability to see the future,” his eyes continue to watch me, my face twitching in surprise, “only bits and pieces.”

My eyes widen with thoughts that run through my brain, “Did she. . ? Did she tell you about me?” I whisper. “Did you purposely get me pregnant?”

“No!” his eyebrows shoot up at my accusation, “Of course not, she told me something about impregnating a woman but I didn’t believe her. The future can change and I didn’t see myself being with anyone unless it was with my. . .”

His sentence falls short, pressing his lips tightly together, stopping any other words from spilling out.

“Your what?”

My heart couldn’t hold the truth as I urge him to speak again, keeping my face as impassive as I could. He doesn’t look at me but down at the twins, playing with the twin boy’s foot, grabbing his attention and making him reach for his hand.


“My beloved. I didn’t see myself with anyone besides my beloved.”

I frown, leaning all my weight on the chair behind me, the word ringing in my head more than when I found out I was pregnant.

‘Does Victoria ring any existing bells?’

“A what—”

The door to the nursery opens and Abel pops his head in, a small smile already on his face.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he begins, fingers wrapping around the edge of the door. “But you’re needed in the ballroom Delano.”

The man in front of me sighs.

“Daddy’s calling.” Abel adds with a grin when Delano rises to his feet.

Delano was quick to throw his a hardening glare that made him move away from its aim before he turn to stare down at me.

“We’ll finish this conversation some other time.” he comment before leaving with Abel.

Some time later, I put the twins to sleep after feeding them and coming across a new discovery— the second one to today. While feeding the boy twin, there was a small prick on my breast, pulling back to see two tiny fangs sunken in my skin as he suckles, both blood and breast milk pooling into his mouth. I couldn’t do anything but watch in shock as he continues to take his fill, in that moment I recall the time Delano explains the different vampires.

I check the girl and her heart beats at a slower pace than her brother’s, his beating at what a human’s heart would beat at yet he has fangs and after feeding and checking her, she doesn’t. I go to find Delano, the whole beloved ordeal in the back of my mind, nothing but my kids taking over my thoughts.

I run into Eileesha in the hall and ask a favor of her to watch the twins while I’m out, she agrees, it I think she does as she just walks the way I was coming from and stands by the door. Nodding to myself, I go in the direction of the ballroom only to find it empty, no one in sight, groaning through my teeth I head back to the room a feeling overcoming me.

As I pass the floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the hall, the trees seem to be swaying a different direction than they normally do, that feeling only increasing.

I arrive back to the room in the span of a second, the feeling consuming the space of my chest.

“Is everything okay?” I ask Eileesha when I stop in front of her.

She nods, a small hint of confusion showing on her face. “Yes. Nothing has changed.” sharp words spill from her lips.

Pressing my lips together, I move around her and walk inside the room, shutting the door behind me. The feeling was stronger now, overbearing as I stare at the figure near the crib, their bob haircut fluttering in the wind from the open window.

I didn’t need light to see who it was, already knowing had my blood rising to a simmer.

“He looks just like Delano,” she mentions, my hands clenching at my sides as she runs the back of her hand down the curve of my child’s sleeping face.

“This was supposed to be me, you know, me holding the child that Delano and I created while being the queen of this kingdom.”

Her back was still to me, rocking from side to side, holding my child as if it was hers. My blood boils beneath my skin, my fangs lengthening in my mouth, the tips pushing past my lip, an instinct to protect was mine growing stronger than the urge to feed the hunger I was felt.

“Put. My. Child. Down,” my voice didn’t sound like my own, it was deep and guttral. “Now!”

She doesn’t move, continuing to stare down at my child, her red ruby eyes glittering in the moonlight and matching my own that reflect from the window plane. Victoria finally sets him down in the crib, still fast asleep and unaware of the events.

“You took everything from me, the man I care for, the chance at having his first born and a chance at the throne, to finally take over this crappy kingdom.”

She finally faces me with a face full rage.

“He was mine before you showed up, you’re going to pay for this.”

I scoff, “Boo-hoo, cry me a river and down yourself. Everything can’t go your way, sweetheart.” I bare my fangs, a hissing making its way up my throat.

“Now, move away from the crib.”

Her laugh was mocking, taunting and trying to get a rise out of me. “You think those baby fangs are going to do anything? Don’t bite off more than you can chew, you’re nothing but a babe in my eyes.”

She flashes her own fangs, crouching, arms spread out at her side.

“Know your superiors.”

She rushes towards me, nothing but a blur beside her eyes that flash like shooting light across the room. Victoria was within my space in under a second, her fist shooting out toward my face. From a outside view, it would like like her hand moved at the speed of light but to me, it was slow as a snail, giving me enough time to dive underneath it and tackle her off to the side.

We fly through drywall, the crumbling sound of the debris crashing around us as we land in the hallway, a white puff of smoke filling the hall.

“Kaitlyn!” I hear Eileesha.

“Watch the kids!” I call out, getting up as if I didn’t just fly through a wall.

I was covered in the evidence of the wall, standing to my feet while looking around the cloud that surrounds me, no sight of Victoria anywhere. The hairs on my arms stand the same time a faint whoosh sounds through my ears, I duck just in time as her hand flies over my head with the intention to pierce through my chest. I drop to my hands and kick my legs back, nailing her in the face, the heel of my foot connecting with her jaw.

She stumbles away from me as I swing around on my hands with grace and onto my feet. Victoria holds her mouth, narrowed eyes directed at me, the smoke slowly clearing, the metallic smell of blood drifts into the air. I realize I made her bite her tongue.

“That was your first and finally hit,” she says, removing her hand and licking the blood that dribbles down her chin.

“We’ll see.”

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