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Chapter XLV

Itโ€™s funny how I never fought a day in my life, physically speaking, and yet here I am prancing around with Victoria and fighting as if I have for years while moving with grace and speed. These vampire abilities were something to get used to, itโ€™s as if my body reprogrammed itself to with knowing how to move swiftly with every attack she aimed my way; an instinct.

She stood there, teeth gritting together while shaking with obvious anger, dried blood under her nose from the time I hit her. The hallway was a mess of broken vases and splintered furniture scattered across the floor, making sure nothing was aimed at the nursery despite the gaping hole.

With a growl, she darts towards me, a blur that I could perfectly see; she swings her leg up, aiming for my face. I was moving before I could comprehend what do, I lean away as her foot misses my face by inches but she was on me within a second, her speed surprising me. I barely dodge her arm as it swipes at my side, I zip to the side her nails still catching onto the flesh of my arm, pain flaring as she rips the skin.

I jump a few feet away, slamming against the other side of the hallway, hissing in pain as I take in the claw marks that decorate my arm, my fangs extending as I hiss in her direction. She chuckles when blood begins to drip down to my fingertips, drops splattering on the floorboards, a sadistic gleam in her eyes.

โ€œWhoops?โ€ she takes innocence, grinning.

She grit my teeth, clenching my hands to together and forcing my body to numb so the sharp zaps of pain wonโ€™t throw me off. I catch the slight movement of her feet, her eyes taking in my slight moment of weakness as she blurs towards me, I sense it before I see it; my head angled towards the side as her fist glides past my face and creates a hole in the wall.

My leg jerks out, striking her in the thigh, the action causing her to stagger back with a small groan, I quickly follow her forward as my hands grab the top of her head and bring her face down to connect with my knee: making contact with her nose. She cries out, falling to the ground in pain as blood gushes from her nose once more, the scent of her blood and mine mixing in the hallway as I back away.

Thunder vibrates the surface of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, booming across the sky and for the first time since Iโ€™ve been in this dimension, the sky opens up and pours down pelts of rain that splatter against the window. I look at my reflection in the window, my hair was in a disarray, strands sticking out in places as the blood on my arm began to dry, the scratches healing on their own, my fangs extended and resting on my bottom lip.

My eyes stick out the most in the reflection, the red in my irises seeming to glow brighter and flash dangerously in contrast with the lighting that lit up the sky. I took in unneeded deep breaths to calm down my racing heart that seemed to skip beats in order to keep up with the adrenaline that rushes through my system.


I snap my attention at the end of the hall, Delano, Abel, and Adrian coming our way, his face sticking out the most since it was expressing his shock. That was my mistake, with my attention on him and the others as they made their way towards us, I didnโ€™t see Victoria making her ways towards me until it was too late when I caught her lunging form in the reflection of the window when lightning flashed.

The force of her body slamming against mine sends the both of us through the planes of glass that shatter around us, airborne, everything was in slow motion as my eyes widening and watching everyoneโ€™s expression in the hall shift and change. That split moment in time was gone as life speeds up and we plummet to the ground, my body absorbing the fall from the second floor.

The wind was knocked out of me as we land with a thud, shards of glass falling around us and scattering across the ground; the rain drenching us within minutes of being under its radar.

There was a short moment that I lay immobile, staring at the darkened sky that rains down on me, drenching me down the bone, before Victoriaโ€™s face blocks my vision. Her hair was matted down to her scalp, strands of black hair sticking to her face, she looked like a wet dog as she straddles my hips and glares down at me.

Her fingers find their leverage around my neck, squeezing until Iโ€™m gasping, my hands shooting up to grab her wrist. I grind my teeth together, bucking my hips and kicking my legs to get her off as she leans down in my space her face close to mine.

โ€œThe satisfaction I will feel once I kill you will be tremendous,โ€ she whispers, voice sickly sweet as her breath fanning across my cheek as she dips lower.

โ€œI still wonder what he sees in you, his breeder? a blood bank?โ€ she laughs, red eyes glittering in the darkness that surrounds us. โ€œIt was never my intention to send you into labor so early, I was kind of hoping to kill you and those abominations together, then again I could simply raise them as my own.โ€

I freeze, increasing anger shifting through my veins at her words. โ€œDonโ€™t you dare touch them!โ€ I growl, struggling beneath, this strength from her coming from nowhere, not the same thing I was feeling in the hallway.

Power radiates off her in waves, the same as it did with Delano, but hers was different, darker and deadlier; something the human me would have been cowering from. Yet, I continue to grow and snap my teeth at her like an cages animal a she lifts herself up to look me in my eyes once more.

โ€œOnce youโ€™re gone this kingdom will be mine and all who lie within it.โ€

Her voice was only for mine to hear, knowing the others were listening and trying to interveneโ€” Delano wasโ€” but I caught Adrian holding him back, speaking to him harshly as they both kept their gazes on us. The rain began to pour down harder, goosebumps rising in my skin as the darkness from the trees began to inch closer, I turn my attention back to woman above me and find milky white eyes staring down at me, triggering a memory.

My heart stops within my chest, before picking up its pace, I blinking rapidly the eyes disappearing and being replaced with Victoriaโ€™s ruby eyes. The image was engraved in my mind, appearing whenever I blinked and shocking fear in me. Her smile was lethal as she grins down at me, tightening her grip around my neck, pain zapping at my nerves as she digs her nails into the skin of my throat.

That same feeling overcame me, instincts driving me to move, my leg comes around her body, the length of it resting on her stomach before I push her back with a force that sends her toppling backwards onto the wet ground. In a fluid movement, Iโ€™m straddling her, curtains of wet hair falling in the sides of my face as I bare my fangs at her.

Something brings me to grab ahold of her head, ignoring her nails as they scratch at my hands, and with a quick twist, I snap her neck with a sickening crunch.

Silence hovers over me, the sound of the rain nothing but background noise as I rise to my feet, standing over body. Blood slips down the side of her mouth, eyes wide open, vacant and dull, staring out into nothing. I step away, rubbing at my throat while I make my way to the building where weโ€™ve fallen from, I lift my gaze to see Delano staring over the edge of the broken window; our eyes clashing together in a jumble of different emotions our eyes hold.

Staring harder, he gets the message and slowly backs away, giving me enough space to land as I hop and soar through the air and back into the building. Their eyes burn into the side of my head, not knowing what to do after witnessing what I have done, water drips from my hair and from the gown I wear into the floor as I walk forward being sure to walk around the destroyed hallway.

I walk back into the nurseryโ€” Eileesha stepping out of my wayโ€” as I head for the crib, I look over the edge and find both twins visible upset. I reach inside and place them both in the crook of my arms, their warm flesh seeping through the cold material of my gown that sticks to my skin, I turn around and walk out of the room in the opposite direction they all stood.


โ€œDonโ€™t.โ€ I whisper, glancing over my shoulder.

Delano presses his lips together, his fingers curling tighter in a fist with his brows furrowed together.

โ€œIโ€™m tired of you and that bรฏtch thatโ€™s laying on the ground,โ€ I say, containing my emotions, though my eyes donโ€™t hold back. โ€œI donโ€™t want you talking to me unless it has to deal with the twins or why the fรบck Iโ€™m really here.โ€

A sigh escapes me as I turn back around, โ€œIโ€™m done, Delano.โ€

As I walk away, my heart clenches, squeezing the breath out of me, the feel of his eyes in my back sending shivers down my back.

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