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Chapter XLVIII



My gasp was sharp and airy as I look down at the bundle in my arms, he looks up at me with his father eyes though there’s a little twinkle within them.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” I question him as if he would answer back.

He only continues to suckle on my nïpple, enjoying his feeding. I shake my head and turn my attention to his sister who was rattling a toy Kyri had brought down — among others — from their room, she looked thoroughly fascinated with it as the sound drifted; I smile and reach forward to shake her foot.

Her dark gazes cuts over towards me and my smile widens as I drag her across the bed and towards me, her bum hitting my shin as I lean down and shower her cheeks in kisses. Her brother pops my nïpple from his mouth and whines.

“You want some kisses too, Cassius?” I coo, pulling my bra and shirt back over my breast.

His name sounds funny on my lips, still, some getting used to but a progress. I lean up and pull him away from my chest, holding him in his arms away from me with my fingers holding his head up even though he didn’t need it. His eyes were slightly wet with small tears, his bottom lip jutting out in a pout, I place a quick kiss on his soft lips; grinning when he giggled and kicked his legs.

I play with the twins for a little while longer before they fall asleep, resting against my sides on the pillows, I play with Adelia’s hair, stroking the strands and twisting them between my fingers. Near the window, the moon shines down on the bed, the black sheets contrasting against its glow, the silver lighting creating a hall around the three of us, my children looking more heavenly than they already were.

My gaze slides over Cassius’s features, so much like Delano’s that my thoughts begin to consist of him.

“I wonder why your father is so stupid?” I whisper down at them.

I lay there, stroking and kissing them for a while longer before the door opens and Kyri walks in, she spots me on the bed and smiles.

“I can take over. You must be hungry,” she says as she walks closer.

I don’t say anything as she moves and gathers both Adelia and Cassius in her arms and goes to place them in the crib that was also brought down from their room. I sit up and scoot to the end of the bed before standing to my feet.

“You sure?” I ask, taking slow steps towards the door.

“Of course. I have to make sure they recognize their aunt,” she says, turning to me.

I smile gently, “All right.”

I exit the room, softly shutting the door behind me and walk down the hall that leads to the kitchen, moving to the fridge to look for something to snack on. It’s been a while since I had the taste of blood on my tongue, being a vampire is still taking some used to, physical food still gives my body the nutrients it needs but at the end of the day, there is still that small glimmer of hunger for more— something that isn’t food.

I settle with a bowl of pineapples, closing the fridge with my elbow as I turn around to the counter behind me. And I simply stand there, eating pineapples and reminding me of what I once was, it was until I was nearly done with the bowl that the sound of footsteps echoes from the hall.

My body tightens and tingles with awareness, my heart speeds up from its slow pace and there was only one person that had that effect; I don’t finish my thought as he walks through the entrance of the kitchen, his gaze instantly finds mine. A sweet shiver runs between the spaces of my spine before it spreads throughout my body, engulfing me, it seemed like forever since I’ve seen him when it’s only been two and a half days.

My soul sings out for all to hear at the sight of him, he looks rough and unkept but that only adds to his attractiveness. We stare at each other, breathing in each other’s scent despite the distance between us.

“What do you want?” I ask, breaking the silence while inhaling deeply.

“You know what I came for.”

His voice was deep, rumbling through my chest and rattling my ribs like xylophones.

“Then talk.”

Delano’s eyes narrow and his jaw clenched as he moves further into the kitchen until he was standing on on the other side of the island counter.

“I apologize for taking so long to come to you,” he says, “A situation came up that needed my assistance.”

I tilt my head, raising my brow. “And will you tell me about this ‘situation’?”

“No. I rather show you than tell you but that’s not all I came down here for.”

Surprise zaps at my nerves as I shut my mouth and wait for him to add more.

“Realizing that you were having my children, I thought that I could keep you safe knowing that he wouldn’t be long before everyone in this world would have found out,” he explains.

“I see then that wasn’t the best idea.”

‘Now you say it.’ I resist rolling my eyes and cross my arms instead, leaning my weight on my hip.

“Before I dive in, do you have any questions to ask?” he questions, his blue eyes staring deeply into my browns.

I scoff-laugh, “A few.”

He gestures his hand out, a go-right-ahead motion. Unfolding my arms, I place my palms down on the counter, slightly leaning toward him. “Why didn’t you get rid of Victoria all those years ago?”

His eyes flash. “I have tried. She just kept coming back until my parents seen she was a compatible partner for me.”

“You’re a grown man, you can’t just choose your own?” My heart ached as I said that, shuddering in my chest.

“Not exactly. That was also around the same time I left for the human world,” he answers with a strain.

I run my tongue over my teeth, “Why is my heart still beating? I thought I died.”

Delano’s body locks up further at the question, a moment of silence before she speaks again. “You didn’t die, I simply changed you before you flatlined, my blood is coursing through you veins right now which is making your heart beat.”

I pause and take it, remembering the time he told me the reason his own heart still beats, being that if his blood is my body. . . I hum out loud, nodding.

“I see,” I mumble. “Did know about Maddie having Leukemia?”

His brows creased into a frown, eyes hinting at sympathy. “I didn’t. I’m sorry.”

I purse my lips together, scratching my arm, “It’s fine.” I forget down my emotions and rack my brain for a couple more questions.

A question pushes itself to the front, vibrating and grabbing my attention and soon my lips were moving before I could see what it said.

“Why did you choose me?” I ask, tilting my head, “Out of all the girls in the club, you chose me; why?”

He grinds his teeth, his fingers moving as he cracked his knuckles. “I’m still unsure, something of you was calling out to me an I couldn’t ignore it even if I tried.”

“Do you regret it?”

Delano’s eyes darken with an emotion as he speaks, “Never.” sincerity clear in his voice.

The word was a straight arrow through my heart, the emotion following after knocking my breath away.

“Is that all?” he asks, looking a tad bit relaxed but his muscles still flexed under his shirt with tension.

I pinch my lips tightly together, my gaze flickering around his face as my lips form the the question; “What is a beloved?”

Silence soon trails after the question like pollen follows the wind, he didn’t speak for a whole minute, his lips shut and not willing to speak, just when I was about to call it quits he opens his mouth.

“I’m. . sure back on Earth you heard of something called a ‘soulmate’ or ‘other half’ in reference to love, correct?” he says and I nod, “Beloved in our terms is the very definition of that but we get our ‘beloves’ in a lifetime and some don’t have one at all.”

“There is a slim chance that a vampire will wait for their beloved to show up or exist before they grow tired and proceed with their lives,” he finishes.

The while time his eyes were staring deep into mine, flicker of emotions ran clear in his eyes like flames to fire.

“Now. Any more questions.”

I shake my head, lost in the night sky that his eyes gave, the cool darkness of them pulling me deeper than I already was.

“Good. I know you also been wondering why I kept you locked away in the mansion back in italy.” he starts off.


“Word travels fast in my world, meaning, my family’s enemies would have found out and tried to take you, using you as bait,” he says, a shimmer of anger flickering like flames in eyes, “I didn’t want you or the children—”

“—Adelia and Cassius,” I interrupt with a smile.

He nods in acknowledgement, “I want you or Adelia and Cassius getting hurt or in the middle of things.”

“I didn’t lie to you about everything I was doing was to protect you.”

My lips curve to the side as I stare at him, nothing his voice have off that he was lying both but sincere words leaving his being as he speaks. The air was lit with electricity, neither one of saying anything for a couple of seconds, eyes staring and connecting; it zaps and coils around the both of us, rising the hairs on our skins.

The time spent apart, though it was short, seemed to have create something hot and dangerous. Before someone could say it so anything, my sense sharpen just before a sudden gong noise rings through the hallway and carries farther into the castle. My ears perk at the sound of Cassius crying, his cries mingling with the echo of that thundering sound.

“What was that?” I ask Delano, watch as he looks over his shoulder and down the hall.

“That was the bell to the front entrance of the castle.”

I frown, “Who is it?”

He turns back to stare at me, the heat that was settled in his eyes, gone and replaced with fierceness. “Someone who will explain better than I at what’s been going on.”

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