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Chapter XLIX

“Come on.”

He doesn’t wait for me to respond before he walks out the kitchen, leaving me rooted for a few seconds, the stubborn part of me kicked in; giving me the thought to not follow him and just turn back around, but there was also the curious and hungry part of me that wanted to end the questions that still whirled in my head about everything and my purpose.


Her response was immediate as her head pops out from the room, I turn my attention to her direction, meeting her gaze.

“Don’t leave that room under any circumstance, not until I come back, okay?”

Her head bobs, her fiery curls following the movement while her eyes met mine with their own intensity. I didn’t wait long before I turn and follow after Delano, it didn’t take long for me catch up since he waited at the end of the hall, he looks over at me when I reach his side; our eyes meet and again that heat began to simmer between us.

He turns away and continues on his way with me following behind.

“Who are you meeting with?” I question, curiosity seeping through my tone.

“A shifter.”

My flickers with the small information. “Shifter? You mean like a. . . wolf?”

"Precisamente. He is exactly a wolf,” Delano responds, “He’s here to share on the matter of trouble that has risen while I’ve been gone.”

I watch the back of his head, starting at the dark tresses and slide my gaze down to the back of his neck to his wide, broad shoulders, my gaze lingering farther down. My heart pounds a few beats faster than before as I slowly raise my gaze back to his head, only to find him staring back at me.

Though being caught checking out his backside, I only meet his gaze with a raised brow, those blue irises darkened considerably at my expression; his jaw working. I quicken my steps to walk by his side instead of behind him, our hands swinging inches from each other. My body rises a few notches in temperature as I hold my head up high, our steps in sync.

“What trouble?” I say as if nothing happened.

He doesn’t immediately answer, only for a moment before his lips part open, “That’s for the shifter to explain but I will add on.”

As the sentence flows from his mouth, the tall doors to the castle’s front appear in out sight, workers stood on each side of the door, waiting patiently for Delano to arrive.

"Quanto tempo ha aspettato?”

"Tre minuti, maestà,” a male worker answers back.

Delano hums and stares at the dark oak door, ”Lo vedo. Apri le porte, per favore.”

At his command, both workers grab a handle after shifting a few locks before they gradually pulled each door apart, the slimmest shine of the moon peeking through the crack that grows wider and wider until a figure is revealed, standing in the middle of the door.

He was tall, his shadow stretching out the graveled path behind him, his features were dark and brooding, his build giving off the power somewhat similar to Delano’s but nowhere near his, there was a feral aura that surrounds him. The man had tousled dirty blonde hair, dark forest green eyes to complete the look, he didn’t wear a shirt; only pants that added to the feral look. His eyes were shielded and dark with an untold history that existed outside these walls.

“Prince Delano,” he spoke, greeting Delano gruffly.

“Adam,” he mirrored. “Welcome.”

The man nods and slowly drifts his gaze away and meets mine, I tilt my head in interest, seeing the flecks of yellow in his eyes as they stared into mine. He analyzes me while I do the same, his wide chest expands with every breath; I don’t miss the dilation of his eyes.

“This is. . ”

“My wife,” Delano replies, a growl in his voice.

I snap my gaze away from Adam’s to look at Delano in shock that I soon mask when catching a glimpse of his expression, a hint of anger and jealousy was a vicious storm within his eyes. Something in me purred at the look, knowing I caused it.

“Is she like you?”

Adam’s eyes still lingered on me, I give him a fanged smile that answers his question, Delano snaps his fingers and the doors are closed, shutting us in the hall as he points to the staircase off to the side.

“Why don’t we take this to the study room, ?”

Everyone was seated at the wood table, silence stretching, the King and Queen sit at the head of the table while I sit beside a brooding Delano and Adam sits towards the middle of the table.

“So,” the king shatters the bubble, “What have you found?”

Adam sits straight and turns his attention to the King that stares back at him with hard eyes.

“The rumors of a rebellion are true,” he starts off, “a couple of my men have been hearing whispers of people coming together to attack the castle, but never heard who was behind it.” he darkened tone settles how deep the situation was.

I turn towards Delano and mouth the words ‘rebellion’ and his eyes tell me ‘later’.

“Some are going around the city and asking for help and saying that they will be set free from the castle’s clutches, others have gotten bold even crossed our territory to your perimeter,” Adam said, shifting his gaze from the King to Delano.

“I’m unsure about some things but someone or something much darker is behind all of it along with some of your kind, my patrols has seen a woman coming and going from your castle from time to time.”

At his words, confusion graces the king’s face as his wife questions, “Who and when?”

Adam stares down at the table in thought, “Ablack haired woman with her hair cut below her ears, we spotted her a couple of days ago.”

Instant recognition zaps at my mind and nerves as a sudden laugh escapes me, all eyes turn towards me, my head shaking from side to side.

“Victoria,” I say with a click of my teeth, “It’s that bïtch Victoria.”

“How do you know?” the queen speaks, voice thick with an accent.

I lean back in my chair, “It’s common sense, she has been dropping a few hints herself towards me.”

Delano turns a bit in his seat to face me. “What has she said to you?”

“You know, this, that, how Delano was hers and whatnot and the idea that she was going to kill me and take over the kingdom for herself.”

The King growls, “Excuse me?”

“She sounded so sure of herself,” I pause, thinking, “to be honest, she seemed to have been planning this for awhile, my arrival seemed to have made the plan boost its speed.”

I watch as the King hands curl around he chair’s arm, the pressure of it causing the arm chair to splinter under his power, his eyes were slowly bleeding red.

“How dare she?!” he growls furiously, chest rising and falling.

“Yes, how dare she.” I mumble, still remembering her hands on Cassius.

I guess she wasn’t dead. A snap of a neck unfortunately didn’t kill her.

‘Bummer.’ I think with a pout.

“The reason I am telling you all this,” Adam starts up again, voice deep and vibrating in the air, also soothing and seeking attention. “We’ve been living in peace for hundred of years, you protect us and we protect you, in a way, I don’t want to see anything happen to you both.”

He directs his words towards the King who seemed to have calmed down a bit, the Queen rubbing his back and forearms. The King says nothing in return but only clenches his jaw as if to stop something from spilling out.

Delano rises from his seat. “We appreciate it and your loyalty, but it is best if you leave now while we settle this matter further.”

Adam nods, rising to his feet, “Of course.”

Delano walks Adam to the door of the study, with a strained posture and half smile.

“Again, thank you for the information.”

Adam nods once more and shakes Delano’s hand as he shifts his eyes over towards me, nodding at me. The workers escort him away just as Delano shuts the door to the study, engulfing us all.

No one says anything but a thought nudges at my brain, my lips forming around the question.

“Does this mean I get to kill Victoria for real this time?”

Deep inside me a burn and hunger to kill gnaws at my bones, it couldn’t wait to get its hands on her.


Quanto tempo ha aspettato - How long has he waited?

Tre minuti, maestà - Three minutes, your majesty

Lo vedo. Apri le porte, per favore - I see. Open the door, please

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