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Chapter L

The study was silent, the two silent brooding men on each side of the room in their thoughts about the information that was given to them, I rub my hands down my jean-clad thighs the same time a flicker of movement happened at the corner of my eye, my attention turns to see the Queen rising from her seat.

“It’s Kaitlyn, right?” she speaks, and it takes me a moment to realize she said my name.

“Ah! Yes, that’s my name,” I half smile as she straightens her dress and moves away from her seat.

“Would you mind stepping out of the room with me for a bit?”

I soon find my eyes glancing over at Delano, his gaze was already focused on me and at my look— confused no doubt— he gives a barely noticeable nod, I turn back to his mother and nod myself; rising to my feet.

“Of course,” I reply.

Her smile was polite and gentle as she glides forward, her steps graceful and airy, her form passing mine as she heads toward the door, I felt nervous and a tad bit scared to be alone with this woman, but there was a feeling she wasn’t all that bad as she seemed.

“Where are you going?” the King called out just as she was inches away from the door.

“To visit my grandchildren,” she starts, soon looking over her shoulder, “Qualcosa che dovresti fare presto.”

She turns back around without waiting for what he had to say, his face said it all of what he wanted to say. A small noise comes from Delano that I didn’t get investigate as one of the servers that were still in the room reached forward and pulled the door open for her just as she passed through the threshold, I soon followed after, the sound of the door shutting behind us rattled my bones of the situation I had fallen in. She turns towards me with those intense blue that she has passed down to her son.

“Shall we?”

I nod as she motions for me to lead the way and I did, leading her down the hallway I’ve ventured through too many times to count, all the moments holding memories, it was just then that we passed the nursey with the whole still in the wall but with boards covering it and the window. A sound escaped the Queen’s throat as we strode past it.

“So you did that, yes?”

I nod, pinching my lips together as a silver of embarrassment filled me, “Oui, your majesty.”

Glancing in her direction, I see her head turning back to face forward as she nods. “Impressive.”

I didn’t know whether it was a compliment or something else, but it didn’t matter as we continued on our way, the silence between stretching, I couldn’t help the small glances I threw her way as I accessed her; her steps were light, soft, and airy as expected from someone of high class as she walked with a straight back and shoulders pushed back. She looked like a true queen she was, her beauty enchanting who she was. It wasn’t long before we passed through the kitchen and was at the door of where the twins lied.

Looking over my shoulder I smile at the queen before I knock, the sound resonating in the hall as the door is opened, Kyri’s face was revealed from behind the door; her eyes flickering from me to the woman behind me.

“Kaitlyn, Mother,” she acknowledges with a nod, pulling the door inward to let us in. “They were little angels while you were away.”

“That’s good,” I say as I walk over toward the twin’s crib, “Thank you.”

Cassius was the first one I noticed, sleeping sideways and wild, his lips covered in drool as he slept the hours away, I smile as I reach into the crib and wipe the drool away before I glance at Adelia to see her sleeping content and correctly; the smile on my face only spreads further at seeing two completely different personalities. It’ll be fun watching them grow.

“Kyri, do you mind leaving us? I won’t be here long.” the queen spoke, her voice located somewhere in the room.

Kyri agreed, immediately leaving the room with the door clicking shut behind her, it wasn’t long before I felt her powerful presence step up beside me, looking inside the crib like I was; her aura shifts and comes down on me as a motherly tone took place.

“They’re beautiful,” she comments, moving closer until her hands were grasping at the crib bars. I watch her for a moment before I open my mouth.

“Do you want to hold. . .?” I break off when she instantly nods, I watch as she leans down and reaches for Cassius, maneuvering him to rest easily in her arms.

She looks down at her grandson, an awe like look overcoming her features, emotion taking up her face as her eyes shift around the look-a-like of her son. There was a soft look in her eyes, adoration very clear the longer she stared, she caresses his hair back away from his hair, keeping her hand there and just staring.

“His name?” she whispers.

A small smile quirks at my lips as I step forward, running my fingers down my son’s cheek. “Cassius,” I tell her.

Her blue eyes flicker to me for a short moment before moving back to the buddle in her arms, “What about her?” she gestures to Adelia the same moment she stirs in her sleep, her face scrunching up as if she feels her brother’s presence has disappeared.

“This is Adelia,” I say as I reach into the crib and lift her small body, cuddling her to my chest.

The queen’s gaze focuses on both, her eyes sharing the same look I get when my children are lying on my chest and reminding that them being here and belonging to me is all real. She glides a few steps towards me and looks down at the twins as their held next to each other.

“I didn’t think I live to see the day Delano would have offspring,” she laughs a breathy chuckle, “My, how things have changed.”

“All this was kind of an accident,” I couldn’t help but tell her, not meeting her eye when she turns her attention to me. “I was a mistake,” I whispered the last part.

“A great mistake,” the queen counters, wide-eyed, I look at her. “You not only brought my son home, but you also gave him a family and a different heart.”

My heart skips, my legs feeling like jelly at the truth she spoke behind her words. “What. .?”

“How did you and Delano meet?”

I swallow, rocking on my feet, “We. . . we met in a club.”

She nods, bending over to place Cassius in the crib and I soon follow, placing Adelia beside him. They soon cuddle up beside each other, drifting further into their dreams, I shift my attention back to the queen when she moves from my side and towards the bed, settling herself at the end of it. She looked so out of place as she pats the spot next to her, gesturing me forward. I close the distance and lower myself next to her, back straight and legs crossed.

She releases a small giggle, “You can relax, dolcezza, I won’t bite.”

My shoulders sag the tiniest bit, this woman was completely different from the first time I have seen her, her aura changed from guarded to carefree, besides that, I rather know this side of her than the other.

“Whatever Delano has told you is lie.”

I snap my head her way, brows furrowed together in confusion, “What do you mean?” a spark of anger was ignited along with her words with a small undertone of betrayal.

Her eyes scan my face, a hint of a smile on her lips, “Not the way you’re thinking, just the part about him leaving to the human realm to escape us,” she rolls her eyes, the moonlight causing them to glint and flicker brightly.

“He was searching for his beloved.”

Shock trickles into my system like water sliding between cracks of the sidewalk after a storm, it settles in the pit of my heart as it slowly fills it to the brim and makes me breathless.

“I’m sure he’s told you about beloveds,” the queen adds as an afterthought.

I nod, “He has, but your majes—”

“You can call me Elizabeth.” she smiles, “We’re family after all.”

I swallow, meeting her gentle gaze before I look down into my lap, my hands twisting together.

“How are you sure he was there looking for his. . beloved?”

“A mother knows best and there was a look in my child’s eyes as the years passed, though he did have his ‘fun’ with Victoria, that still wasn’t enough for him.” her eyes begin to sulk and glaze over, “I can’t help but blame myself, I was the one that pushed her onto him not wanting to see him alone. He also needed someone to help him rule the kingdom after his father and I would step down.”

I sit in silence, letting her words sink in, coiling around my brain and sticking its fingers into my mind to embed her words deeper, a part couldn’t help but sympathize Delano.

“. . .Has he. . found his beloved, yet?” I ask, the words tasting bitter, my heart already knows the answer, I don’t meet her gaze, not wanting her to see something deep inside to shatter as she answers.


The feeling I felt had nothing compared to a punch in the gut, this was something so much worse, it consumed my heart and physically leaving me hurt and breathless. I forced myself to swallow down the bile that wanted to paint the beautiful carpet.

“Who?” the words hurt and burned the lips it passed out of.

Elizabeth didn’t immediately answer, her eyes taking in my expression, something I tried hard to cover. “You.” she finally replies.

I was breathless for a whole ’nother reason. I turn to face her again, the surprise on my face sticking. “What? There’s no way. . no,” I deny.

“Yes,” she nods, smiling, “There are a few details Delano seemed to left out from telling you what beloveds are,” she says, tsking.

“To know you have found your beloved is by there scent, a sweet scent always coats the female— no matter the species, and for the males, its a musky but earthy smell, the next point is that you feel attracted to them, no matter how much that person tries to deny it.”

“. . .something from you was calling out to me and I couldn’t ignore it even if I tried.”

My eyes widen as it dawns on me, Elizabeth’s eyes twinkling with mirth, “Another thing is if the males tend to sleep with their beloved, denying what their soul is trying to say, only they can impregnate the female.”

“Do you regret it?”

Delano’s eyes darken with an emotion as he speaks, “Never.”

My mind swirls, millions of thoughts banging against the confinements of my skull, Elizabeth can only watch in amusement.

“T. .That’s not possible, it isn’t tru—”

“But it is, bambino, neither one of you can deny it any longer.” she gazes at me with soft eyes, before her hand comes up to cup my cheek. “I can now only ask of you is to stick by his side, I know he can be a little thick-headed at times but he gets it from his father, trust me.”

“He needs you more then you need him.”


Qualcosa che dovresti fare presto - Somehting you should do soon

bambino - child

dolcezza - sweetness/sweetie

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