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Chapter LII

Waiting for Delano to return with some kind of news, that everything was all right left me anxious for his return. His confession still rang clear within my head, bouncing from each side of my head, the lingering feelings still residing inside me holding on tight at the memory; I occupy myself with checking on the twins and making sure they’re all right and walking around the large space of the room.

I try the door and for sure it was locked from the outside, knowing I could simply rip the door from off its hinges crosses my mind but I leave it as just a thought.

The hallway eerily quiet now, what once was filled with screaming was now silent. I grew more and more anxious with the passing minutes as a dark and uncomfortable feeling settles in the pit of my stomach, claiming its home the more I paced back and forth. My gazes shift to the window behind the bed, the moon bright and full and shining through the planes, even the atmosphere outside felt different.

The knob of the door jiggling in place caused me to whip around and instantly put myself between it and the bed where Cassius and Adelia lied.

“Who is it?” I called out, ready.

“Kyri. Can you open the door please so I can come in?”

My body relaxes at the sound of her voice and I move to the door only stop short.

“I can’t, it’s locked from the outside.”

Silence meets my words before the sound of shuffling is heard from the other side of the door, and then a sudden bam shocks me back a few steps as the knob is broken from its place and the door swings open; Kyri walks in unmoved by what she did and looks me over.

“Are you all right?”

I nod, overcoming the slight shock, looking over her head for a sign of Delano. When I don’t see him, a tinge of disappointment lingers in my core.

“I’m fine, where’s Delano?”

She sighs, “There’s been a breach, something dark was able to pass through the barrier around the castle,” she explains, shutting the door behind her as she strides in further. “The screaming you heard were the servers, some pointed out blacken figures outside. Everyone was ordered to their rooms and to stay there, my parents and Delano are handling things now.”

Her eyes are didn’t make me believe a word she said; they were dull from their usual color, staring almost lifeless ahead as she moves towards the bed, I didn’t say anything, only grateful for the small piece of information. The uncomfortable feeling never left the pit of my stomach, it just settled deeper and spread throughout my body. I run a hand through my hair and walk over towards the dresser where I press my hands against the surface and bend down in a stretch to calm myself.

I didn’t like the feeling. I didn’t like it at all.

“He’ll be okay, right?” I couldn’t help but question.

I lift my head to stare at Kyri through the dresser’s mirror, her blue eyes glowing in the faintly lit room, “Of course. This is Delano we’re speaking of.”

Something heavy was hanging over the room, as I tried to shut my eyes and get a few minutes of rest, I couldn’t. I was just. . . uncomfortable and had the urge to move around, I didn’t know how to explain it so I kept it to myself, leaving Kyri with one less thing to worry about. The night draws deeper, the sinking feeling only growing worse as the shadows begin to thicken and stretch longer than what they were, I stand near the window off to the side of the room, my gaze flittering around the trees, unpleasant shivers racking my spine.

It was then a sound filled the room, it was a soft sound, like a whistle of a faraway train that was slowly making its way down the tracks, Kyri and I make eye contact from across the room when a shadow cast upon the bedspread— and that’s when I saw it. Its huge form was taking up half the window, its shadow showing upon the twins sleeping faces, my heart thuds a fast pace within my chest as it peeks through the window planes.

Electric shockwaves course through my system as I catch a glimpse of the unknown creature’s eyes. Milky white and dull, the same ones from my dream.

Kyri follows my direction and soon finds herself staring a creature that looks through the wind, it can’t seem to see us from inside with the lights— I don’t think it can see at all. I watch as it presses its head against the plane, its head was bald and small with holes on the side of the head of what I can classify as ‘ears’. Kyri and I keep quiet as its long fingers scratch along the glass, a screeching noise stirring the babies.

Kyri grabs my attention, her fingers pointing at the window, one of her fingers drag across her neck while shaking her head before pointing to her eye, she then points at her ears nodding her head.

‘It can’t see but it can hear.’

I nod my understanding as she beckons me forward, I shake my head and get her to move the twins from off the bed first. She does so as quietly as she can, the bed dipping under her weight as she leans down and grabs ahold of Cassius’s foot and drags him toward her, he stirs and makes a small noise that has us both freezing. The thing outside the window freezes as well, our breaths pausing in our lungs and after a moment or two, it moves again, feeling around the surface of the glass.

I take a step forward, carefully placing one foot in front of the other, I use the grace that I’ve seen Delano use so many times and make my way across the room — at that moment, a noise burst from Adelia and my gaze snaps over her to see her eyes wide open, staring at me. A loud screech destroys the silence from the window, there wasn’t much time to waste as Kyri gathered the twins in her arms and leaps away just as the window’s surface split down the middle.

Glass shatters and flies through the air from the force, shards scatter across the bed and littered the floor like tiny diamonds; the creature perched itself on the bed, its thin, skeletal body standing out in the room, its skin was grey and tight, pulling back at its features.

Its face is what terrified me the most. It had no nose, the mouth stretching to where the nose is supposed to be, blue transparent veins ran up and across its skull; razor-like teeth filled out its mouth, saliva dripping from its mouth and spreading on top of the bed, a hump curved its back inward as it positioned in a crouch.

It was like a featherless bird, the same one I seen from my dream. I clamp a hand over my mouth in horror, the smell coming from it not the only cause. From the corner, Kyri cradles the twins to her being as the thing twitches and tilts its head in her direction.

I wave my hand in the direction of the door.

‘Go!’ I mouthed.

Her brows furrow together and we both flinch when it hops down from the bed with a thud, on her side, and I could see the panic swimming in her eyes while she takes a step back as the thing takes another step in her direction. She was torn with leaving me here and taking the twin somewhere safe.

I clench my teeth when it takes another step toward, her back now against the opposite wall, “Leave and find Delano!” I holler.

I fling myself out of the way as the thing darts in my direction with a vicious noise, instincts take over as I watch Kyri inch toward the door and cross over the threshold, not before she gives me a look, the cries of my children following her down the hall. This thing was confused: its head tilted back and forth from me and the door, leaning more towards the door, I begin to snap my fingers and whistle.

“This way you ugly piece of—!”

I blur to the other side of the room as it suddenly moves and slams into the wall where I once stood, the small glass pieces that were still hanging from the window shutter and fall from the vibration that knocks the room from its feet. A growl rumbles from its chest, my own hiss passing through my clenched teeth.

It didn’t appreciate being toyed with.

“You wanna play. .” I huff, banging my hand against the wall beside me for its attention before I hop onto the bed, “then let’s play!”

I jump out the way from its swiping claws, getting nicked in the leg and fly through the open window and into the night. Balancing myself on my feet, the wind howls and blows the surrounding area awake, the leaves rustling and swaying behind me in a synchronized way with the dark atmosphere that hangs over the castle.

I glance down at my leg and see my pants legs ripped and an open wound visible to the naked eye, the smell of my own blood wafting into my nostrils; I click my teeth in annoyance.

I feel its aura, wrapping around my neck and choking me, growing darker with each second as it hops from the room and lands in front of me, feet away. Neither of us makes a move while I analyze its stance, my gaze flickering around to find something to use on it. My feet shift in the dirt, dead leaves crunching beneath my weight and stupidly it rushes forward, getting a good few feet closer and throwing out its arm, its claws swiping nothing but air as I duck.

I roll on the ground between its wide stance, one of my legs shooting out and connecting with the thing’s back with a force that sends it flying forward and across the field.

I blow a breath as the creature skids across the ground and I swiftly climb to my feet.

“Well, if it isn’t Kaitlyn,” a voice alters out into the air from behind me.

I whip around to see the last person I would want to land my eyes on.

Victoria smiles, her crimson eyes glitter in the moon’s light, her expression as sadistic as ever. “It seems you’re happy to see me, and it seems you met my little friend too.”

My chest vibrates and grows in volume to an animalistic sound as I turn my full attention to her, forgetting everything as anger boils inside me at the sight of her. “You. . .”

“Speechless? Yes,” her grin spreads, eyes sparkling like an actor’s would when put on the spotlight, “I get that sometimes.”

“You bitch!”

“That I am, but I wouldn’t worry about me right now, sweetie,” her gaze flickers to something behind me.

That’s when the force of a train crashing head-on with a car slams into my back and sends me lying on my front, I hiss in pain then soon cry out as razor teeth tear into my shoulder, blood spilling down my front and forming a puddle in the ground.

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