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Chapter LIII

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It took everything in me not to turn around and go back to the room and keep Kaitlyn and the twins by my side, but the increasing dread that deepens in my chest and gut pushes me forward to where the screaming took place.

I pivot sharply around a corner only to skid to a stop at the horrendous sight before me; blood splatters coat the walls like blankets and bodies scattered across the flooring, puddles of my servants’ blood taking up the hall. It was a peek of hell unleashed upon the castle.

A hand locks around my pants leg, tugging and gathering my attention to the woman that drags herself across the ground to my feet with the hand that clenches the material of my pants. Her brown curls fanned over her face, splatters of red mingling with the tears that cascaded down her cheeks.

“P-please. . . help. . m-m-me.”

I crouch before her, prying her hand from around my ankle and hold it in my palm. My gaze run over her form, taking in the bloodied clothes and the deep wound in her neck and torso, making me wonder what creature inflicted such wounds to not only but to numerous in a matter of minutes.

“What happened here?” I coax, my free hand going to cup her face.

At my gesture, her tears only fall faster, “They c-came from o-out of nowhere. . .” she takes in a deep breath, her throat working. “I. . .I don’t know what t-they were. . .” her breathing begins to fail as she coughs, liquid trickling down the side of her mouth, what little strength she had used to squeeze my hand.

“P. .prince D-Delano, please. . .”

My jaw locks together as I look around, death hanging heavily over the hallway. Inhaling deeply, I shut my eyes, I open them to see the woman staring at me with glistening eyes that awaken something inside me.

“It’s going to be okay,” I say to her, my palm pressing against the center of her forehead. “I’ll take care of everything. Rest.”

A barely noticeable smile graces her lips as her lids droop, the life in her eyes dimming. “Thank you. . .”

I put her to sleep, knowing she won’t wake again when her hand falls limp in my hold. Shrugging off my coat, I swing it around and place over her body, the peaceful look across her face the last thing I see as the coat blocks her away, a sigh pass my lips as I stand to my feet.

“Oh my god!” a voice echoes into the hall.

I snap my eyes to the end of the hall to see Kyri standing there with her hands covering mouth in horror, her eyes beginning to well up with tears at the sight, I flash before her, blocking her view.

“Kyri, what are doing!? I would expect you to stay upstairs.”

Her wide eyes meet mine, blue on blue, hers filled with fear. “I couldn’t, I heard screaming and came down to see what it was. . . and the smell. .” she tries to look around me at the scene.

I grab her face and make her look at me again, her pupils dilated. “Kyri, listen, I need you to tell me if you saw anything: any visions?”

She shakes her head in my palms, her red hair tumbling in her eyes, “No, I haven’t! N-not since the first night Kaitlyn arrived her— where’s Mom and Dad?”

“I am not sure. I’m going to look for them now, I need you to go—” I tap her face when she tries to take a peek down the hall, “go stay with Kaitlyn and the twins. I need you to be strong for me, for her, can you do that?”

Kyri’s mouth opens and closes as she stares deep into my eyes before nodding. “Y-yeah, yeah, I can do that.”

I nod as well, “Good. Good. You already know what room she’s in, don’t pay attention to the bodies.”

“I won’t.”

I nod again, letting her go without saying anything else as she walks around me, keeping her gaze up and ahead. I watch her until she disappears from where I came from, once she’s gone, I turn back around; my gaze lingering over the hall. Pulling the sleeves of my dress shirt to my elbows, I continue my way down the hallway to where I think my parents might be occupying.

My hands slam against the surface of the ballroom doors, a loud thud echoing in the hall, my eyes immediately meet with the sight of Eileesha, my parents and Adrian standing around with dark looks upon their faces. My mother was the first to greet me as she meets me halfway, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Oh, Delano,” she pulls back, grasping my face, “You aren’t hurt, are you? Where’s Kyri?” she begins to overlook my body for any injuries.

“She’s fine, I sent her to stay with Kaitlyn,” I tell her, taking her hands into mine and bringing them away from my face. “I came here wondering if you all knew what was going on.”

“Your Father might have a clue.”

She loops her arm through mine and leads me to the small circle of everyone, my father standing at the front.

“Did any of you catch sight of what happened out in the hallway?” I asked.

They all shake their head, Eileesha moves away from the circle to go look outside the floor-to-ceiling window of the ballroom with a guarded look. The storm outside raged on, the clouds coming together and bunching tightly together, lightning flashes across the sky, flickering within the building and casting out shadows simultaneously on the ground.

“I had just arrived around a couple of minutes after the screams started,” she states, “there was more than one whatever had attacked the servants.”

“I think I might have caught a glimpse of what it was,” Adrian chimes.

His expression was grim, his lips pulled in a thin line that equaled his thoughts, “It was shaped like a featherless bird, a hunch on its back and talons coated in blood, and its face was one I’ve never seen,” he described.

A look passes over my father’s face when Adrian finished talking, and soon I turn my attention toward.

“Do you know anything about what’s going on?”

He casts his gaze toward me, dark shadows covering his face as his lips thinned. “I do actually.”

Soon everyone’s attention was focused on my father, their faces holding the confusion and questions and situation that’s happening. He sighs, meeting each and every one of our gazes with an intensity of a thousand men ready for battle.

“I might have been stretching out the truth from everyone,” he begins.

Right then and there, I could see what the hard years have done to my father. No matter how young he looked, you could tell by his dark aura, cold features, and the small noticeable lines just by how hard you’re really looking.

“There wasn’t ever a rebellion, that was just something to cover the fact that a darker force is approaching,” a sigh passes through him, “everyone is aware of the history of this world, the wars we vampire royals had to fight to get things the way they are now.”

Everything was silent, still, and dead as if time has stopped as the truth is revealed. I watched everyone’s expression, all the same, my mother was the only one who wore the expression of cluelessness and surprise of what my father was speaking of. It seemed this was something he also kept from her.

“There was an enemy that would always stand in our way,” a quick flash of anger flickered through my father’s eyes, his eyes glittering red. “And that enemy were demons.”

A sudden movement from the corner of my eyes brings my attention to Adrian, a fierce and dark look completely taking over his facial features. His dark gaze darts to me, and I could see the resentment and small glimpse of fear in his eyes. Barely, I shake my head at him, my eyes mainly telling him ‘no’.

“They were the ones who created the terrori notturni’s and these creatures have been roaming these grounds for as long as I was lived,” the king continues a second later, “Demons and Vampires have been battling for centuries upon centuries with no true winning side until one day they stopped.”

My father’s sudden faraway look focused back and his gaze flickered between us all, particularly holding my gaze the longest.

“To make this story short, they disappeared since and haven’t been seen until a decade ago.”

Silence was a funny little thing. It was never truly silent and always screamed louder than words itself, I could tell everyone’s minds were spinning and rambling along with the new information.

“Do you have an idea why they’ve returned?” Eileesha asks.

He turns to look at her, “For the first time, no, I do not. There have been no signs of them, but wherever their creatures are, they are close by.”

“We just got to be ready.”

That’s when it started. Everything happened at once, the sound of glass shattering and a hoarse shout from Eileesha had everyone turning, in a blur of movement she flew past us and skidded across the ground with something grey splayed on top of her.

It was skinny and its bones were shooting through is thin skin, Eileesha fought with it, struggling with keeping the thing at arm’s length as it snapped its jaws at her, she flashed her fangs at it, flinging the thing to the side. We all watched as it rolled across the ground and flipped back to its feet, the same moment Eileesha shifted to her own, and we all caught a glimpse of what it looks like and the sound of my fathers inhale of air was heard.

“There it is,” he whispered, but we all heard, ”Terrori notturni."

Just as he says that the creature arches its back and releases a screech so loud we all winced, the intensity of it shattering the rest of the windows as we crouched to protect our ears; though squinted eyelids, my father was the only one standing firm and still in place, eyes as hard as diamonds.

Soon enough, the creature barrels in our direction, its claws scraping against the marble flooring with small growls vibrating from its chest with head step it, Eileesha quickly slides in front of us. Her fist connects with the side of the thing’s face, the clear sound of its jaw breaking heard, she doesn’t waste any time with delivering a few more blows that knock the thing back a few steps.

The creature again screeches, this time I’m able to withstand it, the sound different from the last as black blood trickled from its mouth full of fangs.

“It’s calling for backup,” Father states, brows furrowed as he looked on.

After he said that, shadows begin to scatter across the floor along the windows, I cast a look to the side to see numerous of terrori notturni’s posted on the edges of the ballroom’s window, surrounding the building. Lightning flickered outside, light flashing and the figures stretching farther across the ground.

It was that split second as Eileesha snapped the creature’s neck, its body falling to the floor with a thud, did they all pounced on us at once.

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