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Chapter LIV

I scream in pure agony as pain slams into my senses and floods me whole. I gargle the blood thatโ€™s swelling in my mouth and spilling down my chin. I clench my teeth to keep the rest of my voice locked inside as my fangs dig into my bottom as the creatureโ€™s jaw tighten around my shoulder. My hands claw at the earth, dirt, and grass caking beneath my nails.

The pain was unbearable, it didnโ€™t compare to the pain I felt as I was changed into a creature of the night but I felt it; it was ripping, and tearing at my senses and replacing all I knew to pain. Its jagged teeth sunk deeper into my flesh, the tips scraping against bone. I couldnโ€™t hold in the scream that crawls from the depths of me and shatter the air.

I splutter, crimson flying from my mouth.

Feet appear in front of me, my gaze trail up to the face of Victoria โ€” her sadistic pleasure of the situation coming off of her in waves. Her eyes that held their natural color were now consumed by red hues, the bloodlust deep within them rattling me to the core and only causing my rage to burn heavier in the pit of my stomach. Something much darker poured from her essence making my senses aware of what a danger she truly is; something happened within the time span she was gone.

โ€œLook at you,โ€ she coos mockingly as I glare up at her, โ€œPathetic and on the brink of death.โ€

A growl rumbles from my chest thatโ€™s soon cut short as the creature on my back sinks its claws in my arm, adding on to the pain. Victoria laughs at me, lowering herself to her knees to stare down at me, those red eyes heavy with pleasure.

โ€œI didnโ€™t think this would work. . .โ€ she laughs again, looking me over my bloodied state. โ€œWe did warn you, we were coming.โ€

My shock was clear, crystal clear and visible to see in my eyes, she enjoyed the look more than anything, her eyes glowing brighter. I finally take notice of the moving shadows within the shadows of the trees, the breeze whirling in the small clearing, my eyes flicker around and take note of all the creatures like the one on my back; all protruding from the shadows and making themselves known. There had to be a dozen of them.

โ€œDonโ€™t worry,โ€ her voice grabs my attention back, โ€œIโ€™ll take good care of Cassius and Adelia,โ€ she taunts and wags her fingers at me in farewell.

Her back was all I could see from the ground and in the direction of the castle. I jerk in place, wanting to get up and end this all, the thing on my back weighed like an anchor and kept me in place. The creatures inched from the shadows.

โ€œStop!โ€ I call out, โ€œDonโ€™t you dare touch them!โ€


Her figure grows farther as the creature finally moves on my back. I grit my teeth as my breathing picks up and soon Iโ€™m panting, panic and anger fueling my movements as I remove my hands from the depths of the ground and bend them back to where I scratch at the creatures head. Flesh builds up under my nails, I was only causing slight pain. I growl, deep and angered, my hands planting by my head while I slowly push myself up off the ground, my mind zaps with an idea before I found myself thrusting forward the same time the two in front of me moved.

Sliding along the ground, the stick was soon within my grasp as I wheel around and meet one of the creatures head on, one of its claws dragged across my stomach โ€” blood seeped from the wound.

My fangs sink into lower lip out of pain but I keep going; I go beneath its reaching hands and drive the stick through its chest with enough force for the blunt tip to pierce through its flesh and too its heart. An ear-splitting noise retches from the thing, the thing pushing me back; it stumbled a few feet away, screeching and hollering its pain, the hands hovering over the protruding stick. Black blood oozed from the corners, slipping down its front like water.


My head snaps towards the castle, a silhouette standing upon the roof, the moon creating a halo around their body.

โ€œRip its head off!โ€ the voice I soon recognized, says over the screeching, โ€œit wonโ€™t die unless you rip its head off!โ€

I donโ€™t argue and just do as I was told, my sharp eyes snap to the screeching thing, his friend hovering a few steps away; waiting, watching. I follow along with my bodyโ€™s instinct as I migrate, blurring in and out in a zigzag formation while racing upon the unknown creature; it takes a short amount of time to reach him in the small distance and Iโ€™m soon latching onto the creatures back and striking for its throat.

My fangs sink as deep as they can in the hollow of its neck, satisfaction twisting in my belly at the feeling of sinking my teeth into something, flesh tears and rips within my mouth as its blood spills over. Itโ€™s in hysteric now, the thingโ€™s arms swinging and slashing at air as it stumbled on its feet. I donโ€™t waste time to yank my head back, tearing a chunk of its flesh from its neck, the sound resembling paper being torn in half.

Pints of blood shoots out from a vein, the sound of its pain, dialing down to gurgles, I perch myself farther up its back with perfect stability while my fingers find the rip in the neck and lodge themselves into the wound.

I donโ€™t react when its nails drag along my cheek, a burning sensation rising, with a quick jerk of my wrist; the head soon flies through the air and stopping at the feet of its fellow brethren.

Defying silence caresses my ears, the body below me going slack and tipping forward, I hop from it before it hits the ground. Movement was non-exist for the moment, my eyes tingle with a fuzzy sensation, flickering about. Something takes over my mind as my tongue runs over each fang, my gaze never straying from the second creature that stood opposite of me.


A flurry of events happened all at once. The creature launched itself forward, a hiss passing between my teeth at the same time a figure came barreling down at high speed from above, knocking it to the ground. The thing didnโ€™t have time to do anything before it too was beheaded. Grey eyes collide with mine, a sense of familiarity slamming into me when I see it was just Abelโ€” in all his frightening gloryโ€” my attention shifts to his hands, the tips of his fingers dripping with blood from the creature.

He looked rough: clothes ruffled and wrinkled, hair disheveled and eyes pulsing like shiny shards of glittering stars in the night, besides everything he looked okay.

โ€œYou all right?โ€ he asks, walking towards me, body relaxed as if we werenโ€™t surrounded by an unknown species.

I nod, looking around over his shoulder making sure none of the others decide to step forward.

โ€œWhat are these things,โ€ I question when he steps to my side.

"Notte di terrore."

I side-glance him, Abelโ€™s eyes dark and alert than his usually perky self, this side was dark, serious and brooding.

His eyes waver about, sweeping over all the bony, hollowed-eyed faces among us. โ€œThe true term is Night of Terror,โ€ he says, โ€œbut we call them night terrors. Theyโ€™re the devilโ€™s creation, unknown to all, but to some; we donโ€™t know where or when they arrived in this dimension.โ€

โ€œThey stayed where they belonged and we never ventured to find out now theyโ€™re here. . . a random attack.โ€ his brows crease downward.

โ€œI think I know why.โ€

The feel of Abelโ€™s gaze on me leaves a tingle on the surface of my skin at the awareness but I continue to look ahead, their milky eyes focused on me.

โ€œVictoriaโ€”โ€ his scoff is filled with distaste, โ€œโ€”sheโ€™s the one controlling them. Not too long after you arrived here her and I had a sort of. . . โ€˜talkโ€™ and she said they warned me they were coming.โ€

โ€œIโ€™m not following,โ€ he comments.

I swallow thickly, โ€œA few months ago, Iโ€™m sure you remember, I had a dream about one of these things and voices were speaking to me mainly saying they were โ€˜comingโ€™. . .โ€ I dig my nails into my palms.

โ€œThat isnโ€™t the first time I had a dream like that,โ€ I continue. โ€œI donโ€™t think this was a random attack, this has been building up from the time in Italy.โ€

โ€œTheyโ€™re here for something else.โ€

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