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Chapter LV

Panic settles deep in my bones at my own question, my gaze instantly swings around in the direction that Victoria had shot off to; I know where she was headed.

“The twins,” I mumble.

“What?” Abel frowns, turning his full attention toward me.

“The twins!” I say louder, my knees trembling and knocking together with uncontrollable emotions, “Oh god, she’s after the twins.”

Suddenly previous conversations with Delano begin prob at my mind, zipping and mingling together in a tight-rope of words.

“. . .I’m what you call a Pureblood.”

"Purebloods harbor powers that are passed down from generation to generation, just like genes are, some can skip a generation and others can be given back to back.”

“There are people out to get me for simply being who I am. . .”

Soon everything clicks, snapping and locking into place as I look around at the hideous faces that surround us both. They weren’t here for me, they were simply given the order to eliminate me from the equation so the person behind it all can go after what they came for. Being offsprings from a not only a pureblood but a royal, the twins were easy targets since they weren’t able to get the real deal. I hoped to God or whoever will answer my plea that Kyri was able to hide away.

“Who?” Abel speaks, breaking me from my thoughts, “Victoria?”

“Yes! Her! She’s after them,” I hiss, my being vibrating with rage and anxiousness.

Just saying that woman’s name started a chain reaction. The creature closest to me launched itself forward, a black blur filling my peripheral view as Abel slams his fist into the creatures cheek and sending it flying back to the others; all falling like pins at a bowling alley. Their hisses and small screeches fill our ears as they all come at once, closing in on us like a swarm of bees. Abel steps back, bumping into my arm.

“Get ready,” he growls before jumping headlong.

The first in his path was dead in a second with his hand shoved through its chest while the other rips off its head. Blood sprays everywhere, coating the front of his body and face making his fangs more promptly than ever before, there was a gleam in his eyes after he jerked his hand back.

I didn’t get to analyze him any longer, movement from the side of me caught my attention as I move away. Another creature had its target on me, snarling its aggression at me before pouncing without a moment’s hesitation, I duck and glide opposite of its side with grace with a few quick blurred steps; with Abel at my side, fighting these things with me I couldn’t help the boosted energy and slight increase in confidence at my abilities.

I didn’t waste another minute with the thing as I whirled around, its reaction slow before I plunged my hand through the center of its chest, clawing my way to the other side, a beating organ within my clutches. The body drops to my feet, dead, my fingers slowly uncurling from around the creature’s heart as I step up to the body and drive the heel of my bare feet down with uncontained strength, snapping the neck.

I’m unsure of how long this brawl lasted, it got to the point no matter how many we killed and ripped the heads off of they continued to come from the depths of the woods and shrink the circle they had made around us. Both Abel and I were back to back, covered in blood, some of our own and some from the night terrors, both of us were breathing heavily from excessive force and effort to get rid of these things but nothing seemed to work as the bodies began to pile.

Abel growls darkly when another lunges forward, he repeats what he’s been doing all night, his hand closing around the creatures neck when it got close enough and removes the head from the body violently.

“Where the fuck are they coming from!?” Abel exclaims, frustration clear in his voice and movements.

I grunt, killing off another. “I’m unsure but they aren’t stopping.”

“I don’t have the energy for this!” he throws a creature out of view, more coming upon us like ants.

A distant scream from the direction of the castle diverts my attention away from the fight, my skin tingling and bones growing heavy with dread, it sounded a lot like—

“Kaitlyn, watch out!”

A short sense of deji vu hit me just like the bony body that flies into mine, knocking us both down to the ground, the force flew us back a couple of feet but that was needed before the rest began to barge in all at once, separating me and Abel in our own circles.


I used my forearms to block the thing’s snapping jaws. I grit my teeth, with my energy being dangerously low, it was hard to keep it back. Claws soon tangle in my hair, yanking and tugging my hair back, sharp jolts of pain igniting through my scalp; a short scream escapes me as I kick my legs to buckle the thing from my hips. I reached over me with one arm swiping at the other that had a firm grip on my hair.

My vision was quickly filled with countless of creatures hovering over me with hungered gazes and wet fangs, ready to rip into me and they inched closer at a mocking pace, each tug of my hair exposing more of my throat.

Suddenly, a growl that shook the ground vibrated the particles in the air before the weight on my hips and hair were gone with a faint whooshing of air above me, a large shadow being the cause of it. I roll onto my belly, gazing ahead at the large animal that ripped into the throats of the two night terrors, they were dead within seconds, the animal snarling as it backed up and stood in front of me. . .?

I stayed alert even when it was a short distance away from me, the things around us backed away, the new arrival catching them off guard. Once they were far enough, I moved my knees as the animal — an overgrown wolf — stops growling and looks over its shoulder: dark forest green eyes colliding with mine. Familiarity was there in the back of my brain as I climb to my feet, ignoring the throbbing in my head, I didn’t intend to investigate, my gaze quickly averting to the castle.

More growling from behind me rose into the air, wolves were coming from beyond the trees and attacking the remaining creatures that stood around, shredding them apart. Noise filled the small clearing, a complete bloodbath; my eyes flicker to the green-eyed wolf to see it already staring at me, something told me it was the cause of these furry reinforcements coming in.

I nod my head in a sort of ‘thank you’ gesture, its eyes lit up with a sort of response, its black lips curving before it disappeared into the fray of blood and snapping jaws. I didn’t wait any longer as I race off toward the castle, with the wolves giving their aid I was sure Abel was going to be alright.

It was time for me to worry about my kids now.

My feet made little tapping noises against the ground as I ran across the grass with the grace of a gaze, hopping in a zigzag formation to gain the speed my body anticipated for to get to my twins as fast as I could. I barely passed a window when something glistening caught my eye and in a short moment, time froze, my toes digging into the dirt with my reflection clearly seen in the window.

That shiny object flickering from the tops of the trees from behind me when it suddenly shot out from the leaves; time speeds up again for me to skid to a stop, leaning back in time for the object to fly past me and lodge itself into the wall by the window.

It was a knife.

The force of it being throw caused it to create splits in the wall where it lodged itself. The breaking of a branch causes me to turn around and all that soon filled my vision was Victoria flying toward me, her body crashing into mine and sending us both flying toward the outer wall of the castle. My back slams against the surface with a power that causes my teeth to rattle together, the feel of fingers around my neck causes me to wince and stare hard in the eyes of something lethal.

“Why won’t you just die?” Victoria hisses, viciously crushing my air-way.

I gasp, digging my nails into the skin of her wrist, her blood spilling down the length of my fingers and running down to my elbow at its angle, she didn’t seem fazed.

“I c. .could ask you the same thing. . .” I choke out.

She tilts her head to the side, “You’re like a parasite, no matter how hard I try to kill you, you always seem to worm your way back.”

If possible, her grip on my throat tightens, a gurgled choke escaping my lips. My fangs snap teeth together near her face, my fingers crawling up to her hand as I try to pry her fingers one by one away from my throat. A scowl covers her features as she pulls back and smacks my hands away at the same time grabbing a fist-full of my hair and slams my head back into the wall. My vision blurs, immense pain flaring from the base of my skull, my limps going limp for a moment.

“But that doesn’t matter now,” she says, yanking me off the wall and swinging me around. “I guess I can settle for torture with you.”

Her laugh rattles me to the core as I was thrown to the ground, sprawling onto my back.

The world is swimming, the stars in the sky spinning in circles and the tip of the trees curving and bending at odd angles. She was different from before, her strength seemed to have increased from the last time we fought, her eyes were different, black pools of rage, jealousy, and vengeance that seemed to go deeper than she revealed to me.

The dragging sound of metal against the wall has me lifting my head to see Victoria removing the knife from the wall with a quick flick of her wrist.

“There’s so much you don’t know, it’s laughable at how you walk around with the mindset that you might actually fit into this world,” she takes small steps in my direction, looking down at me. “No matter how long ago you all did.”

I keep silent with confusion at her last words while shaking away the wave of dizziness that cradled my conscious in its arms.

“The Vaughn family seemed to have lost their touch, from the stories I heard about them as a child I didn’t expect them to be so. . . soft they disappointed me greatly. It took a lot of planning and finally their out of the way, of course with helping hands.”

“What are you going on about?”

“The King and Queen. I killed them.”

The breath was knocked out of me, my advancements to increase the distance between us halting as I stare at her wide-eyed. “You’re lying.”

She giggles, “I am known for something like that but this I wouldn’t lie about this.”

I can only stare at her, my mind reeling and repeating her words, suddenly the scream from before comes back to mind and it didn’t take a lot to know that it was Kyri’s. . . having found her parents’ bodies, which also leaves her vulnerable.

I jerk in place, moving to a kneeling position, “Kyri!?” Victoria’s eyes light with satisfaction, twirling the knife. “The twins! Where are my kids?”

“You need not to worry. It’s been handled as I have them where I want them, now I’m dealing with you. Let’s get this thing moving, yeah?”

I don’t have the time to react knowing that she succeeded into getting the twins and is currently hiding them from me as she blurs towards me. The glint from the blade of the knife was the only warning I had before she was on me, my hands come up: blocking my face as she thrusts the object downward. The blade plunges through the flesh of my palm, the agony coming no later when the act was committed.

My cry echoes in a roundabout, liquid seeping from the deep wound as Victoria wastes no time to press all her weight into the handle of the knife. The pain was indescribable, striking at my nervous system and clouding my sense with the knowledge that I was in pain. I open my mouth, screaming out in anguish and with the effort of stopping the blade from piercing my chest.

Victoria pushed her strength onto me while straddling my hips, all her weight going into getting the blade closer to my chest; the tip taunting me as it grows nearer. My brows are damp with sweat, my gaze flickering to the woman above me, she wasn’t looking at me but at the blade with anticipation, her desire to see it drive through my chest. I couldn’t hold on, a small twinge of fear coming and going as a thought quickly demolishes it.

With building courage, I stop trying and let the knife lodge into my chest. My fangs cut into my bottom lip, the cry of pain right there on the tip of my tongue, I wheeze, the blade puncturing a lung as Victoria smiles down at me.

“Finally!” her hands tighten around the handle as she twists it inside my chest.

I violently cough up blood, watching as it sprays across her face and shirt, the tint of red in her eyes showing through the soulless black irises. Gritting my teeth, I tighten my fingers, waiting.

“This must be a sign because today is a good day.”

My vision wavers and blurs with the added pain, the trouble to breath increasing tenfold, there was a small thought in the back of my mind that if this didn’t work that I might actually die. . . it wouldn’t be long before—


Both Victoria and I turn to see Delano and Adrian standing not too far away, Delano’s eyes filled with horror as he took in the sight of me pinned to the ground with a knife driven into my chest. It all happened so fast. He was once standing near the corner of the building when he flashed toward us with a murderous glint shining in his eyes as he knocks Victoria off me.

A whoosh of fresh air wafts in my lungs, both the punctured and whole one. I quickly rose to my elbows, the handle of the knife sticking from the center of my chest, a stream of blood flowing from the blade. The scream of Victoria rings in my ears as I snap my attention from myself and to the side where my eyes widen a bit at the sight of Delano hovering above her, his face stuffed in the crook of her neck, from the way her face was contorted in agony and her nails piercing through his shirt it was more than what it seemed.

Like an animal, he shook his head, tugging his head back with the meat of her skin locked in his jaws; Victoria’s mouth opening again in another scream.

I stare at a side I’ve never seen of Delano as he pulls back, blood surrounding his mouth, his features vicious and shifting into the monster that lurked beneath the surface of his skin, those fangs of his poked from the hollow of his mouth as he snarls in Victoria’s face, her own features turning into one of terror. Delano suddenly flipped off her, his hand grasping onto her shoulders and pulling along with him as he had her kneel in front of him, his hands restraining her arms behind her back.

I resisted the act not to flinch when his blood red eyes flickered and collided with mine. They screamed the power that resided in his veins and blood, the darkness in his eyes presented as he looked at me.

“Finish it,” he ordered, growling when Victoria began to struggle.

Rising to my feet, I made my way toward them, my hand closing around the knife’s handle, slowly retracting the blade from my chest. I grit my teeth at the movement and ignore the increase in blood that oozed from the wound and streamed down the front of my body. I stop right in front of her, Victoria’s eyes returning to their original color as she stares up at me, disgust and fear in her eyes. Sweet satisfaction tampers at my mind and makes me forget about the pain that consumes every inch of my body.

“Today is a good day, indeed,” I taunt to her, repeating her words as I plunge the knife into her neck.

Her mouth opens in a soundless gasp, her fist tightening together as she tugs against Delano’s hold, he watches with red eyes and a blank expression; I’m sure my own matched his. Victoria’s wide eyes watch me with nothing but rising fear, I look up at Delano, his iris already watching me and following my every move. He gives me a subtle nod and I shut my eyes before opening them following my bodies course.

My arm wraps Victoria’s neck, the purpose of my action clear to her as she begins to move wildly in the hands of both Delano and I.

“NO!” she shrieks, “Stop it!! You can’t do this!”

With my lips beside her ear, I whisper my final words to her.

“Goodbye, Victoria.”

She only screams louder, the noise shattering through the air, nature making its presence known as the wind howls and corresponds its sounds with hers. I began to pull from the base of her neck as Delano strains her body backward by her arms and with a twist, her neck snaps: her head soon decapitated from her body, him and I connect gazes once more, the harden features of his face seemed to have softened a tad now that Victoria was no more. This immense relief and satisfaction surrounded me, though things weren’t over, this was just the start of something.

“Delano! Kaitlyn!” Adrina calls out.

Delano’s eyes suddenly flicker to something behind me, those soften lines hardening again as he reaches for me, his lips forming around a jumble of words. That was when time began to slow, everything in slow motion. I glance over my shoulder, one of the creatures from before coming into view, jaws wide open and claws extended, meters from my face, I can only watch.

A silhouette of something crashes into the creature from the side, the force sending both it and the person flying to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dirt and dust. Delano grabs me and pulls me into his chest as he moves us away from the disarray, Adrian by our side in an instant. The cloud clears for a moment to see an outline of the body on top of the creature, biting savagely at the neck, its screeching ringing like bells. Soon enough, the thing was dead.

My body freezes at the sight of blonde curls the top of the person’s head. The person lifting their head as if feeling my gaze on their back and I didn’t want to be correct at who I thought it was, but I was.

Maddie looked at me from over her shoulder, those once green eyes now orbs of red, a ring of black blood surrounding her mouth, the tips of her fangs obviously seen extruding from the depths of her mouth.

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