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Chapter LVI

I don’t know which was more surprising; my best friend was staring up at me with the eyes of a nightly creature or that she bares her fangs at me in a hiss, lunging toward me with the intent to kill me. I flinched, waiting for her body to crash into mine when Adrian was suddenly by her side. His hands folded her arms across her chest as he pulled them both back and away from us, a muscular arm folds across my waist and pulls me back a few steps.

Not sparing a glance to Delano, I watch as Maddie struggles against the restraints of her own arms, snarling and snapping her teeth in our general direction. Adrian had his head bent by her ear: his lips moving quickly and quietly as he speaks to her, trying to break through her aggressive demeanor.

“Maddie. . .?”

Her bloodied gaze snaps to mine, her struggling increasing. Salvia flies and soon enough she breaks from Adrian’s hold and darts toward me, I can do nothing but watch again as Adrian knocks her to the ground with a growl and straddles her back.

“Stop it!” he orders, shaking her slightly, “You know her!”

Nothing from her fierce expression changed as she continued to glare at me.

“Get her away from here,” Delano comments from behind me, “She isn’t stable and we can’t handle with this right now.”

Adrian nods and pulls Maddie to her feet and soon they were gone, a blur of colors that disappear at the edge of the forest just before it’s consumed in the shadows. It was now no one but us in the small field-like area, silence and with the smell of blood and decaying bodies drifting into our noses.

“Tell me that wasn’t Maddie. .” I mutter, breaking the tense silence between us, “Tell me that was that wasn’t her.”

Delano’s grip on me tightens, “It is.”

I turn around to face him, my heart constricting tightly in my ribcage as if ready to burst out at the realization. “W-what happened?”

His jaw clenches, looking over my head to where Adrian and Maddie disappeared to. The trees rustled around us, silence encasing us in a personal bubble, doing little to protect us from reality and situation we were in.

“She was killed by one of the Notte di terrore,” he tells me solemnly. “She must have been deceased for awhile before Adrian got to her, right now, she acts much different than you did when you changed because of how long her heart wasn’t beating, it’ll be more work to get her back to her senses.”

He meets my gaze and by the look of worry and agitation on my face, he reassures me with a simple look.

“Don’t worry. I trust Adrian will bring her back just as she was before this whole ordeal.”

A sigh escapes pass my lips, the worry within me diminishing a bit at the thought but soon the worry grows into anxiousness and deepening dread when the twins suddenly pop up into my head. Victoria had hidden them somewhere and I didn’t get a chance to demand where they were before I killed her.

"Baise moi!” I yell out, pulling from Delano’s warmth, continuing to curse at myself in my mother’s tongue.

I turn to glare down at Victoria’s still headless body. Before I could really think, my leg draws back and my foot connects with the side of her body, the sound of bones breaking wasn’t enough to satisfy the anger rising in me. I’m hauled away from her decaying body as my foot pulls back again for another feel of her bones crushing beneath my feet.

“Kaitlyn!” he shakes me by my elbows, making me swing my gaze to him, “What’s the matter?” he asks, eyes wide.

"Elle avait les jumeaux,” I say, pulling away and whipping around, “she hid them somewhere and I was too stupid not to demand where she hidden them!”

I hold my head in my hands, tilting my head to the sky while closing my eyes and breathing in deeply. They could be anywhere, not far as I could feel them in my heart, but still hidden away from me. Tears filled my eyes.

“Kaitlyn, I think I found them.”

I whipped around, connecting gazes with Delano as stood sideways and flickered his gaze to the other side of him where in the distance two figures were slowly approaching us, my feet crossed over one another as I took a step forward. My vision cleared to zero in on Abel’s face then down to the bundles in his arms. I’ve never felt such relief as I do now.

I was in front of him within a second with Delano close behind me as I take ahold of Adelia and cradle her to my chest, basking in the feel of warmth and small body against me, her natural scent wafts into my nostrils and calms me. I glance behind me to see Delano taking Cassius from Abel’s and holding him carefully in his arms, just as tight as I was with Adelia, I pivot around and move closer until I was leaning over his arms where I could get a better look at Cassius. Honestly, they both looked unphased by everything seemed to have just woken up from sleeping, I look up at Delano and smiled.

“They’re safe,” I say, looking back down in his arms and my own where my— our children were safe with us, in our arms. “Thank, God, they’re safe.”

With another heavy, relieved sigh, I turn to Abel. “Where did you find them?”

He gives me a slight smile, “I didn’t,” he says, which causes me to frown and look at him questionably. “Adam did.”

The name sparks a short memory within my head, and finally the feel of his presence in the area, my eyes immediately dart to the trees where in the distance I could see the outline of a man standing within the shadows of the tree leaves, knowing that I was looking at him, he stepped out into view. The werewolf from before stares back at me, shirtless and looking in guard as he didn’t move any closer.

“Where were they?” I ask.

His ears moved, “They weren’t too far from the battle around the corner, just beyond some bushes.” though he was on the other side of the area, I heard him as if he was standing here with us.

“I see. Thank you for safely returning my children to me.”

He simply cracked a small smile, dipping into a small bow. I stare for a little while longer before I turn to look at Delano to find him already staring down at me with an unreadable expression.

“Where’s Kyri?” I question, the sound of her scream still fresh in my mind.

His face changed to one of confusion, his gaze diverting down to Cassius in his arms when he shifted, “I was just about to ask you that,” he states, “I sent her to stay with you.”

“Then we got spilt up when one of those things crashed into the room, I told her to take the twins and find you,” my mind moves just as fast as my mouth as I speak, “I’m guessing that’s how Victoria got to the twins, she must have done something. . .” I trail off.

“I heard her scream no too long—”


We all jerk in place, the scream coming from inside the castle, his wide-eyed expression told me something was more wrong than just his sister crying out his name, my ears started to pick up the fast thumps of his heart from his chest, the sound resonation as if it was my own, pounding.


The second call of his name came from in the direction of the ballroom, things happened in a blur; one being that he placed Cassius back in Abel’s arms and second being that he was gone from sight within a second, leaving Abel and I a little dumbfounded. With each twin secured in our arms, we venture through a broken glass window, I was instantly greeted with a gruesome sight of dead bodies of servants and creatures: blood everywhere, the metallic smell filling the hall and everything in it.

I gag to myself and hurriedly pass through the scene with Abel hot on my heels, the state of the ballroom when we arrived was no different, black blood was splattered across the floor with disembodied parts of limbs, but that was the thing that shocked me, it was the two unmoving bodies that lied side by side together in the center of the room. The King and Queen. Kyri was kneeled by Elizabeth’s side, sobbing over her chest, loud and painful cries that targeted my heart.

Then there was Delano, immobile as he stood over his parents’ bodies, his back to us. My eyes flicker around and find Eileesha standing off to side, away from everything, but battered with a fight’s evidence, grim-faced. I counted the heartbeats of everyone in the room but didn’t hear a single one from the two in the middle. My heart drops in horror at the realization, Victoria was still able to do one thing just like she said; kill the King and Queen.

“What happened?” Delano speaks, I look away from everything and find him still turned away from Abel and me.

His attention was on Kyri, who was hiccuping on her mother’s chest. Her firey curls were tangled and splayed everywhere as she kept her head down and stayed silent. Delano clenched his hands together.

“You saw what would happen didn’t you?” he accused her, an emotion so deep running and weaving into his words.

She still didn’t say anything.

“Didn’t you, Kyri!? You knew they were going to die, and you didn’t say anything!”

This time she shakes her head from side to side, still not saying a thing. He didn’t like the response and instantly strode to her side, bending down to yank her up to her feet, she cries out in surprise and stare wide eyed into her brother’s hurting eyes with watery ones.

“You had a vision about this happening!” he wasn’t asking anymore, “Why didn’t you tell me—”

“You couldn’t have done anything!!” she blows up, a flare in her eyes that was there then gone, “It doesn’t matter if I told you or not, you can’t change the future because it bound to happen again. Yes, I had a vision, but just like all the rest it wasn’t clear,” she tells him.

“It wasn’t clear on who was going to die or how many, just that great loss and sorrow will fall over the kingdom and a new era will begin. It didn’t say who, okay?! I didn’t know, I didn’t know and now that they’re gone we can’t do a damn thing about it!”

Tears fall endlessly down Kyri’s rosy cheeks, strands of hair sticking to her wet face as she slowly loses balance and Delano lowers her to the ground where she cries at his feet. He stands there, his arms by his side, eyes focused down at the faces of both Queen Elizabeth and the King, his face was void of anything yet I could just how much this was hurting him, with our souls connected; so were our hearts, and his was breaking into pieces.

His heart was crying out what his face wasn’t showing. My feet take a step forward on their own with the intention to comfort the man before me, but a hand on my shoulder stops me, I look back to see Abel’s tear-streaked face. My eyes sting as I turn back, staying where I was and watching two children break apart differently in their own way, while holding one of my own against my chest, a new fear settling inside me.


Baise moi - fucck me

Elle avait les jumeaux - she had/has the twins

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