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Chapter LVII

Things after that moment progressed and shifted differently, not only for Kyri and Delano but also me and my kids. With the death of the rulers over the kingdom, everything will soon begin to fall and perish in the dust if nothing was done soon and fast, so, Delano was forced to take his birthright spot, with little preparation. As fast as these people move, the castle was cleaned thoroughly and removed of anything that reminded of what happened here, but it wasn’t forgotten, I have blood on my hands both black and red, it didn’t matter how many times I showered; it’ll always be there.

There was so much more to the world than what I was shown and I was soon going to find out what all lied inside of it. Weeks past as people prepared, the castled gained new servers to make up for the ones that have fallen in the attack, guards were given and positioned around the area and surroundings, Eileesha took on the role of being in charge of the new guarding system; and the castle was slowly transforming into an area where the ceremony of Delano’s crowning will be held.

People from beyond the city from below the hill were coming, I overheard, other royals and a few other Purebloods in kingdoms beyond this one were coming. I haven’t seen much of Delano, the last sight I had of him before he was whisked away in the workload of becoming King was him standing over the dead bodies of his parents. Though I never cared much about my parents, in his eyes, he cared a lot more than he let on.

Their ceremony was carried a few days before the cleaning of everything, both buried side by side in the forest where pass Kings and Queens are buried, I had placed flowers from Elizabeth’s garden, remembering that it was created for her and that she enjoyed the sight of them.

I was worried about a few other things than just how everything would work out, one being the whereabouts of Maddie and where Adrian had taken her. My last image of her being those red ruby eyes and the snapping of her fangs as she tried to launch herself at me. I know it was going to take some time but I honestly needed a familiar face around me other than Abel’s.

I snap away from my thoughts and look down just as Adelia removes her mouth from around my nïpple, blinking sleepily up at me, I smile and raise her head to my lips, deeply kissing her hair and then her neck. Her and Cassius were both getting bigger, about two months old now, and I hated that Delano was missing the small moments.

“Can I turn back around?”

I smile, popping my breast back into my bra as I look up at the back of Abel’s head.

“Yes, you can turn back around now.”

He hesitates, peeking over my shoulder to make sure none of my goods were showing before he fully faced me, Cassius in his arms, sleep. Cassius seemed to be treating Abel as if he had known him for a very long time, sleeping in his arms and allowing him to play with him while Adelia was some getting used to.

She still gave him one of her stares that often made Abel shudder; I could tell she was often hoping for someone else to look at rather than him.

“She’s going to be one mean bîtch when she gets older,” he has told me the other day after Adelia glared at him for most of her time up.

My laughter was sudden and abrupt and honestly, it was something I needed with the change in the atmosphere getting to me. I could on Abel for making me smile or laugh for a little while but my body and heart yearned for the man that too busy to come my way.

I gently smile at the memory, the bed dipping with Abel’s weight as he lays Cassius down on his back— immediately flipping to his side.

“Any word?” I ask.

Abel’s silver eyes flipped up toward me, “Nothing new. He told me that he still was going to hold her a little while longer, she seems to still be grasping the concept that she was a vampire, she’s unstable.”

I press my lips together, looking down at my sleeping child in my arms, caressing her cheeks before I lean over and place her next to her brother; as always, they resume the position of face each other. Abel told me about this bond him and Adrian share, it runs deep and has been with them since birth, they’re allowed to speak to each other.

On my request, Abel asks for updates of how Maddie is coming along, there are days where she progresses back to her normal self and then there are days where she blanks out; I can only sit here and worry myself sick and pray to something that she comes back the person I know and love.

“Don’t worry,” Abel reassures, taking in my slight sullen face, “she will get better. I promise you.”

I look into his eyes, catching the sincerity and hope, then sigh aloud. If he was able to believe that she will be herself by the time she returns, I should. With a small smile, I reach forward and squeeze Abel’s hand.

“Thank you.”

He smiled, his eyes brightening, “Not a problem.”

At the moment, there was a knock at the door, and my heart reached for the heavens at the slight that it could be Delano at the door.

“Come in,” I call out.

The knob to the door twists and pulls outward, a set a baby blue eyes peek into the room, they were the same but not the ones I was hoping for. I deflate a little at the realization, I eye Kyri as she slips inside the room, closing the door behind her and moves towards the bed.


My lips pull into a smile, “Hey Kyri, how are you?”

Her gaze meets mine, a small smile tugs at her lips but like always it doesn’t meet her eyes like it used to. “I’m fine, thank you for asking, you?”

She comes to sit at the end of the bed, near the twins, her gaze flickering from me to Abel, inviting him on the question before she looks back at the twins.

“I’m doing good, I see you stopped by to see the twins,” I say, thawing the ice to ask of how she really felt, including with everything that’s going on.

“Yeah,” she grins, “they’re getting bigger, I’m afraid if I don’t come often they’ll be all grown up.”

I snicker, nodding in agreement, my attention pulled to the front of thr room as voices that pass by the bedroom door. I look back to Kyri to see her leaning over the bed, kissing both Cassius and Adelia’s heads, a glimpse of old herself being shown, I wait a few minutes longer before I open my mouth.

“How are you really?”

My question doesn’t surprise her, she seemed as if she already knew that I was going to ask her this, she leans up and puts her weight on her palm that rests beside the twins body.

“I’m. . .” she hesitates, I share a look with Abel, his eyes holding his sympathy. “It’s hard.”

She releases a heavy breath as if saying that released some tension she felt within herself. “I’m so used to seeing their faces, hearing their voices and just feeling them when I wasn’t near them,” she admits, “it’s so much harder now that they are gone.”

Her blue eyes seem to glitter with the presence of tears, her face presenting a red tinge, she leans off her hand and wipes her eyes before covering them.

“The things I used to hate so much about them, their worrying over me, their nagging, strict order— I actually miss it all.”

A lone tear slides down the curve of her cheek, the slight movement of her shoulders told me that she was holding in her tears. With a heavy heart of my own at watching this child break, I gesture her toward me.

“Come here.”

She didn’t hesitate as she moved off the bed and relocated to my side, my arms were open for her, her body crashing into mine as she held onto me like a child would their mother; she felt so small as my arms came around her body, I kept forgetting that she was sixteen, still a child, when she acted older than she was. With her face stuffed in my face, I felt tears, then the trembling that rocked her body.

“It’s going to be okay,” I whisper, rubbing my hand up and down her back, “I’m here and I am telling you it’s going to be okay because I know that their both watching you.”

Finally, her cries could be heard, muffled in my neck as she lets everything out, my eyes sting as her emotions get to me, my arms only tightening around her. I could see Abel turn away, tilting his head up to the ceiling as he blinked rapidly.

“I miss them so much,” she wails, “I want my mom and dad!”

It was the day. Something I dreaded since I wasn’t sure what it will bring me, it was the day that Delano will be crowned King by the other surrounding royals. Everything was finally set up for the ceremony, the servants and workers putting up the finishing touches before everyone arrived. There was a place somewhere on the lot another building— tower-like as it overlooked everything, this spot was where the ceremony would take place and fit all the people of the kingdom.

Earlier this morning, there was a knock at my door, and standing there was a maid; baring gifts. They were from Delano and inside were formal outfits for the twins and I. I didn’t open the boxes until it was time to get ready and now two hours before the ceremony was supposed to begin my hands were itching to see what Delano had gotten me.

“What are you waiting for?”

I look back at Kyri as she sat on the bed, entertaining the twins as her eyes watched me. She flicked her wrist, beckoning me to hurry it up, I could see a small bit of herself as her eyes glinted with curiosity. Sighing, I turn back and lift the lid to the box and was astonished by the sight that greeted me.

“Come on now,” Kyri calls out, “What is it?

I reach into the box and pull out the fabric, holding it above my head as I move back, it was a beautiful black dress with a small ‘v’ neck and lace sleeves, an open slit seen on the side, as I turned it, I could see the back was open a bit.

“Ohh that’s so gorgeous!”

That it was, I admired it for a few seconds before I placed it on the bed and walked to the smaller boxes and open them, to pull out smaller outfits, a white dress for Adelia and a small suit for Cassius; everything in all made me smile as I laid everything out on the bed for viewing. Something white was at the bottom of the box, a card, with beautifully cursive writing printed on top of it.

Outfits for you and our children. Hope to see you soon.


My lips stretch into a wider smile as I look back at the dress, the small gesture caressing the skin of my heart. It wasn’t long until it was officially time for me to get ready and Kyri helped me step into the dress, I noticed that the size of it was exactly right and that notation grazed the surface of my heart again. Slipping my feet into matching black heels, I was finally ready to go after releasing my hair from a ponytail, letting it flow down my back.

I walk over to the bed and bend over, grabbing Adelia from under her arms, I lift her up and watch as her eyes widen at the sight of me, a gorgeous smile and gurgle noise escaping her.

I grin, cooing at her as I pepper kisses to her cheeks, “You think mommy’s beautiful, huh?” I hold her against me, straightening her dress out, “I loved the way your eyes brighten, baby, Je ne pourrai jamais être aussi belle que toi."

She grabs strands of my hair, still staring at me with wide as she tries to place my hair in her mouth, I chuckle, moving my hair away and looking when I felt Kyri step closer to me. She was wearing a navy blue dress with white flats, all colors coming together and bringing out the color in her eyes; especially the natural blush that dusted her cheeks, she met my eyes and nodded as she held Cassius.

His eyes were just as wide as his sister’s as he leaned towards me, indicating he wanted me to hold him, I only grabbed his fingers and pecked them, his scent wafting into my senses, somewhat calming the rising nerves.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Soon, we were walking down the strip of a hallway, along the way we crossed paths with servants, maids, and eventually, other vampires that were all wearing formal attire; as I passed them to the exit that leads outside, I could feel their heated and some cold stares on my exposed back as the train of my dress fluttered behind me. I simply kept my focus ahead of me as we walked through the doors, a graveled path with tall wooden torches greet us, in contrast with the night, the flames a top of the torches swam and wavered as they flickered and produced light; enough for us to the path.

With my enhanced sight, I could see all the way down the pathway a crowd of people hanging around, my gaze flickers up to see the tower where I assumed Delano was supposed to be coming out from. A light at the top of it shone through the open doors, confirming my thoughts. Kyri and I proceed down the path, my heels slightly clicking on the small rocks. The closer we got to the large clearing, the more vampires that come into view, all different in every which way as my gaze mops across every person.

I hold Adelia a little tighter to me and glance at Kyri who does the same to Cassius. Everyone had a different air to them as we ventured further into the clearing, slowly our presence was known, or specifically Kyri’s as people flipped their eyes to her first, bowing when she passed by; it didn’t take long for them to notice the baby in her arms than to me at her side.

The stares were intense as they soaked in the sight of me and the twins, instead of keeping my eyes to the ground like I would have done in the past, I met their stares head on while tilting my chin up higher. We wandered to stand in the center of the field, a few vampires were standing a little to close in our path, one seemed to want to reach out: the man’s eyes on my daughter. I quickly eliminated that thought for him, snarling in his face, my fangs on full display and ready to tear into him if he takes another step forward.

Surprised-shock flashed in his eyes as he and the surrounding people step back and away from me. I lock him and a few other people in a stare that doesn’t last long, the sound of a horn blaring in the air gladly adverts everyone’s attention. We all shift to look up at the tower where a pale man stands on the balcony, dressed in what seemed to be a priest’s clothing, his hard stare glazed over the heads of everyone until they all eyes were on here.

“Welcome everyone! It’s a pleasant surprise you all were able to make it here today,” he projects his voice loudly, every word heard clearly. “Due to the passing of the previous King and Queen, we are here to see the crowning of the new KIng of Epyra.”

A wave of murmurs wash over the crowd, I feel Kyri tense beside me, a breath heaving through her nose, from the corner of my eye I see her close her eyes for a moment.

“With no further words, let’s get this ceremony started.”

From behind him, a figure steps through the balcony doors, coming to stand beside the man. The crowd’s murmurs begin to rise in volume at the sight of Delano, in all his glory.

Those eyes take away my breath as they sweep over the crowd, everyone moving closer together as if to reach for him, the guards that were stationed at the base of the tower became more alert as the people moved.

His eyes were intense and hard as he searched, he raised one of his hands and almost immeaditely, all noise ceased to exist with nothing but the sound of nature whispering in the background; with lingering glances, he turned away and faced the priest-like man as they moved to stand over a bowl.

They each stand on opposite sides and the man grabs ahold of Delano’s wrist before he looks him in his eyes.

“Con il permesso del vecchio spirito dei Re e del Queens, dandomi forza e potere; Sei Delano Enzo Vaughn pronto a vestire i panni del nuovo re?”

“Sì,” he responds, not even flinching when the man suddenly slits a cut above his wrist.

His blood flows over and drips into the bowl, where a fire was ranging and burning beneath it, the small sound of it sizzling in the golden metal bowl was heard just before the cut began to close.

“Do you, Delano, swear to protect the kingdom and all who inhabit it?”


“Drink this,” the priest hands Delano a cup to which he drinks with no hesitation, besides the slight scrunch between his brows.

Reaching behind him, the priest presents a familiar looking crown, one I had seen on the head of his father’s as it’s now placed on top of his head with his blood smeared on it. I could feel his heart beat through me, the weight of the crown felt on my shoulders as well, his body moves to once again stand at the railing of the balcony.

“With the cleansing of the body now down, I now present to you; King Delano!”

The priest raises his arms in the air as everyone cheers, the noise mingling together in a roar of praise. I soon find myself looking around, catching different reactions, in the distance off to the side, movement from the trees catches my attention to the man that leans against a trunk of the tree. . . watching. As his eyes snap towards me, I see it was none other than Adam.

His hand lifts in a short wave before it crosses back over his chest, I blink, surprised at his appearance as I smile at him. Adam’s green eyes move away from me and noticeably look at something or someone, I turn back around and follow his gaze to find a set of darkening blue staring right back at me; his eyes drag down my form and take in the dress, further darkening his eyes.

I could tell already, things were just getting started for me.

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