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Chapter LIX

Delano stared at me through the mirrors, his body positioned near the door. I could see his eyes twinkling with emotions, though the room was spacious enough to fit a huge crowd, he made it feel as small as a clothing closet. I could feel him breathing down my neck despite the distance between us, cracking my knuckles, I look over my shoulder.

โ€œSo, what is this room?โ€ I ask, indicating with my eyes.

He watches me without saying a word, there was that same electric shock in the air that has been there since the beginning, it raises all my senses and awareness of his presence. I turn back to the mirrors before I say anything out of term: taking a deep breath.

โ€œKyri and I called this our secret room when we were younger, it was formally a dance room,โ€ Delano states.

I look around at the mirrors, all positioned on the back wall, lined up perfectly and reflecting my image among them all. I walk closer, my heels clicking behind me as the mirror copies the movement of my dress.

โ€œWe used it as a getaway from small duties we had to do and to also watch our parents during their meetings.โ€

I frown, the reflection mimics my facial expression as my gaze zeros in on Delano through the glass.

โ€œWatch?โ€ I probe.

He only smiles as he moves a few paces to the side to a place near the door, the sound of a switch flickering was heard and then the darkness that blanketed us begins to roll away to light as I watch the mirrors give way into the scene before me.

Hundreds of people fill my sight within a room I could only guess was the ballroom in which the party was being held. The chandeliers, its structure made by thousands of diamond-shaped crystals that lit up the ballroom, shone through the glass and illuminated the room we occupy with its brilliant glow. I walked closer until my hand lightly pressed against the surface.

Men and women crowed the ballroom, dressed formally than the ones that were outside. The room was full of color, the people were all cleaned and neatly done up in different sizes and shapes, and with many features among them all. A few of them walk past the mirror without a glance in my direction, I was sort of startled when a young woman popped into my view, her periwinkle colored ball gown contrasting heavily with her skin.

I stood frozen as she looked directly into my eyes, it seemed more than a minute before she started to... fix her hair?

โ€œItโ€™s a doubled sided mirror,โ€ Delano voices from behind me, โ€œif youโ€™re worried about her or anyone else seeing you; they canโ€™t.โ€

My muscles become taut with the knowledge of how close his voice became, once again I was caught off guard, heedless to the sound of his footsteps that approached me. The longer I stay within his presence, the more Iโ€™m prompt to be caught in a situation I might not be ready for. He had purposely grown near me with the intent of me not hearing him, his steps too light even for my advanced hearing to even sense.

I didnโ€™t say anything as I continue to stare ahead, watching the lady fix her appearance before she was gone, the swish of her dress the evidence of her being there.

My eyes zero on a group of people that reside at the front of the room, near the two throne chairs, keeping to themselves as they watch the other guest socialize and sway to the melody of the piano and violist. There was something different about them than the other vampires in the room, their auras present power far greater.

โ€œWho are they?โ€

Delano steps from behind me and comes to stand at my side, the light heightening his features, exposing the sharpness of it: from the dip of his top lip to the small hairs on his chin and contour. His pupils dilate when he gazes in the same direction I was looking in.

โ€œThose are the other Royals,โ€ he says still gazing at them all, โ€œtheyโ€™re scattered across Epyra, in four branches that surround the castle. They, in a way, give support.โ€

I bob my head a little, my eyes still flickering among them.

โ€œThey were my fatherโ€™s associates to keeping the kingdom at peace, their alliance made before I was born,โ€ he adds. โ€œIโ€™m surprised theyโ€™re here.โ€

As I look over the group, there were a few older-looking couples that mingled in the group, probably the associates Delano talked about. A girl and boy no older than me stood among them as well, the girlโ€™s eyes analyzing everyone in the room as the boy stared at nothing in particular. The further I analyze them the more I knew I was trying to figure out their intentions and their personalities.


The whisper of my name averted my concentration. My hair grazes my shoulder and sticks to the material of my dress as I turn my head to face Delano, he looks at me with an admirable expression. He moves closer until heโ€™s towering over me, I pivot my torso until my whole body follows and my back was flattened along the planes of the mirror.

Our eyes locked and seemed to reach further than the surface, a chill runs down my back as my eyes flutter.

His gaze flickers among my facial features, the light from the ballroom cuts across his features like a blade, showcasing one side of his face in light and the other in darkness; though the blue within his irises glows. Breathing was becoming a sport, with Delanoโ€™s ever-growing scent that was slowly consuming my conscious and my moral thinking. The movement of his palms lifting to lean against the glass on either side of my head slightly alarms me but I donโ€™t show it.

I make the mistake of inhaling deeply and nearly groan when his smell replaces the air in my lungs. I simply shut my eyes, to save myself from this sweet oblivion and making a fool out of myself. The time we spent apart, amplified the bond to something dangerous.

โ€œI donโ€™t know where to start,โ€ he mumbles to himself, catching my attention.

I open my eyes, seizing his gaze once again, they surge with millions of thoughts that struggle to find the gateway to release those thoughts into the correct words. I nearly gasp aloud when he cups the right side of my jaw, his thumb caressing my cheek, my temperature rises and I clench my hands behind my back.

โ€œIโ€™m sorry.โ€

My eyebrows flinch downward for a spilt second in confusion, he caught the action.

โ€œFor the way I treated you in the beginning,โ€ he further explains, โ€œthereโ€™s nothing I can say that can change everything that youโ€™ve felt in those moments but apologize.โ€

Nothing escapes from me as I look up into his eyes. The rush of his blood running through his veins greets me, warming my cheek with its rapid movement that synchronizes with his heartbeat. Itโ€™s a silent moment of gazing into his eyes, searching for truth in his eyes just like his words were trying, they bring me back to the moments I appeared to have forgotten. My last moments as a human was spent trying to escape his hold. I could only frown.

โ€œI was confused, and to be completely honest, I was mostly scaredโ€”โ€ Delano reveals from the depths of himself, his eyes slightly widen with emotion, โ€œsomething like this was unheard of and with no guidance from my parents, I was forced to make decisions on my own, unforgivable decisions.โ€

I sigh, grabbing onto his hand that still holds my cheek.

โ€œThereโ€™s no justification for the way I treated you, fear and confusion drove my mind for the way I handled things. The time we spent away from each other made me realize things farther outside the picture,โ€ he mutters, his eyes lowering far past my eyes.

โ€œIโ€™m sorry.โ€

He meets my gaze once more and his eyes shine with the hope of my forgiveness but also with the knowledge that the thing he has done will not be forgotten. With another heave of breath, I smile, looking him in his eyes.

โ€œI forgive you,โ€ I say softly.

His eyes enlarge as if he didnโ€™t expect me to say those words so soon. I donโ€™t say the words just make him feel better about himself, deep down in my being that connects with his own: the regret lingers on his soul which intertwines amidst the very essence of mine. My gaze flickers from his eyes to his lips, the close proximity between us finally getting to me, the thought of the last time we shared a kiss causes me to lick my lips and pull my eyes away from his mouth.

Delano seems to have done the same thing as I catch him in the act. Despite the urge that seems to set fire at my insides to get rid of such desire, I turn it down, holding my breath so his scent wouldnโ€™t flood me any further.

โ€œWhat did you really bring me in here for?โ€ I ask after what appeared to be eternity among us.

My question seemed to snap him back to reality and away from the dark embers of lust that wanted to engulf us in its play.

He cleared his throat and stepped back, looking off to the side for a second. โ€œOf course... almost slipped my mind.โ€

โ€œI brought you here to discuss something important.โ€

โ€œObviously,โ€ I smile a little when he gives me a look.

I push away from the mirror and watch him intently for him to continue. Gone was the soft moment and emerged a serious atmosphere that wiped away any remains of my smile and the calming energy we shared, the waves that rolled off him were tense and anxious leaving his body in a rigid state.

โ€œThe moment my father died something has been passed down to me thatโ€™s been within our bloodline for centuries upon centuries, only used by the male heirs of the kingdom,โ€ he explains jumping right into it.

As he looks me in the eye, he begins to take off his tux jacket and carelessly throws it onto the floor and begins to rolls the sleeves of his white button-down.

โ€œThose things we encountered,โ€ he tells me with a look of disgust, โ€œare apart of something much bigger.โ€

And without a momentโ€™s breath, Delanoโ€™s entire focus shifts to his exposed arm. The energy around begins to stir and change, a blur-like field appeared around his form as if pulling something bounded inside him. Slowly, black markings began to emerge from the pores of his skin in a white glow, starting at his wrist and weaving symbols up his arm and curving around his shoulder where they stopped. Once they were finished manifesting, the glow replenished back into his skin leaving me to stare in wonder at his arm.

โ€œFrom the very beginning, weโ€™ve been at war Kaitlyn, and Iโ€™m sorry to say this: but youโ€™ve been dragged into it as well.โ€

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