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Chapter LXI

At Kyri’s appearance, the women jerk with surprise and hastily curtesy in greeting, seeming flustered in the face as they did so.

“Princess Kyri,” the blonde responds, “it’s so nice of you to join us.”

“Just making my way around and greeting the guest,” she responds to them simply, smiling down at them as they continued to curtesy.

She flicks her wrist and they right themselves, projecting their innocence as if they weren’t interrogating me a moment ago. With a strong bitterness settling in my bones, I turn my head, picking up the plate I once occupied and quietly filled my mouth with delicious flavors.

There was a small minute of silence, from the corner of my eye, I catch Kyri gazing at them with nothing but a smile on her face. The women could do nothing more than smile back nervously, a couple of them breaking out into cold sweats while flitting their eyes around. Before another minute could wash over, the blonde clears her throat, shattering the atmosphere and cracks a half-smile.

“If you’ll excuse us, princess, it was nice meeting you, but we have somewhere to be,” she mumbles, dipping into a curtesy.

“Of course, enjoy!” she says after them, watching as they quickly blended with the crowd.

I sigh, setting down my plate, officially done for the night. Running my tongue over my teeth to rid any lingering foods, Kyri turns to face me, giving me her attention as a genuine smile shifts her face.

“Thank you,” I tell her, brushing hair behind my ear.

She nods, “It was no problem, there are a few of Delano’s admires that still exist. I’m sorry about that.”

“Don’t apologize. It’s couldn’t be any worse than Victoria,” I mention.

An airy chuckle escapes her as quietness follows behind it, the noise of others enjoying themselves does the small job of drowning out the deep inner thoughts of my mind. I suddenly backtrack and turn my attention toward Kyri once more, just as I open my mouth to question her, she speaks before me.

“Abel and Elieesha are watching the twins,” she says, smiling at the tinge of relief I might have shown in my eyes. “I knew that you would need some sort of support dealing with these. . . guests, so I came at the right time.”

I watch her and smile, appreciation coursing through my veins, “Thank you.”

She reaches out and runs her fingertips down the length of my arm in response, in a sisterly loving matter. Silence soon follows the exchange and I watch as everyone converse and mingle with each other, my eyes flickering to a certain spot that reels me in the direction spiritually.

Delano stands with the same group, his lips moving animatedly as he speaks, the group seems to have grown with males and females giving their congratulations personally. As if sensing the growing feeling of my stare marking his body, his heads swivel in our area. Our eyes collide, and with the collision comes a wave of feelings, the first being one of breathlessness and soon after the feel of my heart rhythmically changing as if it was trying to sync with his.

Unknowingly, I raise my hand and wave, not knowing what else to do with myself besides stare. Those blue eyes soften around the edges, shining like crystals.

“How are things between you and Delano?”

Kyri voice sweeps over me, yet I still cast a lingering glance toward him, my heart doing ungodly flips within my rib cage— imitating that of a caged bird, fluttering its wings to be set free.

“Good,” I answer, breaking the stare. “I think. . . it’s better than it was before.”

She beams, “Really? How has he been treating you?”

At her words, my eyes glaze with recent memories that unknowingly brought out the smallest of smiles.

“Gentle. Almost like he fears if he treated me any other way, I would run.”

Blinking, I’m met with a wide smile from Kyri, her eyes resembling her brothers as they illuminate bright with excitement. She reaches forward and seizes my hand in a firm but soft grip while looking deep into my eyes.

“I should have mentioned this way earlier, but, thank you for sticking with him,” she tells, “I know he was a little rough around the edges in the beginning but that was only because he was confused about his emotions.”

“When we were younger, he wasn’t particularly keen on showing much. Now, it seems that he knows what he wants.”

The lingering effect of her words rattle my bones and once again I found myself peering over my shoulder to gaze at that same spot only to discover Delano’s eyes already studying mine. There was a darkness that seeped from beneath the seams, not one that brought misfortune, but it was one of desire and unspoken words.

The Ball slowly came to an end. Kyri stayed by my side throughout the night to keep me company while Delano was swept away countless of times as he tried to make his way towards us— in a small way, it was a bit comically watching him get frustrated each and every time someone new stepped in his path. In the end, we only exchanged glances and unspoken words through our eyes.

As things started to wind down, I bid my goodbyes to Kyri and spoke of my urgency to get back to the twins: she let me go with no hassle and I slipped out the ballroom and into the hall with the sneakiness of a fox. The hall was quite beside the murmurs of the guest exiting the castle as I made my way to the sleeping corridors.

It wasn’t long before I was standing in front of the bedroom door that I’ve been occupying since the day I was brought here.

“You know, I learned this term on earth awhile ago— if you don’t see a female with a guy for a while, then they’re a lesbian," I heard Abel’s voice on the other side of the door.

“Are you a lesbian, Eileesha?”

Her growl of anger was her response and I couldn’t help but chuckle under my breath before I made the motion to open the door, a presence accumulated behind me; warm and suffocating.

I couldn’t hold off the smile that graced the edges of my mouth, my eyes still holding a contest with the door but the visible shadow that towered over my own identifies the person for me.

“Took you long enough.”

“I got held up,” his response brushes over my skin as the weight of his body pressed against my back, “the more important thing is that I’m here.”

Slowly turning to look over my shoulder, the lighting from the moon that shines through the window gives his body a halo appearance, looking more flawless than he already was. Pivoting carefully and just enjoy where his front now ever so slightly brushes mine. There’s the short moment of us staring, my head tilted to meet his gaze, though it doesn’t stay there for long.

As many times before, the air between us sizzles and electrifies like currents. Delano was the first to move, placing his hand on my waist and moving closer, the contact sent a zap through my core, deliciously burning a flame in my chest and I heaved out a heavy breath of restraint that was slowly dwindling each second. My tongue swipes over my lips and I’ve completely forgotten where I’m at as the pressure of his fingers compels the deepest and dirtiest parts of my thoughts to come forth in a rush of sexual tension.

Both of my hands press themselves flat against his chest as I soul searching through his eyes, they move slowly and leisurely up his chest, my palms feeling every ridges and broadness until they come up and wrap around his neck.

My mouth quirks at the sound of his low groan.

“You’re killing me. .”

“Oh,” I tease, lacing my fingers in the hairs at the nape of his neck and tugging on them gently.

Gritting his teeth, he was quick to slip one of his hands around my neck, his fingers pressing firmly on the sides, not cutting off my airway but holding me in place. The action made me catch my breath but further lit the flames that ignited in my gut and flowed like a river to my core.

“I think you’ve taken where I said, it’s taking everything in me not to devour you, as a joke.” He practically growled.

Our faces a hair’s breath away, we were breathing as one and completely invested in each other not to notice the door opening until I— the one leaning on it for support— lost balance. In one motion Delano’s arm wrapping around my lower back, catching me and twirls me around to stand at his side. Abel stands at the threshold with wide eyes, genuinely surprised to see us. He looks between us and at our slightly disheveled appearance and takes a moment to process what he walked into and a slow grin spreads across his face.

Delano sighs, “Abel. . .”

“Oooo,” he whistles. “You guys were about to fu—”

Eileesha appears behind him and smacks his head with a force that should have knocked it clean off his shoulders.

"We were just about to leave,” she says glaring up at Abel as he grumbles and rubs his head. She then turns her attention toward Delano and I. “Kyri contacted us not too long ago that you both were on your way up.”

“Thank you for watching them,” Delano answers, giving an appreciative nod. “You’re dismissed.”

Abel snaps his attention back at us with a jerk, “But—”


His bottom lip juts out as Eileesha begins to push him out the door and past us, tugging on his collar. We stare after them until they disappear into dots down the lengthy hallway. My own attention is brought back as Delano palms the small of my back and gestures inside the room.

“I still have a promise to fulfill, shall we?”

Looking him up and down, I smile and take his gesture and step through the door. My heart clenches in my chest at the sight of my children soundly asleep in their crib, my eyes lower with tenderness and within a flash, I was standing over them; wisps of my hair gracefully falling over my shoulder from the quick movement. I reach inside their crib and cease any doubt and worry but caressing their faces, I observe each of them equally, soon ending the moment with a kiss to each of their foreheads.

I felt Delano watching from over my shoulder when I turned to face him, he let his eyes linger a little longer on Adelia and Cassius before they shifted and collided with my own.

“Are you ready?”

Taking a deep breath, I nodded.


I apologize for the long wait, the chapter was supposed to be longer but I just wanted to upload for you guys! hope you enjoyed

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