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Chapter VI

So when will you be able to take me in?โ€ I ask the receptionist over the phone.

I heard the sounds of shuffling papers on the other side of the speaker for a few moments, โ€œWe can either take you in today or next week, those are our only spots open.โ€ the lady said.

I bit my bottom lip in thought, moving away from the window with the phone still pressed to my ear.

โ€œToday would be good.โ€ I tell her, a sinking feeling building in my gut.

Now the sound of clicking the keys on a keyboard was heard, โ€œAll right, what time?โ€

My eyes cut over to the clock underneath the TV and it read two twenty-five in the afternoon.

โ€œHow about four oโ€™clock?โ€

โ€œThatโ€™ll be great! We will see you then, Ms Monroe. Have a nice day.โ€

โ€œYou too.โ€ after that I end the call, throwing my phone on the couch.

Silence engulfed the whole living room and never have I felt so alone since the day I left that hell that I used to called home. I havenโ€™t seen Maddie in two days after she left without an explanation, I tried calling but it went straight to voicemail.

Then my thoughts went to the baby. Instinctively my hand lowered to my stomach, rubbing it in small circles. What I was doing was for the best, it had to be, I wasnโ€™t ready and because of her I didnโ€™t have it in my heart to keep this baby.

A frown marred my face at my thoughts and before I could go deeper, there was a knock at the door startling me. Whipping around towards the front door, I stare at it for a minute, hope blooming within my chest thinking itโ€™s Maddie. Without a further thought, I rush towards the door, unlocking it and flinging it open.

I immediately started talking. โ€œMaddie Iโ€™m so sorry for whatever I did the other dayโ€”โ€ I stopped short when my eyes collided with baby blue ones that stared down at me in mild amusement.

โ€œYouโ€™re not Maddie,โ€ I say stupidly.

This caused a deep throaty chuckle to escape from his pink, thin lips. โ€œThat I am not,โ€ his voice smooth and velvet like.

I blink up at him, finally taking him in, he had dark brown roots that grew out into light brown curly hair that natural pushes back showing his forehead. He looks down his slender nose, his sharp jaw locking and tightening. Shaking my head slightly, I feel my face flush red.

โ€œIโ€™m sorry but who are you?โ€ I ask, tilting my head to the side a bit.

His lips twitch. โ€œDelano Vaughan.โ€ he responded, as I took notice of his Italian accent.

โ€™Lord help.โ€™

Trying to keep my cool, I leaned against the threshold, my hand still on the door knob. โ€œWell, Delano, what business can I do for you?โ€

โ€œThe child youโ€™re carrying,โ€ he paused, his eyes flickering down to my stomach then to my face, watching my expression, โ€œis mine.โ€ he finished.

All muscles within me lock together, as I tensed, the small playful smile on my face slipping completely and I visibly paled.

โ€œWhat?โ€ my voice nothing but a whisper.

He stepped closer, his expression calm as ever. โ€œThat offspring belongs to me.โ€ he said again.

My palms began to sweat, and my pulse began to quicken as alarms started to go off all over my body.

Gulping I dart my eyes everywhere but to his own. โ€œIโ€™m sorry but you have the wrong girlโ€”โ€ my sentence stops when he slams his hand against the door when I try to close it.

โ€œNo. I donโ€™t.โ€ his eyes never stray away from my face, they trail down to my neck. Lifting his free hand, he sweeps my hair to the side, revealing the fading holes. His fingertips brush against my skin causing me to shiver.

โ€œYeah,โ€ he hums. โ€œYouโ€™re defiantly her.โ€

I shake my head, my hands trembling. โ€œAgain Iโ€™m sorry but Iโ€™m not the girl. I have a doctorโ€™s appointment to get rid of it.โ€ I for some reason tell him.

The minute those words leave my mouth, his eyes flare up with unimaginable anger.

โ€œYouโ€™re getting an abortion!?โ€ he growls out his question, his fingers twitching at his sides.

Anger of my own began to surface. โ€œSo? I donโ€™t see how that concerns you!โ€

โ€œSeeing as Iโ€™m the one who impregnated you.โ€ he mutters, his thick brows creasing.

My mouth falls open. โ€œWhat the hell!? Youโ€™re crazy, I want you away from my doorstep or Iโ€™m calling the police!โ€ I utter angrily, my voice rising a few notches.

His eyes narrow and the color within them darken to a deeper blue. โ€œI wouldnโ€™t do that if I were you.โ€

โ€œWell I am if you donโ€™t leave.โ€ I start, and turn on my heel heading back into the living room walking towards my phone.

Just before I could reach out to it, a blur of colors pass by me causing my hair to fly in my face. Spluttering it out from my mouth, I move my hair to see Delano holding my phone in his hand before crushing it.

โ€™What the fu. .โ€™

โ€œWhat do you want with me?โ€ I ask, looking up, my body trembling.

He throws my crushed phone down on the blow, while I watch the pieces scatter and he sighs.

โ€œYou need to come with me.โ€ he says vaguely.

I step back, โ€œWhy?โ€ the tremble in my voice was heard loud and clear.

He runs a hand through his hair, gripping it. โ€œYouโ€™re in danger and youโ€™ll be better off with me.โ€

โ€œNo.โ€ I say firmly, โ€œIโ€™m not going anywhere with you. I have an appointment to. .โ€ I trail off as I look over at the digital clock and see it says four thirty.

โ€œOh my god!โ€ I gasp, flying towards mg shoes and moving around to find my purse. โ€œIโ€™m late.โ€

Just as I was about to make it to the door, everything I got and need in my arms, I stop and look over my shoulder to see Delano gazing at me intensively.

โ€œWhen I come back home, I want you gone, if not Iโ€™m really calling the police whether youโ€™ve broken my phone or not.โ€

And with that I walk out the already open door.

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