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Chapter LXX


My heart seizes in my chest, his words bringing forth a wave of anxiety to wash over my system, fear joining in its alliance to wreak havoc in tendrils of my mind, my eyes roaming his face. Those once mischief eyes were now filled with distant sorrow as he refused to meet my gaze, jaw locked.

β€˜There was no other choice,’ his sentence whispers a mantra in the throes of my mind, blending with my own chaos.

β€œWhat did you do?” I question, my voice low as I stand frozen in my spot.

Silence greets me, the tightening of his fist the only sign that my words have reached past the barrier he was striving to set up. My chest rises and falls with uneven, ragged breaths, my brain running a mile a second, his silence only resulting me to dive deeper into the crevasse of my mind, creating my own answers the longer he refused to provide me with one. The painful churning of my stomach momentarily brings my attention to the dry itch that still harbors my throat.

I couldn’t help the rise of my hand as I once more hold the base of my neck, swallowing and keeping my focus on him, his eyes following the movements, brows creased over dark eyes.

β€œWhat. . .” I release a shuddering breath, dropping my hand to my side, β€œ. . .did you do?” I ask him louder, angered by the fact he still has not spoken.

Reluctance shines through his irises before his mouth parts around his words; β€œThere was an attack at the castle not too long ago,” he tells me, assessing my expression, β€œand you were caught in the midst of the fight.”

β€œI blame myself. . . I left you alone and somehow, someway —” his knuckles tighten with the pressure of his strength, fire brewing in his eyes β€” β€œsomehow, a night terror was able to get to you.”

β€œYou died that day.”

The organ within the cave of my ribs lurch in my chest at the revelation, his words causing the dangerous rise of my anxiety, the emotion grappling my heart within its grasps and tugging, willing myself toward the existence of a panic attack. With wide eyes, I move as if to take a step toward him, the clanking of the chain holding me in place.

β€œWhat did you do to me?”

There was no concealing the anxiety from my face as I regarded him with fear, the fear stemmed for his awaiting words, a part of me already aware of what would seep from the seams of his mouth. A cold sweat breaks across my skin, goosebumps littering the surface, the chilling air that ascended through the air closing in tighter.

β€œI had to. . .”

β€œWhat did you do to me?!”

β€œI turned you!” he reveals, his expression torn, β€œThere was so much blood, I couldn’t stop it, you were barely hanging on and the only way to save you was to turn you. . I could not let you die.”

The slight crack and shutter in his voice fell upon deaf ears as my vision unfocused. There was no possible way, he could not have. This had to be some sick joke to get back at me for the way that I have treated him. Yet slowly, I raise my hand to my mouth, forgetting about the man before me as I am finally lured to the awaiting abyss that desired for me; probing at my lips, I graze my hand around the front of my teeth, dread soon settling in when I feel the points of fangs, confirming his admission.

My hand trembles as I remove it from my lips, my breathing reaching new heights, twisting both of my palms to inspect them: I notice the pale tone my skin holds, the tan hue that once coated it now gone. Like a tidal wave, a jumble of images projects to my mind’s eye, razor-like teeth shocking me back a few steps as I stumble away from Adrian, the splatter of blood accommodating the image with the sight of a horrendous creature.

A wheeze rises from my throat, the tightness in my chest intensifying with each flicker of image that drags me back down memory lane. I battle to breathe, stumbling further back until I bump into the bed-side table, knocking myself off balance.

I sink to my knees, the burn of tears making their appearance.



The sky was a dark canvas, the pain that formerly made its home in my shoulder nothing but a dull ache as I stare up at the sky. Somehow, I ended up outside the walls of the castle, on the brink of death, an unidentified creature attacking me and living in the recent memories of my mind. Oddly, I felt at peace, a tranquil sensation taking habit in my bones and stopping any rise of fear, a part of me is relieved that I am brought to the end of my life, no longer having to suffer from the disease that was slowly eating me from the inside.

Another side, deep within, felt as if I was leaving something behind. . . or someone.


My head turns to the side just in time to catch a glimpse of a form dropping to their knees beside me, a mop of dark curls replacing the sky. His scent wraps around me like a blanket, his aroma relaxing my muscles and calming me more than I would like to admit, further luring me down the path of darkness, its hand outstretched to accommodate me down the path.

Adrian hovers over me, his face stricken with fear, something more than the smirk he wore, unusually, I smile up at him.

β€œNo, no, no, no. . .” he presses his hand on the missing chunk of flesh from my where my neck and shoulder met, blood spilling through the space of his fingers.

I begin to analyze the man above me, the way his brows curved downward, the straightness of his nose, and the carved structure of his jaw; as if the heavens designed him themselves. Despite the darkness that always seemed to glide over his shoulders and merge itself with his being, he was my own personal angel.

A saddened look collects in his eyes, those eyes I have slowly come to yearn to graze every line of my body brim with tears. Spots of black begin to crawl from the edge of my eyes, the awaiting void beckoning me. My gaze flies across his facial features once more, almost as if to memorize each dip, line, grove, and carving to engrave his beauty in my mind and take it on my journey to the afterlife.

It must have been the fact that I was near death’s door that was making me delusional, the want to take away the sadden look that risen to his face and took place in his eyes, the reflection of my bloodied body in the depths of them. Raising my hand, the tips of my fingers brush away a lone tear that slides down the curve of his cheek β€” blood left in the wake of my action, his eyes snapping to collide with mine.

β€œShh,” I hush him softly, his tears seeming to fall faster at my words, β€œit’s okay. . .”

He settles me further into the crook of his elbow, adjusting my body over his folded knees, promptly an emotion overcomes his face as my hand falls away from his face and drops to my stomach, my eyes lulling.

β€œNo, stay with me! Hey!” he pats the side of my face.

I struggle to keep my eyes open, my breathing nothing but small intakes.

β€œFuck! Maddie, you can’t fall asleep.”

β€œI’m tired. . .” I say, the strength in my body diminishing by the minute, β€œlet me rest. . .”

β€œI refuse!”

Suddenly he raises his wrist to mouth, his fangs retracting from his mouth as he sinks them into his flesh as he has done many times before, blood streaming down from the wound he created, pulling away crimson coats the outline of his mouth as he angles his wrist toward me.

I could do nothing but let him place his wrist on my mouth, the strength gone from my body, his blood sliding over my tongue and down the path of my throat as I reluctantly swallow.

Not a second later, liquid slips from the corners of my mouth, my throat no longer working to swallow.

β€œMaddie. . please. . .”

His words fade, washing over me, the void finally grasping within its cold clutches, the thudding of my own heartbeat heard from my ears, slowing in pace, thumping a slow rhythm along the cage of my ribs.

β€œ. . .ddie! . . .oo! . . . ase. . ”

A sharp pierce strikes at my neck, jerking me and raining a blazing heat to my veins.


β€œMaddie! Calm down!”

A wheezing noise resonates throughout the room and I come to realize that the sound was coming from me, the flood of memories sending me into a panic attack. My chest constricts painfully, air failing to reach my lungs, my emotions becoming a wire of currents as they flow over my veins and fuel the fear that resides in my soul. Adrian kneels before me, taking me by my shoulders and forcing me to look him in the eyes, his touch driving forth a desire that distracts my thoughts from the overwhelming weight that I was a vampire.

β€œBreathe with me,” he says gently, holding eye contact. β€œIn . . out. . . in. . . out.”

I do as he instructs, holding his eyes, and letting the tingles that spread throughout my being consume my mind, focusing on how they brought heat to my body; flushing it with desire and thoughts of his touch and how close he was to me, the way his hands seeped with warmth that my skin eagerly devours. His aroma wafts up my nostrils and calms my nerves until eventually, I was breathing regularly.

He stays settled near me until he was sure I would not fall into another attack; standing to his feet, he brings me with him, his hands lingering on my elbows before he steps back.

β€œWhy?” I inquire after what felt like an eternity, β€œwhy?”

β€œI refuse to lose you.”

β€œThat was not your choice to make!”

I fist my clothing in my hands, the tears returning tenfold, burning their existence with the appearance of a lump forming in my throat as I struggle to keep myself from breaking down in his presence.

β€œYou don’t get to choose if I live or not, you should have just let me die,” I voice, my tone wavering, my eyes stuck to the floor.

Though I denied meeting his gaze, I could feel his stare, burning a flame upon my skin that seeps through the pores and licks at the very cells of my body, willing a heat to take over. My own heat craters my heart, consuming it in its blaze and spilling and dripping with hate, the act of whether I wished to live any longer stolen from my grasps; I did not want this, I did not want to become something that I still feared.

It wasn’t fair, and yet here I stand. Gradually, I raise my gaze to find Adrian still standing in his spot, his silence still stretching as my gaze collides with bright red orbs that singe with an intensity of the sun.

Shocked, I stand immobilized, afraid of what he might do. His chest heaves with heavy breaths, a dark look taking over his features, the darkness that once crowned the corners of the room rounded his shoulders and perched their essences in his being. I could hear his molars grind together within his mouth, the unmistaken sight of anger brightening the hue of red in his irises.

The scent of metallic reaches my nose, my eyes shooting down to his hand, where they clenched with the shimmering brightness of crimson as the liquid drips from his knuckles.

I wait for him to make a move, to say something, but all I am greeted with is defying silence. Without a thought, he holds my stare for a moment more before turning on his heel and walking out the door, the door slamming behind him; shattering the reality that I once lived in and dragging me into the one I, unfortunately, had to spend eternity.

Falling to my knees, my sobs fill the room, the pressing weight that I would never be able to return back to what I once knew suffocating me.

a/n; this is the last pov of Maddie and her story with Adrian until I create their story! Hope you enjoyed
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