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Chapter VIII

I slowly regained consciousness to the sound of low purring of an engine in my ears. A pounding began to take strike my temples as I move my eyes under my lids just, I wiggle my fingers to rid of the numbness I started to feel; with a quiet gasp, my eyes shoot open and I was granted with the sight of a beige ceiling of a car, I could tell I was laid on my backside, in the back seat.

I stared, my mind drawing a blank with no recollection of where I was. Soft-spoken voices could be heard from the seats in front of me, shifting my gaze, I settled them on the back of someoneโ€™s head. On the right side, one was blonde and a girl and the other was brown haired.

โ€œDelano seemed pretty pissed with you.โ€ the oddly familiar voice on the left spoke, his voice slightly deep and teasing.

The girl, as I now see, tched. โ€œI donโ€™t see why itโ€™s not like he cares for the human.โ€

โ€œShe is carrying his seed.โ€

โ€™Theyโ€™re talking about me.โ€ฒ I think, grimacing as I try to remember where Iโ€™ve heard their voice from.

Shutting my eyes for a second, I dig through my mind trying to clear a haze that settled over it. Thatโ€™s when everything flooded in, catching me off guard, my hand flew to my mouth and my heart spiked the same moment the girl shushed the boy.

โ€œYou heard that?โ€ she asked, quieting down and all I could hear was my blood pumping through my veins and my heart beating.

With a quiet shuffle, she turns around, her black beady eyes staring through me, a haughty expression falling over her face.

โ€œSeems like the humanโ€™s waking,โ€ she speaks, a small cruel-like smile curling at her lips.

I scramble up and push myself to the other side of the car and away from her petrifying gaze, sitting directly right behind the driverโ€™s seat, pressed against the door. I could feel my heart beating a thousand miles a minute, short pants passing through my lips.

The boy chuckled, โ€œEileesha leave her alone, her heartโ€™s beating so fast in her chest Iโ€™m afraid itโ€™ll burst.โ€ he states, turn the car down a road.

I keep my eyes on โ€˜Eileeshaโ€™ who continued to stare back, those dark brown eyes of hers, seeming black narrow before she turned back around. I released a breath I had no idea I was holding and slump against the car door.

At that moment I finally realize where I am, I jerk into a sitting position and turn towards the window where the car passes old and new looking buildings, their structures unfamiliar.

โ€œUh, w-where am I?โ€ I ask, slowly turning back around.

Abel raises his hand and tilts the review mirror down until I could see his eyes through the mirror, the strikingly intense grey eyes left me breathless.

โ€œWeโ€™re going to meet up with Delano at the motel,โ€ he says, ignoring my question.

I swallow. โ€œWhere are you taking me?โ€ I try again, my hand sliding down to my stomach.

Abel flickers his eyes through the mirror locking gazes with me, something passes through them before its gone, shaking his head he turns his attention back toward the road.

The familiar queasy feeling starts in my belly, I close my eyes hoping for it to just pass, a few seconds then minutes pass and its still there. My stomach starts to twist and turn as I could feel it slowly crawl its way up my throat, I feel myself start pale and sweat with the effort to force that crawl down.

โ€ฒIโ€™m going to be sick. . .โ€ฒ

My hand flies to my mouth, the same moment the car rolls to a stop, parking outside an expensive looking motel. I reach for the handle only to find it locked, I bang on the window, my eyes watering as I gag.

โ€œOpen the door. .!โ€ I manage out through my hand.

The sound of the lock clicking was sweet relief for a short moment before I bolt out the car, my feet carrying me toward the side of the building where I empty the contents of whatโ€™s left inside my stomach. I curl my fingers along the buildingโ€™s side, crouching to my knees and spitting the taste of bile from my mouth.


I turn to the sound of my name to see the man himself, Delano, stalking toward me with a soft look of concern on his face. When he was close enough he reached forward to place his hand on my shoulder, I flinch away, pressing my back against the wall.

โ€œDonโ€™t.โ€ I whisper, โ€œDonโ€™t touch me.โ€ my eyes begin to water for a different reason.

He crouches down to my eye level, staring deeply into my eyes, his own twinkling in the afternoon sun. Shaking my head, I place it between my knees, taking breathes to calm my racing heart. My mind runs with thoughts of how I found out I was pregnant and the next I was. . kidnapped.

โ€œKaitlyn.โ€ Delano sighs.

โ€œWhat do you want from me?โ€ I canโ€™t help but ask, my voice low as I lift my head a gaze into his eyes. โ€œIs it the kid?โ€

He shakes his head. โ€œI told you before, youโ€™re in danger and will be better off with me,โ€ he states vaguely, taking a step toward me.

I shoot up to my feet, stumbling back from the sudden movement and away from him, I clench a hand to my chest while my arm wraps around my belly.

โ€œI didnโ€™t ask for this!โ€

His brows creased, โ€œAnd neither did I.โ€

Anger finds its way in my system and buildings at a rapid speed. โ€œThen take me home! We can settle this like civil people,โ€ I tell him, my voice rising.

โ€œI canโ€™t.โ€

โ€œWhy the hell not?!โ€ I yell, the anger in me overwhelming. โ€œWhatโ€™s so hard about taking me back home?โ€

Delano takes a step forward. โ€œQuiet it down.โ€

I stand my ground, โ€œNo! Not until you tell me why you canโ€™t take me home and what you want from me!โ€

He clenches his jaw, his nostrils flaring out a bit. โ€œThe reason why is because you arenโ€™t home,โ€ he uttered through gritted teeth, โ€œYouโ€™re nowhere near home. Youโ€™re in Italy, my home.โ€

I blanched. โ€ฒItaly?โ€ฒ

โ€œNo, no! Youโ€™re lying!โ€ I protest, shaking my head, the anger simmering and panic rising.

โ€œWhy would I? Look around, what familiarity do you see here?โ€

I hate to admit it but he was right, the building structures were different, the cars and their style were different, even the people on the streets dressed differently than what Iโ€™m used to. The look in his eye told me he knew what I was thinking, and just like before I do without thinking.

And I scream.

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