Iris Loganna

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Creatures that are neither vampires nor human live among us in this world - hidden to the untrained eye. They protect the weak and mend the broken, but one of them is about to have an identity crisis.

Fantasy / Action
Leighanna Taylor
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“Well who do you think I am?” She asked in a luring tone.

He trembled. “Someone I’m getting to know better.” He pulled her close.

“Ha, ha,” she replied.

He breathed heavily, having been standing in a darkened park with only one light shimmering in the distance. She looked into his eyes, and saw his desire, but she did not grant it. He closed his eyes, and put his forehead on hers, still breathing heavily. She closed her eyes, but chose not to kiss him.

“You’ve been a bad boy, haven’t you?”

“Yes, I have,” he answered, somewhat laughing.

“Have you been selling young women to bad people?”

He opened his eyes confused, but then she punched his gut, and pushed him to the ground. She quickly crouched beside him, and held his throat. “You listen to me, and do exactly as I tell you.” Her fangs revealed themselves at the very corners of her mouth, and he quivered in fear. “Okay, okay! What do you want from me? Don’t eat me, please!” “I’m not going to eat you, fool. Just do as I say, and no harm will come to you.”

“Okay, okay, just tell me what you want.”

“First of all, I want you to shut up. Secondly, I want you to release, and repossess each and every girl you ever sold so that they may be free. Do you understand?” He nodded frightfully.

“If you fail within the next two weeks,”

“Two weeks? I can’t rescue all of them in that time.”

“Quiet! If you can’t do it alone, get your trade friends to help.” She slowly brought out her claws on her hand that held his throat.

“You’re not a vampire.”

“Shut it. If you fail within the next two weeks, your head will be on the chopping block. Hypothetically, but still.” He nodded, and she released. The man scurried to get up, but just before he started running, he turned back to look at her. Her fangs were gone, but when she whipped out her claws, he ran off scared. “Wimp,” she said retracting her claws, looking like a normal person again.

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