Iris Loganna

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Chapter Eleven

As Dom landed, he lifted Iris’s good hand and held it to the blank space in the rock, and hustled inside as the door opened. “Dominick? What happened?” Charles asked, seeing them come in. “She’s hurt. Bad. Help me get her to the hospital room, or whatever you call it.” He didn’t hesitate, and sped along the hall, and directed him into the room.

Iris was weak, and Dom felt the energy leaving her as he set her on the operation table. “What got her?” Charles asked so he would know what to use. “Genievo…just as the blue flame.” “Oh. That’s one thing I never took into account. Move her hand, let me see it.” Dom looked up at him. “I don’t think you want to see it.” Charles just then noticed his eyes were different. “Dominick, what happened to your eyes?” “Charles!”

“Right, right, right. Well we need to move it so I can work on it.” Dominick didn’t argue anymore, and moved her hand from the wound. “Ah. Okay, we’ll need,” Charles listed some medicine names that Dom didn’t know of, and let him work on her before it was too late. The entire time, he held her hand in both of his, and held them to his mouth. “She’s going cold.” “Well there’s no worry there. She’s kind of cold most of the time. It’s when she’s warm you have to worry.”

“Maybe, but this cold isn’t like ice. It’s like living on an iceberg where it’s blizzarding and 25 below 24/7.”

“Oh. Well that is a problem. Okay, I’m working. Can you hand me that vile that sitting there behind you?” Dominick turned, and grabbed up the jade green vile, handing it to Charles’ mechanical hand quickly, and taking his previous form once again.

An hour passed, and Dominick jolted up as he felt her hand move. “Iris?” he asked leaning in, and looking upon her gentle face. She moved her fingers again, and slightly moved her head. “Iris, wake up. You can do it.” He said, trying to encourage her not to give in. Then he looked down at their hands, and he felt her energy returning. “That’s it,” Charles said, picking up some brain activity. Iris then lowered her eyebrows and moved her head again, but let them up as she began to open her eyes. “That’s it, come on,” Charles added.

After that, the most beautiful sight appeared. Iris opened her eyes and they gave a gentle glow that made her face shine with radiance, and an elegance Dominick had not yet seen. “Hey. There she is,” Dom said as he rubbed his thumb over her soft hand. She turned her head just enough to look at Charles, and then back to Dom. “What happened?” she asked softly, and somewhat dazed. Charles and Dom looked at each other, and decided not to put a nasty memory into her head. “You were injured, and I…the mighty computer, brought you back,” Charles teased, and Iris giggled. Then she looked back at Dom, and looked into his eyes. “Hello Alex.” He smiled. “Hello.” “Alex? Did I miss something here?” Charles asked. “Dominick is a very old friend of mine.” She turned to Charles. “He is the man who dated my sister before she died.” “Wait, wait, wait. So you’re saying that this is the man who, one, led you into battle those many years ago, two, the guy who dated Sienna, and three, all one in the same guy who you love today?” Iris nodded, and Alex looked at her surprised, and she lowered her eyes, feeling he was looking.

Then she turned her head and raised her eyes so they would gaze into his. An unusual thing happened as they did though. A cylinder of light came from one another’s eyes, and met in the middle. Then a glittering line of lime green, yellow, and silver spiraled around from the center of the cylinder of light. Each set made their way to their eyes, and as it gently embraced them, they knew that what they had for each other was a true, and bonding love. Nothing could separate them now, for this wonderful phenomenon was mentioned in the book of Drygainian Lore. It said that if this happened between two Drygainians that truly loved each other, then this light would bind their souls together, and no one would be able to destroy, separate, or take away either one of them.

As the lights faded, Alex and Iris smiled, and Charles backed up, giving them space. “I love you.” Alex told her. Iris lifted her hand, and placed it on his cheek, and then said, “I love you too.”

Five months had passed, and the two of them were now married. Iris came to Alex one day, and had some news for him. “Hey baby,” he said before he kissed her cheek. “Hello,” she said in a giddy way. “Mm, you sound happy.” “I am. I have some news for you.” Alex set down his project and took her hands as she held them out. She smiled real big, and sighed with excitement. “I’m with child.” Alex widened his still silver, blue eyes a little. “You’re with child.” She just nodded really fast a couple times, still smiling. Then Charles came in to put Alex at ease. “Don’t worry, nothing’s going to be wrong. I looked, and this child is going to be just like the two of you. It’s just like any other birth.” Alex smiled, relieved, and looked back at Iris. “This is great. Congrats honey.” He told her as he put his arms around her. “Hey, you helped,” she teased, and hugged him back. “That reminds me,” Alex said, pulling back and looking at Charles. “I have someone I want you to see.” He stood, and started to walk down to another room. Charles looked at Iris, hoping she could explain, but she just shook her head, and stuck her lower lip out in confusion. So the two of them followed Alex out of the Family Room and went down the hall.

Alex turned around as he reached the door, and waited for them to catch up. As they approached, he grabbed the knob, but stopped as he looked at them. “Well go on then,” Iris said, but he just smiled, and didn’t do a thing. “Open it. We can’t stand this anxiety you’ve placed upon us. Open the door,” Charles added. Alex looked back at the knob, and opened the door; a young man stood up upon their entrance. “Who’s this?” Iris asked, feeling a bit invaded. “Don’t worry; he doesn’t know where we are. Charles, this is Garrett. Garrett meet your new project.” Charles was confused, but as Alex explained further, things became clear. “Charles, you remember that night where I said to not be so sure about you not being able to look human?” “Yes, yes I do.” Alex was silent and allowed him to think things through. Charles then realized what was going on. A big smile came upon his blue, virtual face. “You mean I can finally be a person?” Alex nodded, and knew that Charles would have clapped if he had hands.

The work began, and after 47 straight hours of work and sweat, Garrett finished the project, and Charles was finished. “Just put his memory chip here, and he’s ready to operate.” Garrett told Iris as she approached. She looked at the work with admiration, and then gently placed the chip in the designated spot. “Okay, just push this button here, and,” Charles sprang to life as Garrett pressed the button that was disguised as a button up shirt button. “Whoa, hello. Mistress, how are you today?” Iris smiled. “I’m good. Why don’t you sit up?” “Is the procedure done already?” She nodded, and he sat up. He then looked around as if everything was new, and then looked down at his newly fitted hands. He lifted them and gawked at them; then he looked at his legs, and swung them around so he could stand. “Now be careful. You may be a bit unstable when you first stand because you’re not used to it. Okay?” Garrett said, and Charles just nodded, too happy to say anything.

Charles placed his hands on either side of him, and carefully stood; the others ready to catch him. To their surprise, however, he didn’t stumble and stood on his own. Then he walked to the body length mirror that hung on the other side of the room. Admiring himself, and turning from side to side, he grinned, and then looked to Garrett. “I think I like it.” Iris laughed, but covered her mouth and had her mouth closed as she did. Then Charles walked over to Garrett and held out his hand. “Thank you, Garrett. Thank you so much. You have no idea how happy this makes me,” he told him as he shook Garrett’s hand with both hands. Then he turned to his mistress. “Come here,” he said, opening his arms, wanting a hug. Iris decided to indulge him, and gave him a hug. “Mm. Mm, mm, mm! I’ve always wanted to do that.” Charles said, moving from side to side with her in his arms. That was when Alex came in. “Alex!” He released Iris, and started to walk towards him. “Charles. You look good.” “And it’s all thanks to you big guy. Thank you.” He held out his hand, but as Alex grabbed it, Charles pulled him close and gave him a hug. “Uh…” Iris snickered, and Alex couldn’t help but laugh in a joking way. “Alright, that’s good.” Charles pulled back, and still bared a smile. “So, I think you should know that your condition is capable of withstanding anything a human can stand, so feel free to do whatever.” Garrett said to Charles as he packed up his equipment. “Haraw! This calls for champagne!”

Meanwhile, Alex’s friend got all dressed up in a business tuxedo, and very expensive sunglasses he saved up for during all that time. He entered the Genievo Newspaper Lobby, and got everyone’s attention just by entering the room. Then the two ladies who helped before came out from behind him, also dressed in tuxedos and sunglasses. “Can I have your attention please?” he asked, removing his sunglasses. “I have an announcement to make.”

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