The Devil's Grace

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Through the time, they met in the past, came to future; the mates destined to be in love. Lucifer, as the dark...and Grace as the sun. Dark side of story about Persephone and Hades. Grace is an immortal that lived through many centuries with only just one wish - to find a mate who could end her life. Whenever she thought she had found the one for her, she was brought to her knees, shattered from the inside. In all cases, Grace had met somebody trustworthy and then her curse made sure to destroy their love. Why? Because he isn't the one. Again and again, in an unstoppable cycle. After all that time, she was nothing but broken from inside, not wishing any longer for happiness. Devil. Satan. Lucifer, but Hades after all was the real name. Archangel that was banished from the Heaven to the world of Mortals established his own kingdom in the Underworld becoming its Supreme Lord. But, every king needs a queen. However, he demolished his queen—accusing her of an act of cheating with another man. Persephone vanished in thin air and no one knew her whereby. God of Death was left with only three things—anger, crushed heart, and loneliness. Hades is now the main player both on Earth and Olympus and it seems he has obtained a new toy for getting more power. Will Grace be that toy or become the person that can give him everything that he desire,, even the unspoken love?

Fantasy / Romance
Romae Regina
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Unheard music of the Moon,

Played with the strings of fairies,

In the deep forest alone,

Goddess came to meet a lover on the stone cold.

With wishes of shining stars,

They vow to endless love,

To meet again in the dark,

Without villager’s ears in the shadows of the night.

Heart to cherish,

Touch to hide,

They’re strong as one,

Found in a river of sins...′

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