The Devil's Grace

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chapter 0: prologue

The song was sung playfully as the youthful maidens were dancing on the sun rays in the flowered garden while Queen was watching them from the shades of an old tree, away from prying eyes. She looked bored. Exhausted. Wrinkles on her face, which apparently looks youthful, tells how she struggled with these difficult times. But her eyes are still cautious on everyone’s move and were particularly on one girl in the group of smiling faces — Grace.

From the day she arrived here, in kingdom’s palace, as the naive girl she was, she had many secret admirers that found her pure mind and face so captivating, that even the songs were made about her. They didn’t acknowledge that beneath that whole facade of a good girl, perhaps isn’t the same girl that everyone thinks they knew?

The magic was very known in the cities across the whole world placed in the dull time of modern ages. Rotted evil nor holy good were in harmony and besides big veil of spiritual nature—they fight one against one. In the sufferings of magical creatures, deep in their orbs, you can find the fear that simply can not disappear. The fear of losing those who you love. In this stage, emotions are dangerous, but at the same time, it’s a thing that can keep you sane in the war where the weakness is love.

But the point is, you don’t decide who gets to be there for you. Your soulmate is yet to be found on this unholy ground of Earth. . .or no?

Praying as long as there is hope left is only for beings with the heart that stills can work, although they all rationally do not abide by that unwritten rule. They seem to be blind or deaf before the conflicts of this world, but they are desperate to be liberated by the beings called soulmates. With it or without praying, with or without a biting heart, you have that participle being that is waiting for. Human. Werewolf. Vampire. A god, et cetera. Nay on the end of worlds, it’s expecting you. And maybe when you find it — I mean, when you assume you did — it isn’t her, it isn’t him. Your prejudice appears again in your mouth and you’re done it. You end up abolishing something as beautiful as possible in your own life. Your Mate.

If you do not see it, you feel it.

If you do not feel it, then it does not exist at the moment.

Then you’re a wreck. No end and beginning.

“She is the chosen,” stated disapprovingly a blonde-haired girl to her young friend as they were sitting by the small table in shades of linden as long with many other people. In big gowns that suited the prestige of old noblemen, with graceful movements they hide their rotten nature that was flowing in their blood.

These women, but immature girls in their minds, were indirectly pointing at a girl whom we can say only one word to describe her as the whole - unique. Unusual.

With such disrespect, their glares were on her dancing form as Grace laughed out loud while drowning her feet playfully in the cold water of the glorious fountain in the center of Rose’s Garden. She did not care even if she felt that heated views were applied to her back; she was so carefree, but at two points she was eyeing things around her.

“As the Prince Nicolas’ fiance,” confirmed another girl evilly smirking.

She was not as innocent as many considered her . . . Not everyone, of course. There is always someone in the audience who thinks that in every happy smile or outburst of tenderness, there is also something evil. Dark and hidden from the eyes of people who simply can not understand it. Do not judge the book by its covers, otherwise, the book will run you toward the insanity. Be careful, the books are alive as much as the words themselves.

“And what kind of magic she is?” One little girl with pigtails came to these to girls asking them curiously, leaving her friends behind her to hide against her shrub rose as she urged. They are so adorable, Grace though looking at these kids and their free spirit of youth.

They do not understand the world around them until they become what their parents want them to be. Knowing that they are the children of these noblemen, Grace flows out of laugh as she realizes that they would become like everyone else - sharp in languages, but selfish till the pain.

It is sad that one’s destiny is set - no, declared by the rules of their upper family and they could not say no, even they’re the main vassals of their’s life.

They were so tiny with their cute little heads they could not say they wouldn’t get in those long dresses and go to long heavy adult parties. They had to. They were raised to be someone and something within the court, although they would eventually make them feel prisoned. It’s pathetic. Just touching. They can’t ever have a normal childhood.

“A ordinary human girl is marrying a prince of Merdine​ dynasty,” The girl’s friend - almost barking - replied to this child who did not notice anything strange in her pronunciation of the words.

Of course, little one used to be accustomed to all those upgraded, so-called “purified” nobles who were watching everything from the distance, in the dark or in the light of the day. Without interruption, the conversation took place between these two seemingly fine girls, but every word that flowed out of their mouth was sending an abstract acid that could not be stopped by its spreading. Such a foreign side of souls, whether ordinary human or not, could be found in each of us when something was wrong with life. Like the person has two selves inside their brains - one devilish demon of dark fighting angels of good, and reverse. It is funny in the head, but . . .

So many personalities these people hide that even Grace couldn’t find who is on her side and on another, against her. Good liars, she thought when she first was seen alongside Nicholas.

Grace playfully grinned. It doesn’t matter if she is so far from all these mighty people, she knew really well what they were chatting about, but who cares - they were not her. Grace laugh inwardly at the very thought of these people.

Every innocence has a locked beast that is waiting submissively like lily for its spring. Only time is a crucial factor in its arrival.

“A pathetic girl,” the blond-haired girl declared louder than before; she doesn’t care that someone will hear her tongue of hate. She thinks that no one can halt her, but deep down, she is fearful of the power of those who are higher in this type of bureaucracy. “What did he ever see in her, she’s like everyone else. Nothing special,” once again, insults are spilling from her like drops on summer rain. “I was destined to be in her place. I, princess of North Kingdom,” her voice was a level higher than before. Upsetness is clearly visible on her face, but more clearly it’s she being desperate.

“Princess Marian, we can’t do nothing about it...”

“I know. I know... I know!” The haze of hatred that had been felt all this time since it arose, was finally burst into the air of this afternoon of deceived peace. Marian yelled hopelessly to her friend Anna as the Queen turned to them with a glare. This princess, Queen deemed angrily in her old head, would never be worthy of my son. Like her.

“We’re apologizing, your majesty.” The Queen nodded and turned to drink her tea in the silence of her mind as the laughter around her was in full swing.

With the same opinion as these young girls on the left side, Queen didn’t fancy that human girl to manage the throne beside her heir. She didn’t have a criterion, by her statements, she didn’t have that in her blood. She isn’t reliable to be a noble queen and let alone being a royal princess.

From the doors in front of them that leads to the palace, the young man came with his servants. He was a model of a guy who held the king’s posture which every girl would dream of as an authentic knight from her fantasies; a gentleman in armor on a white horse. His bright blue eyes, slightly with gray dots glowed under the bright sunshine that was impersonated between the fuzzy forms of the cloud.

Above all this, the ends of the beam that is invisible to all the beings who walked the earth beneath their feet were infused with their thin threads that bind the souls and floated with the wind of the heavens.

Gods with golden heart can see them.

The moment this young man has seen a most beautiful girl in the fountain - no, the angel as Nicholas conceived​ himself - his brain comforted that she is the one. Indeed, Grace had a smile that would brighten every dark spot in this kingdom, her kindness can be seen in her soul, and her mind was a manifestation of an innocent soul . . .

But, every angel has a dark.

Every one of angels can be fallen and every fallen can look like an angel.

When their eyes meet, the wide smiles made their ways to both faces. Prince Nicholas began stepping to her while she reached to him and getting out of the water, barefoot running through the soft green grass to him. All the worries disappear and her mind is calmed with cleanness.

False love makes people blind. Its character is not whether you consider someone to love, but whether someone treats you with respect and passion. Does he regard you as a best friend, with whom you can talk and show yourself, a real self in the middle of the night?

Love can hurt. Can heal, but it can burn.

You can never understand her real value until you feel its last exhale.

“Hi,” she shyly bowed to him as she joined him.

To bow - everywhere means someone is above you. You respect their higher status. Perhaps, by doing that, she hampers her sapience for wondering why she does it. But why? Everyone is equal to everyone. It will be equal to being alive.

Being in love and love someone is same sounding, but at the exact time isn’t completely equal.

“Milady, how are you on this splendid day?” Nicholas observed her, enchanted in her pure charm as she stood there in front him in a simple gown that was soaked from the water. She did not seem to be bothering her head with the choice she would wear, it’s awfully stupid to meet with hours upon hours of changing and making yourself baked in the alike uniform of wannabe princess. She didn’t want it.

“I’m good, thank you, your highness,” bowing again, yet peering up to see his elegant pale face while his short blonde hair danced on the summer air. His blue eyes were not moving from her captivating grays one.

Her beauty as a human is the riddle that hasn’t been solved instantly. Bright white hair till the waist made her appear like a ghost, like Moon Goddess from all those paintings from werewolf culture.

With its dance on summer’s wind, her long hair hides her face and a little bit of upper body as she was beside her love. But even with that distraction, it can be seen her parted plump lips that were the reddest shade of rose and her pale skin contrasting it. It was the only thing on her that has a color, besides her dark gray eyes.

He smiles brightly at his little fiancé that he wants to share with the whole world, to the birds, to the sky, but at the same point to never anybody see her in this light except him. She is perfect, Nicholas thought every time they encounter.

Joined hand in hand, they approached his mother who stared at them with the tender smile, but sinister in mind. Wretched girl.

Remaining by her, discussing a wedding, happy moods and prayers were heard everywhere, but the scowls of petty jealous people also were recognized.

And that day lasts as such...

But the midnight... oh, the darkness will visit them escorted by the piercing sound of the deathly scream that no one expects to be heard.

Well, perhaps no.

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