The Devil's Grace

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Chapter 2: through the time

G r a c e

The silence was surrounding my strolled down subconscious as I sensed my eyes once again being restrained from a single ray of light or colors to get through them. The small force of the wind was blowing my long hair while I felt that I was carried in someone’s large and muscular arms.

I felt safe around them. . . I struggle a bit more in them as I was closer to its shoulder, pushing head more into a crook of its neck. The heavy scent - some sort of burned material captivated my mind and my hands uncontrollably moved on their own, cuddling strongly person’s neck. The palms that were holding me gently, tightened their grip closer to the frame. I was already unwillingly smitten at that short movement and a hidden smile was the result of it. I would love to remain this way, for a long time.

But I know that I need to wake up.

The wind stopped. I stir in a soft mattress that enveloped me wholly in their warm embrace. While I unconsciously twirled beneath them, my conscience rotated in many tones molding visions of last night to get to my brain and ushering me to awake, but I can’t. I don’t want to when I recollect what foolish things I made out myself.

At that moment the images of life were going through me, resembling restless waves before the storm and a little whimper came out my closed mouth. The soothing hand touched my head, stroking my messy hair; tranquilizing torn soul from every trick of the mind. So loving gesture, so warm it felt that I relaxed in it as my sorrow faded away.

The voices of people were detected by my ear, conversating about something that I didn’t understand. Everything was unclear and was driving me crazy for not knowing where I am.

But I heard it finally.

His voice.

His gentle and quiet voice.

"Darling?" The one word was spoken as I fight with myself to move, to wake up and examine him sharply. My eyes slowly fluttered open as I finally confidently absorb every highlight of that hidden man.

My view was taken away by the young man with a short auburn hair - it was the darkest shade of red rose and bright green eyes that were completing his boyish yet divine face; perfect much of colors in one spaceman if the perfection exist. Debonair, he was sitting cross-legged opposite me, watching silently with amusement while I move to get up, but I found one interesting thing that stops me- I was lying on something hard beneath.

Better, lying on someone’s lap.

My fluttering gaze traveled up and I admitted.

It’s him, my frail heart narrates countless times and it just seems to know when it is in his vicinity.

The devil.

He was truly Lord of everything that is underneath all the atmospheres and hidden from the eyes of vile spirits. His black hair falls across his forehead in untamed waves, making him supreme like one of those Olymp’s gods. He is one of them, after all. A jaw set in a hard line, defined by a line that was craved till the perfection. His soft and dark, blue eyes were fixed hard on my face, never leaving it for a moment even if another person’s stare is on us the whole time.

It exhibits the time collapsed and the clock ran out of its digits. Like we were in another universe as our gazes meet and his hand is still above my scalp. The magnificent inks on his tan skin that make him a piece of art were seen on his neckline while gradually fading away underneath his shirt. They’re astonishing, I believed.

“Did you finish observing me, little one?” He joked as the small grin settled on his face while a passion was still within his caresses of fingers that were tangled by my hair. I tilted my head sideways, examining him more as the smile came upon my poor chapped lips and my head still placed on his legs.

“No. I didn’t-Can I...,” my voice was like the hoarse hissing, without any resemblance of my own. Lucifer moved his palm up, gesturing for something.

The red-haired man stood up from a furniture and exit the room. In feel of agitating in this position, I arise while looking warily around myself. Lucifer was still staring at every move that I take like I was some new toy to analyze.

I was in a big room, settled on one of the black couches. The luxurious ambient was spacious, a big crystal chandelier was hanging from the roof above giving a light as the night was seen through clear windows that were built nearly from the floor to the end of high ceilings that were finishing many meters in height. On wooden table decorated with golden ornaments on the right had many flowers that were standing on the flawlessly made tablecloth of old golden embroidery thread. After some minutes, the same man approached me with a glass of water on a trey. I took it and quickly, like a whale on dry ground, I drink all liquid from it.

Oh, right, I didn’t taste it...for days, perhaps.

“Thank you...?” I questionably spoke to this unknown man as I returned now empty glass to him. He took from me, but my eyes stopped on his hands - he had black nails. Wow. I want that too.

“Apollon,” he welcomed me warmly while firmly seized my hand that I extended.

“A god of the sun? Nice to meet you,” I bowed courteously. “I am Grace.”

“Grace?” Apollon arched his eyebrow up at my response turning doubtfully to look at Lucifer who was sitting beside me and throwing me in heat. So close, but so far, finally that sentence made a sense. “Totally accurate name for you, do you think the same, Hades?”

“Yes. . .Perfect,” Lucifer answered him still eyeing me casually, but skeptically still. His expression was emotionless that nothing can get from him. Neither his body was open book. Let’s break it, I grinned inwardly.

“How do I call you. . . Lucifer? Hades? Devil?” I beamed at him while his gaze went downwards to me, again with that serious look that would me get me to shiver. “Or Satan?”

“How are you not scared of me?” He asked me with a skeptical look on his face.

“Why would I?” I got up from my soft sit and turning around with hands crossed behind my back, deliberately I slowly walked to the huge windows in front me. “Where am I?” A small murmur came from me. “We aren’t in the 16th century, are we?” I referred loud enough to them hear my second question while I looked to outside world.

Indeed, it was changed to the level that I didn’t recognize it, but nevertheless, it was indeed sophisticated. The big buildings with their delicacy made of little blocks that were standing straight upon the force of gravity, going to high altitudes. Their’s ends were not even seen as the night clouds were moving around them, lurking them insignificantly from this observation point. Little lights were seen like the stars which disappear in the twilight sky, but brighter, vivid with more strength in them. Down there, between these buildings, the ground cannot be seen from this height that I was standing now, still barefoot on the warm marble floor as I was leaning on the solid window, anticipating the answer from these gods that were close to me.

“No, we are not. Now it’s 2017,” Apollon spoke as I hummed silently the next words while calculating it in my brain.

“Twenty-first century. . . ”

“How do you know it? Why are you so calm about it?” A smile crept across my lips as I crossed my arms looking in the non-visible horizon-to those black buildings that were coming together with the darkness while I just thought about an asked question.

“It’s not a first time...,” I whispered. And with it came a realization that was in some big comfy gray shirt and long pants. But it’s has Lucifer’s scent all over-


“Who changed me?” Now was my time to demand an explanation, but still faced them with the back.

Can I tell them?

Nah. Perhaps, lets the life go its way. It seems that I cannot die in any other way, so let’s try telling the truth.

“Not first time for what?” Now is Lucifer who queried. I turned sideways to look at two men who were staring at me from the couches not even answering my question.

“Not first time traveling through the time, boys,” I smiled warmly at their unknowingly stares. So cute.

“Who are you?” Lucifer requests a question.

“You both know who I am, gentlemen. I am Grace...,” relaxed, I lean my back against the big window beside me watching them in eyes. They still gazed at me perplexed. A sigh escaped my lips as I closed eyes in annoyance. “Do you know the legend of a The End’s Doom?”

“Never heard about it.”

“Same here,” Apollon said after Lucifer. Or Hades. Whatever.

"From the dark and light, together in one, a creature of day and night, in particular time, will be born to travel around, to come upon her mate and end the big war as giving a new life and ending another,” I sang the prophecy that I know from the day of my birth, that was craved in my memory, in my heart. “Do you get it now?”

“You are that being?” Apollon asked. Thank you, Heaven, he’s the smart one.

“Yup.” I popped the letter ‘p’.

“What are you exactly?” Lucifer glanced up, after thinking for some time in silence.

“In a short way, I am like you guys. A goddess, but-” I cut off my speech as the awareness came to me. I cant tell them that, they are after all complete strangers even if I know that they are original Greek gods. Lie Grace, it’s not first time faking it, I mouthed myself inwardly.

“But what?” Apollon retorted.

“But. . .more powerful than that.”

“More than Zeus? More than me?” Lucifer made a catch for me viciously with a bitter smile on his lips. I’m not that stupid to tell you the whole truth, the dear devil, I grinned in my head.

“No. My powers are the same level as yours, Hades. Or Lucifer. What to call you again?” I tilted my head playfully waiting for him to say something.

“Lucifer. It’s cooler,” his arrogantly smug danced on his face as he looked at me.

A bad boy.

This will be fun, I smiled mentally to that.

“Did you maybe find your mate?” Apollon interrupted my gaze from Lucifer’s eyes as he crossed his arms, now standing a few meters away from me.

“Yup,” I nodded while leaning my hands on the cold glass behind me.

“Do you know who he is?” Apollon urged me to explain him. Again.

“Yup,” and I again confirmed it.

“Do you know where he is?”


“So, can you go to him? Is he far away?”

“Nope, he is in front of me,” I told him playfully grinning at the bewildered grimaces that they were making.

“Wh-What?” Lucifer shutter as he finally understood what I said just a moment ago.

“It’s you,” I stepped out from the windows walking to him. “Lucifer, you’re my mate.”

“Lucifer?” Apollon chuckled at that.

“That is the best joke that I heard in a long time,” Lucifer stated as he joined in laughing with his friend.

“Laugh for long that you want, by the destiny chose you as my mate,” I stated as one more lie came from my mouth. I was a foot from the couch where he was sitting. Lucifer suddenly stood up, closing the distance between our faces just to several inches. My heart picked a fast beat as he was so close to me. His lips so close...

Stupid mate bond.

“Look here, I don’t have a mate. I don’t want to have it. I-“I prevented him from proceeding.

“Whatever you say, I don’t care. You will surely fill the bond,” and then I recalled every time we touch. . . “Oh, yeah, you felt it before, right?” I told him knowingly with hands on my hips while he boiled his rage out and turned to go, but no-he is a devil. He can’t go like a plain human.

A large red fire covered his whole body as he walked away, leaving me standing in dying sound of a crackling blaze.

'Puf. Disappeared into thin air.'

He is very, very mad.

'Well, he will come back.'

“He left.”

“Really? I clearly didn’t see it, Apollo,” I sarcastically smiled at him as I spun around.

“You’re funny. And good, opposite of his dark side,” he settled down on the lounge where he was resting before. I followed him and sat on the opposite of him, on another one, crossing my legs in an Indian way. “It’s...insane,” he slows down his talk to diverted his eyes to me. “What you have told us, moments ago...”

“I know. But it’s a fact. We both know it,” I declared referring to Lucifer.

“I never heard that gods have mates, soulmates like humans call it. . .”

“Sometimes is possible. Like Cupid. He has a mate,” I assured, casually bending my back to the soft cushions of this black couch. Why didn’t this people​ made in middle ages? It’s so soft.

“But I thought that Eros had it because he is a son of Aphrodite. He’s the god of love, you know, that human girl became-” Apollon moved hands as he explained to the stupid me. A stupid Grace.


“I know very well story,” I rolled my eyes at this new mythology class. “But it wasn’t because of that, you can ask when you go up,” I applied to the Olymp.

“What about you? Why is your aura like a human if you’re a goddess like you state?”

“Oh, I forgot about it completely,” closing my eyes, turning my senses off, I began stabilizing my breathing. Even if anxiety evolved me because I took a prolonged time away from my natural aura, I tried to calm my beating heart.




The sense of bright light, the warmness of it, every fiber of my body were filled with its powerful energy. This gut under me-it made me like old me.

'It’s was a long time, Grace.'

It was.

“Now, what you see?” I spoke as I opened my orbs, a heartful weakness that I felt as the human was finally gone. It was a type that was deeper and more intimate than the fear of never finding my mate...the more scarier.

The one because I almost died.

“Wow,” his jaw was wide opened in shock as Apollon stared at my face. “You have golden irises, like a true goddess. But your-”

“I told you so. I know, my sclera is black,” I shrugged my shoulders, smiling warmly at him as he closed his lips and return the wide smile. “Well, I would like to maintain this, but I need to sleep. And I know that I woke up an hour ago, but I feel tired. The transition from without powers to with them is exhausting.”

“Okay, I will show you the room where are you staying. Follow me,” Apollon stood up and heading to the door while I was following his lead. The big spiral staircase came in my vision in the middle of the this room. On both sides, marble statues of Greek maestros were facing each other in the silence of the midnight as a fair sparks of luster beyond were shading them. Slowly, step by step, I climbed up the huge stairs as the many doors in a row came into view.

“This is yours,” he pointed at one that we were standing in front. “See you in morning, Grace.”

“Good night, Apollo,” he nodded retreating downstairs while leaving me alone in the long silenced passageway. Holding the door lock with my right hand, I entered the bedroom.

The first thing that came upon my sleepy gaze was a huge King sized bed facing me and oriented to the two doors that were across it to my left. Tracing the soft silk mattress beneath my hand, I stared throughout this large room. The stunning view can be seen through the broad windows that were taking the whole wall, just beside the bed and nightstand.

I turned heading to the two doors in this place. The first one was a walk-in closet that was lacking clothes. Shortly, closing that door, I opened another one-a grandiose bathroom. Moving in it, I closed the doors behind me.

The dark once again summoned my tired golden eyes. With a flicker of my fingers, the little balls of the fire showed themselves around me and lighten up the whole bathroom, leaving the darkness to hide away. I took a step in front, turning on the water, filling a bathtub with it. I took off all clothes from my body leaving them in the sink to not get soaked.

Slowly, lifting my left leg, I get in the full bathtub. Getting my naked body underneath the surface of the warm water, just with a head left on the edge, I try to rest as I feel my sore muscles get relaxed. My hair, so white like a pearl, was falling down to clean bathroom tiles and the light was illuminated from it while giving the soft beige walls magical white lights. I closed my eyes, loving the silence that was giving a piece.

Just as my mind was cleared of everything, some movement was heard in corner of the bathroom. I raised my head, gradually opening my eyes to look at this creature who came to me. My eyes were wide when I saw his features developing from the darkness. The flames of fireballs around me increased as my heartbeat was also.

“You were right, I am your mate,” he came vigilantly to sit on the edge of the bathtub. Our eyes were still connected and I know he was watching my eyes as they sparkled under his intense gaze. “You’ve powers?” lifting the hand that was on a surface of the water, he took my chin in his hand, gently stroking his thumb as he studied my face.

“And you wanted to be more powerful, right mate?” I asked me boldly bent closer to his face, smiling smugly. He grinned tilting his head sideways, licking his lips seductively as his thumb parted my lips.

“What do you think, darling?” He broke the silence that was ruling over us.

“You want it. . .very much, Lucifer,” I moved even closer to him, just inches were between us as I felt his breath on my pale skin. “You crave for it. It will never be enough for you,” bringing my hand from the now cold water, I placed it on his neck, slowly my eyes were trailing together with my fingers his beautiful tattoos.

But I know they aren’t just tattoos.

They are the marks from Underworld.

They are plastered because of his sins.

Sins that made him Hades, a god of death.

“You see, I don’t do love-” a loud laugh, that was maybe melodic one to someone ears, echoed closed-doored bathroom while stopping him from continuing his words.

“Even you Lucifer have a heart. I know. . .” my hand shouted down to his ribs cage where lays the heart of this dark creature. “Deep down, a place for me exist,” I looked up to his mesmerizing black pools of lust that were watching me. Leaning carefully not to be seen my naked body, I whispered the words that will be engraved in us forever. “You’re mine. I’m yours. Trust me. . .”

And wind again with a following of strong blue flames blown from him and once again, he runs away in the secrecy of the midnight. I smiled warmly at his childish moves.

Don’t be afraid, my devil.

Our journey’s at the very beginning.

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