The Devil's Grace

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Chapter 5: The Nefcease

G r a c e

"Well, shit.” Apollon cursed aloud as we came back in his car. It was already quite dark outside and the moon made its appearance on the clear mischievous sky. We were supposed to go back to the penthouse, but apparently, we won’t now.

“What is matter?” I asked him slightly concerned at his usurped condition. He turned around halfway to glance at me while getting keys to turn on the engine. Looking at Apollo’s eyes, I saw many raw emotions, but one is clear. He’s annoyed. At me, maybe?

“No, Grace, I’m not annoyed at you,” he sighed tiredly passing a hand through his features on the face. Oh, I said it loud. Blast, I must keep my thoughts to myself. “It’s my brother. Dante as he likes to call himself here,” Apollon rolled his eyes annoyingly, but it can be seen that he cares for him dearly even if his movements don’t give him away.

“Brother?” I raised the eyebrow in disbelief.

“I drink wine like the bull water and I want to have a fun twenty-four seven. Guess what crazy motherfucker I am?”

"Dionysus, the insane god," I giggled at this short summary of his brother, god of wine. As a matter of fact, indeed that is the best short description of Dionysus. Never I met him, but I heard about him and this same damn words —with insignificant modification, of course —will always get from stranger’s lips when you ask about this goddamn man. It worked in ancient times when he was very popular among old greeks.

“Bingo, you win,” I laughed. “Who else? His friend sends me that he got in fights with werewolves at The Nefceas. . .again,” he chuckled bitterly. “I will leave you in the penthouse while I go there,” I nodded understanding his concern and he runs a car down a crowded road.

Wait. If I get back, there is a pretty chance that Lucifer will be there and I don’t want to see that person, either his lover at the moment. It’s better to go somewhere than being in penthouse left alone only with his smell around me that will be suffocating or worse, his proximity that I can not stand.

“No, I’ll go with you. Please, let me! And what is Nefceas, anyway?” I pleaded him while my large puppy eyes were on full display and bottom lip deliberately pulled away from my mouth in the pout.

Apollon nonchalantly whirl around to see me and immediately his green eyes froze on my plump lips. Nervously, I left my lips back in the normal way they were and for a second I think I saw him lick his, but maybe it just my imagination. I slowly feel that my face was getting blushed and shyly averted my face to the side.

‘Grace, calm down your wildness for Zeus’ sake.′

“Nefcease is a nightclub that vampires owned, logically,” Apollo dragged my attention back to him, but I was still glancing with peripheral vision without moving my arm that was resting on the window frame and silently listened to not reveal my flushed cheeks. “They made it for every kind of supernatural being, including the gods. You can also see some humans, but they’re directly bowed to the vampires, by the way, humans also are who make perhaps five percent of people there or they are werewolves’ mates, but that is quite a bizarre because human mate is so rare and. . .well, because that is a club for... .ah,” Apollo stuttered restlessly moving his free hand through his neat auburn hair. I slowly took my eyes from the window and set it on his face completely. Was he....blushing?

‘Apollon is blushing.’ I watched in foreign astonishment. ‘What will we not see here...’

‘I’m wondering too.’

“For what, Apollo?” I narrated his own words waiting impatiently for him to complete sentence. “Finish, please. That is a club for . . .?”

“Well, you see, vampires who are the natural seducers, by the way, made this club for every being who is unmated; but there are also werewolves’ mates, you know that, but together they all want to have. . .a certain type of fun-”

“Drugs, alcohol, sex, right?” I interrupted his gibberish narrowing my eyes slightly. He really thinks that I’m that level of innocence? Okay, I never tried one of these things, but I know they existed for a very long time. Of course, humans’ drinks nor drugs can’t do anything to my body, but those forbidden divine drugs and alcohol. . .It can bring me to “the whole new universe”, as many told me.

“Y-yeah,” Apollon muttered restlessly while nodding. Oh, how cute is when he gets all red in the face. “As you know, that is all. . .I want you to be pre-” but I again interrupted him with my loud laughing together with Ignis’ amusement that was echoing my head.

‘Oh, my sweet pineapple pie...aww, how dandy of him!’

“Prepared? For what? To see an unknown man and woman get naked? Oh my dear Apollon, you really think I didn’t see that for all these centuries of being immortal? I’m not so unaware on that field of information. Quite opposite, I know a lot. Perhaps I’ve name Grace, but I have the hidden demon that burst fire inside me. You almost get caught in her claws,” Apollon watched me surprised at me with wide eyes, but slowly let a smile come outside and joined in laughter with me. So funny. . .

After some time getting all laugh from our lungs, the comfortable silence set upon us. Meanwhile, Apollon drove to this famous club. I watched night sky through the window. Millions of stars dancing on sky besides the moon are beautiful to watch and peaceful for the mind. I love darkness, even more than light that everyone likes to describe me as.

Perhaps, darkness is the place where I find an oasis of calmness—an unknown road that I will most likely be broken again. Or maybe die. That would be bad. At the same time, well.

’Oh, thank you dear for mentioning me,′ Ignis proudly grinned in my head interrupting me from my unsettling mind. I warmly smiled at this wicked soul in me. ‘You know that there was a chance that Lucifer is there?’ And then that little smile lost itself.

‘Yes. But, I don’t think he’s that stupid to have sex with someone who he. . .’ I sighed as my wild imagination made scenes in my head of them. ‘You know, it’ll be too stupid to have there–’

‘Dear, who said anything about. . .you know. They can do something else than. . .that. Maybe they’ll not be there, but if I say that, that is just stupid hope levitating in the air. I have a feeling, Grace. Be on the standby.’

‘Yeah. . . I hold–’

“We’re here,” Apollon woke me from exceedingly thinking any longer. Getting out of his car, we met with the front row of the street that was occupied by a big mass of people that walked in direction of the large building that looks like from old black-and-white films. It looks at first like abounded, but it’s not when you get close by. So many different beings were outside, leaning on the old walls of what looked as once a factory and enjoying a smoke of cigarettes or drugs.

Living life in fullest without care for a world, better day. . . They completely melted with dark and if it isn’t because of those neon tubes of light, they wouldn’t even have gauges of contours—would be just plain warm air of this summer dusk hidden in the night.

Hair colors of all kinds, different hued eyes that watch every step you take and the smell of lust in the air is so dominated that you cannot escape from it. So beautiful creatures here are in so short and so see-through costumes that made them appealing so sexually divine, like muses of the night. They can shot you right through a mind and get played with it, without guilt, just for a treat.

With them, we made a way to the big black door that was guarded by two muscled men. Red eyes. Vampires. That big sign Nefcease made everything so mysterious with its radiant lights in the sake of this night while in the background - a bit of music was heard from where I stood; I felt it traveling from my toes to head giving in more to this strange atmosphere. And now I realized - I surely wasn’t prepared for this because I’m still wrapped in the same clothes from yesterday, in Lucifer’s shirt and sweatpants. I forgot to change. Oh, Goddess, I look like a little girl, I said to myself embarrassed. That is the reason why so many stares are on me; they clearly didn’t ever see girl dress like me to go to a club like this. Ah. Some Japanese girls even laugh at me muttering something on their mother’s language, but I heard it very well as my senses get a high response to this dangerous environment.

“She looks so cute and innocent, but girl, she has something in her! Maybe, some sweet energy, ah?” they said while I was passing them. . .


“I want to taste her,” someone on franchise said.


“Me too, bro,” said other licking his lips sedulously.

‘And there goes one more vampire in a row. . .’

Ah, why the idea of being in bed with Nutella now is so appealing to me? I sighed while I was trailing Apollo’s steps.

“Come on. Don’t leave my side for even a moment,” said Apollon, but it came really hushed to my ears. I didn’t even conclude his words because I still watched stunned at the ongoings around. Someone’s hand came upon my own and I immediately wake up from this crazy trance. “Don’t leave my hand, Grace. Understand?”

“Yeah, Apollon,” I answered and we get in.

“Fuck. Nutella was better than this,” I said aloud my thoughts. Someone laughed to my left, but I didn’t care about it. I just want to this to finish quickly, find a messy brother and get to my bed.

Passing to sweaty bodies colliding in the beat of the song that played aloud, I didn’t know how to think normal. With every step I take, I couldn’t resist being there, on the central floor, dancing until my heart says to stop because my mind will be then emotionally dead. The energy of lust is summoning me even though my healthy conscience does not accept, while a heart cares to get free. Everything here is just calling me to come and let lost yourself in its taste—it was a magic in the air.

Vampires, vampires. . .they’re indeed good in their job—a job of seducing, like succubuses and incubuses of Earth, a thought came upon my half-conscious mind as we were ascending upstairs, to more private rooms. They were transparent as the glass was the only thing separating them from the main ship of this object and you can see very well what they’re doing there, but for real—it doesn’t matter. No one cares.

‘Oh, look Grace. There some of those of Underworld–What the...?’ When I hear a confused tone of Ignis’ voice, I immediately searched around for this that Ignis caught and then. . . I found it right in front of my nose.

He. . .

‘No, Grace! Don’t you dare to cry!’

But it was too late for that.

“Grace!” someone shouted my name over the music, but at this moment, I didn’t care not even one atom of mind to move away—they are in the prime view of my anger.

Being in his strong arms, she strangled his lap while being in short black dress and kissing him so passionately that I couldn’t take my eyes away. Their clothed bodies moved with energy that craves for attention. It feels like my heart clenched at this sight upon me — like someone shot me down aiming their target to my wavering state.

Bang, bang. . .

Bull’s eye is a heart.

Every second is unbearable. Realization slowly drags me deeper into a vortex from which there is no longer hope that I can recover while shivers of pain ranged through my body. Again, the fall is predictable, although when you hope that it will not be and that your brain is cheating behind your back. Everything is the same. The same thing goes, the same will be.

Lucifer’s dark hair became a bundle of waves that Rachel’s fingers found shelter and her lips never rising away from his mouth. Nevertheless, the images persistently flash in my mind while his hands were strongly gripping her closer. At that moment, he eyes found mine and his lips that were previously caressing her expose neck finishing with her earlobe, now were agape with incredulity.

The eyes that I can see even from standing here in distance of ten meters, avoided from emotions. With gripping strongly metal railing of this metal platform, I watched him silently in despair as our observations of each other were in line. Those beautiful ponds of dark blue that you can be drawn in, represented feeling beyond plain hurt. I see their pressure on me. He knew that he went far. Too far.

I sadly cracked a smile in disbelief not even thinking about brushing away rogue tears, I tilted my head exposing slowly neck and abruptly raised chin with interest to examine his body’s moves. More tears and my lips stretched in the snicker watching all those traces of her hands on him. I want to crawl back into other epoch, I want my heart back away from you, my dear devil. It’s funny. We knew each other for like two days and I is strange. More peculiar is this mate pull that felt cursed just subsisting between us.

"Say it, devil. Just say. . ." My thoughts came like a whisper.

Shaking my head from side to side while those tears full of misbegotten disappear under strong shining neon lights, I looked at him for a moment carelessly. His strong demeanor dropped as he looked at me sincerely, dropping his hands from her. And her? Rachelle didn’t mind it, just continue kissing his neck, slowly traveling to his exposed chest in burned greed.

“Why?” Louder, stronger, perhaps a cry or different glimmer of voice break from my lips. I waited in anticipation, trembling that consumed me in a course called skin. Why giving me false hope? I wanted to ask but the words stacked in my throat.

With one step in the back, slowly this world before me is extinguished by the flames of fire that helps me to breathe again. The last thing that caught my attention is the person I am grateful for being with me, although that was short. He was running and calling me into his arms.

“We will meet again. Sorry, Apollo. . .my dear fake brother,” I murmured him enough loud to hear me while smiling warmly at him and snuggling into the welcoming darkness.

Glancing at my devil for the last time optimistically, I turned and veiled dimension carried me away from this pain. . .

Even though I saw him approaching me furiously, it was too late.

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