The Devil's Grace

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Chapter 7: under the moon

“She’s still crying,” Maximus sighed, wearily. “Even asleep.”

Looking across the field full of those dark woods, he stood alone behind the large window away from the coldness of the dusk. Passing seconds were filled with thinking about his Bella while keeping a glass of red liquor close to him, frequently drinking it. To someone, it may look like the deepest shade of the red wine, but it isn’t. It is the blood.

Consequently, his heart was hurtfully tangled with each eruption of anguish that his Bella cluelessly thinks he did not notify. Every tear and every hidden cry reveals only the pain that she must carry on because of other creatures. The wrong placed misfortune that this stupid curse inflicts on Grace causes him an increased desire to destroy everything; to hand all those damn bastards to her blissful feet. Maximus is one of The Primum—he can do whatever he wants just by setting his mind on and proclaiming it, but he knew that he could not do anything until she herself comes and shows what was torturing her white and pure soul.

“Hey, put that glass down, Maximus,” a velvety, but a masculine voice announced his presence while slowly taking away glass momentarily from breaking out. After putting it down on the miniature oak desk, he composed himself beside Maximus and gave him a light massage across his stiff shoulders while observing his pale profile that was drowned into his infamous cold demeanor that avoided emotions.

“Maximus, a person, whether it is a god, whether it is a common human or supernatural as everyone here, it has to fall into some kind of pain. We all have a life through which everything must pass. . .sadness and joy, death and birth. You don’t need to work up yourself, none of us can escape from this so-called destiny even if that sounds like the cliché. Like her, Maximus, you used to be on the similar path. She helped you in those moments that you’re not proved of. Now is the time to help her. If it were not for her, I do not know how we would be—,” a young man sadly gulped, stopping the words to come out. Both of them didn’t like retelling nor remembering that part of their history. “We, Maximus...We wouldn’t be here tonight because of your Bella. But, you need to be strong not for her, but also for yourself. . .and me. Be skillful like you are, mon chéri."

The youthful man next to Maximus—who held his hand with so much force that he could break ordinary human’s bone—leaned gently to this vengeful aristocrat, enveloping him in an encouraging and intimate embrace. Only his devoted proximity can calm this tyrant from exploding, yet can make him fall in the line with a silence of the tender heart.

Aaron’s hot lips tenderly touched the lord’s cold cheek and shifted the untamed curls to the side, making Maximus’ neck exposed to him on the abiding luminescence. He widely grinned, proud as he observed the mark on the vampire’s pale neck. The large mark that his nose tenderly danced across was like the beast’s canines broke the skin but just enough to leave a mark. They relished the vibration of their beating hearts, blending into the love that was in the air.

“Aaron, what the hell? Who said that I will not help her?! My sou—I just hate what I caught by the river tonight as if she wanted to cast herself out. . .” Maximus’ voice awaked Aaron from this transient trance of the lust. Lord shook his head like the monster waiting for unleashing; he couldn’t get the peace from all those thoughts that spurred his bitter heart transiting into the tune of emotions.

“Hey, to kill herself! I know that Bella cannot die until she fulfills a part of her destiny, but nevertheless. . .” His voice became gradually quieter, smaller than poppy grain. “Nevertheless, it isn’t so wonderful sight when someone who’s like—” he suddenly stopped for a moment, nervously considering what words to use deliberately.

He still couldn’t get much courage to pronounce aloud that term that Aaron uses so easily, but, however, his heart could. A family. . .a quite natural word, but so troublesome for someone who spent so centuries alone, between greedy clowns and his very known title that drugged him in the abyss.

Different views, same fear.

“Who marks herself as the unworthy even if she has people that she can go to,” Maximus finally continues after a couple of seconds of the silence, but his not-expecting raging follow close by, “and to come to that point where she wants to throw all her life so low in the whisper of the wind—” Red flickered across his clouded eyes, remaining as the main color of these troubled eyes. “She’s slipping out the natural code, wolfie.”

Shredding those glimmering rogue tears, Maximus —the so-called wicked tyrant—for the first time allowed his fatigue to pass on daylight through the silent whines in the hands of his lover. With a light caress of lips, Aaron tried to shield him like he anticipates that some sort of threat lurks in corner of the office, waiting for the right moment to strike. Maximus was devastated and Aaron sensed all strikes of pain that his beloved one felt.

“Aaron. . .they are not considered my—,” Maximus brutally stopped. “You know it, expect Bella. And you. In them, it is the innate belief that they can have higher position ’cause they’re my oh-so-dear relatives, but of course, I will not give it to them. I’ll put them in their rightful place each time they think that they can outsmart me,” a mischievous smirk came upon his face, hiding hurt that was consuming his mind. “I’m their leader, their ruler. They can’t play the game that already has a conqueror. Only she and you. . .” Maximus spoke with a straight and authoritative voice, but anxiety can be felt as he squeezed profoundly Aaron’s hand.

“I know. You don’t have to say. A family,” Aaron stated proudly while stroking Maximus’ scalp as he deliberately leaned on his shoulder.

The family, Maximus acknowledged silently within his mind.

The colors of two bodies hummed under the light of the old brick fireplace, replacing the glorious Luna once more under the clouds that were united with the night. Blond almost greyish white hair and olive skin of naked torso were completely contrasting smooth virescent glow around Aaron’s dialed black pupils. The pigmented night robe made out the rare black silk were revealing a gleam of strong pale muscles that gave the note of the domination besides blurred black eyes that were gradually molding into an extremely red color, yet such long disheveled locks...they were just an indicator of how much Maximus actually cares about his Bella.

“You have the heart after all...don’t you, old man?” Aaron jokingly challenged him, silently peppering kisses across Maximus’ throat from which the libidinous moan emerged. Aaron growled in the demand, tasting the invisible touch of the nexus that kept their veins on the unstoppable fire.

“I love wicked, bloody vampire." Maximus deeply sighed at Aaron’s declaration, sensing the toxic smell of the arousal of his beloved. Feeling a sensation of pleasure, Maximus was still a coward to repeat the same words even their marks were clearly visible in the area where their strong shoulders and necks met in a finesse.

"Ditto.” Aaron gingerly grinned, kissing him sensually, yet tenderly on lips. Just little more than a simple peck to tell him that he understands. He perceived that for Maximus is hard to say aloud words that show any sentiments. Living a life where you don’t know who will first get a chance to stab you and without someone to give you strength like family that he cannot affirm through the words... .it was difficult for him. It is still.

“I’d like to meet her finally. I hope she isn’t too ugly,” Aaron announced after a few minutes of silence, alluded to watch the same forest that he spends limitless time running across. So peaceful, yet dangerous realm this is. He studied. As the supernatural beings, you must hide away from humans. Putting an act when they appear in front you is the only way to remove them from these lands. But, being popular in the human world as in their own is the struggle that is hard to maintain. They both knew the taste of royalty upon both systems, viz realms.

“She isn’t, but I’m prettier than her. It’s obvious,” they both laughed. “And of course, you’re going to meet her, wolfie. You’re my Alpha,” Maximus hummed gently in the piece he savored lastly. Dropping his lips again at Aaron’s in the one lust filled kiss, they enjoyed this little tranquility between them. Aaron slowly drifted away from the lord’s face, catching a breath while admiring the vampire’s stunning features. He could not hold on a fact that this beautiful man is made to be with him, in the happiness and the grief till the end.

Passing lightly fingers across his pale skin, Aaron took mate’s sharp jaw under his hand, caressing it freely with his thumb.

“What I would do without you, my dearest vampire?” Aaron playfully examined Maximus with a smirk lingering on his livid red lips. With the closing his eyes, Maximus made Aaron carefully lean with him into the armchair beside a window, pulling Aaron back into his embrace, on his lap. As he stroked Aaron’s silver hair under his fingers, he tasted these heavenly sparks going through his whole body, made by his beloved one’s touch. Closing his eyes, Aaron’s deep growl that resembled purr, filled the silence of closed dark room while the lascivious lips rocked against each other in this flawless trance.

“Feels good, huh?” Maximus smirked cheerfully as he also closed his eyes, connecting their foreheads instead of those sinful mouths. The trembly breathing was only heard as the fresh scent of the pine woods—which Maximus worshiped—lingered around.

Aaron only nodded slightly composed, moving deeper into welcoming arms of his vampire. With all these sparks that traveled through their arms, the loud tangles of Aaron’s soul, and lightweight of Maximus’s lungs—they surrendered to the twilight.

These two lovers hold one another in the warm and unstoppable unity while muscled arms were wrapped around each other. Not moving, not losing their conscience. Perhaps, this love is the tendency for the upcoming pain that doom can make in the future. . .yet, it is an independent force without which they couldn’t be themselves in those four walls from their ill-omened past.

They are bounded.

From the settled warmth to the ash, the mighty flames of the former fire paused with their music and their whisper entirely extinguished while on a distant horizon could be seen a glimpse of the dawn coming with the new day that may bring a new hope. . .the new challenges to people, whether they are the humans in their warm houses, whether they are these supernaturals traveling through the centuries...

...or the gods in the lurking shadows.

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