The Nylessus chronicles

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In a city deep within the earth, the good-hearted prevail, but what if a girl with evil intentions and harsh actions lived among them. Hidden away in a forest lives Nylessus. this is her story. How she will find love, small tales of terror she caused, or the ones of those she helped. Nothing stands in her way, except these tales. Nylessus is someone I made in my head, she can breathe underwater, scream like a banshee, and is an enchantress who has great magic.

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A long time ago there was a city deep within the earth. It had lush trees, deep oceans, lakes, and villages of magical creatures. Only the good-hearted could enter the gates to this place. It was named Ocorim, a magical name for a magical place. Deep within Its walls was a forest, in the forest a small lake that was miles deep. No creature dared go in the forest, for a girl lived near the lake. Her name is Nylessus. she was often described as beautiful, and enchantress with harsh intentions. This is her story, how she became to be, how she lived, and the destruction she caused.
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