Mate or Childhood Love?

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This story is about two werewolves best friends with twisted fate to their love story. One is Alpha of the pack with a potential mate with him and other is a warrior of the pack.

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“Don’t leave me please. ” He cupped her cheeks. “I always wanted you, I always wanted us. Please don’t go.” he pleaded, his voice cracking as tears started to blur her vision, but she didn’t let them fall at least not now, not in front of him.

“You’ve to understand that she is your mate you both are destined to be together. If Moon Goddess has chosen her to be your mate that means she is worth of having your love... not me. Let me go Kristian.” She made her voice strong for him to know that she will not be changing her mind. But it seems like he was quite adamant of not listening to me.

No!! I ever do the mistake of letting you go.” he growled possessively.

Skylar Hart, a warrior of Red Moon Pack and Kristian Hayes, Alpha of that strongest pack has been close to each other since childhood. Both wishing to be each other’s mates. But what happens when Kristan’s mate comes barging into their lives, claiming her position as Luna which he always wanted to give to Skylar. Will he be able to let his love go? Or will he go against his fate, disobeying Moon Goddess’ decision? And what will he do when Skylar’s past is starting to catch up on her and suddenly a certain Alpha takes liking in Skylar?

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